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Sweet Nightmares!

Well, I’m always thinking, what would be an interesting thing to blog about? I don’t live out in the country like pioneer woman, nor am I as naturally funny as Scott Adams. I am, however, getting married next year and am planning the wedding on a mere fraction of what the “average” wedding costs. So I’ll be blogging about that…but the best thing I’ve thought of recently is that I really should be telling people about all of the wonderful nightmares I’ve had about the wedding.

 Now, the wedding isn’t until June 7, 2008, and I’ve really got plenty of time. I’ve been dress shopping (to get an idea of what I like because my friend is going to make my dress), we’re researching caterers, we’ve got an awesome location…yet, I must be really stressed out, because it’s only the beginning of September, I’ve been engaged for 2 full months, and the wedding nightmares are getting a little out of hand.

 The first nightmare (forgive me…I haven’t started writing them down, so this is all from memory) had me wearing a black dress. I think it was raining, too (we’re having a garden wedding). This was before I went wedding dress shopping. After I went wedding dress shopping, my nightmares then had me in a white dress but with other problems.

 My most recent nightmare had the wedding happen on the spur of the moment (or so it seemed in the dream). I had no dress (stress, perhaps, from worrying my dress won’t get made in time??), the invitations hadn’t been sent out so the people attending were just random people who happened to be at the right location at the right time, we didn’t have a caterer and we didn’t have a DJ. I believe (though I suppose there’s no one to verify this, other than my dog, Lila) that at one point I was sobbing. This is the one day in my life that I really can’t do over (assuming we stay married). I was so upset by it all.

 Anyway, that’s the latest with the nightmares. I’ll keep you posted.

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