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Tell Me What I’m Missing

Lord JimLord Jim bookLord Jim book

 My boyfriend’s (okay, okay, my fiance…it’s just weird to say that) friend is a professor of philosophy at our local junior college. When I found this out, I couldn’t wait for the appropriate time to talk to him about my favorite philosophical “thing”. Basically, the quote is from Nietzsche (and I’m paraphrasing here ’cause I couldn’t find the exact quote), “To have a belief system for yourself is to believe that your beliefs are good enough for the rest of the world.” So, for example, if I dye my hair black, then I believe everyone else should also, because if it’s good enough for me to believe in, then why wouldn’t it be good enough for the rest of the world. I find this fascinating because it’s correct and wrong all at the same time (in my opinion).

SO, I finally get to talk to Philosophy Teacher about this, and he likes the quote also. Somehow we get talking about Joseph Conrad and he mentions Lord Jim. I never read Lord Jim, but I did read Heart of Darkness, which I really remember enjoying. He just happens to have Lord Jim and says I *must* take it and read it and tell him what I think.

 I have been reading it and….GAH!! Save me!! It’s horrible! It’s the kind of book that you really need an English teacher to be telling you what’s going on in each chapter. I went online to get a synopsis of the book thinking that if I knew what it was about, I might be more motivated in reading it. It turns out that the book isn’t always in chronological order!! So not only is it difficult to understand, but I have to figure out exactly what’s going on when I had to go on to the Internet to figure out what the book’s about anyway.

I really really really wanted to finish the book so that I could discuss it with Philosophy Teacher…but I think I have to throw my hands in the air, yell “UNCLE!”, and return the book, sheepishly noting I couldn’t figure out what the heck this dude was talking about.

I’ll go back to my more “brain candy” type of books thank you very much.

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