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Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Wow. I have a couple of instances where I completely just wanted to be swallowed by the ground because I’ve so totally said the wrong thing. And I’m sure everyone’s done it, and I’ll have more stories after today’s, but this one really is a doozy.

 I had plans to have lunch with friends to discuss a business venture of sorts. I was the one who made the appointment for lunch, and I happened to make it on one of those days where you think, “Any other day, could we do this any other day?” But, despite those urgings in the pit of my stomach (perhaps I should listen to those more??), I started walking towards our agreed-upon location. On the way there, I picked up Miss S., who works right near me. We were to meet G-Man at a corner, at which point we would continue to our destination.

As we were walking along (it was sunny, by the way, and I hate the sun…I think it has to do with the fact that it hurts my eyes, literally, hurts my eyes (they’re blue) and I get sunburned if I’m out in the sun longer than 10 minutes), we come across someone both Miss S. and G-Man knew, but I’d never met (one of the fun things about beginning a job…everyone knows everyone, except for…you). I would guesstimate this guy to be in his 40’s, not bad looking, kinda tall (6’0″??)…you know the guy. Just your average guy.

So we stopped and chatted (I was never formally introduced, which was fine with me since I tend to be on the shy side anyway…and I was hungry so I was slightly irritable and didn’t feel all that social) and Miss S. says, “(uses his name…which I never did catch) you’re looking quite svelte (nice use of word, huh?). Have you lost weight?” At which point our mysterious friend (mysterious only to me) says, “Yes, but not in the usual way.”

Huh? You’re losing weight, but not in the usual way. What does that bring to your mind?? Well, you’ll see what it brought to mine.

So I decide at this point to be social and say…”Oh, so you’re bulemic?”

Our Mysterious Man had on sunglasses, and never looked at me once (even after my comment…thank god!), but at this point says, “Sally died. Two weeks ago.”

I gather Sally was his wife, probably also fairly young. And I’ve just accused a guy who just lost his wife of being bulemic, when basically he’s just not eating because he’s mourning. Yeah. Score one for me. Am I lame or what?

Okay, so out with it. You’re worst Open Mouth, Insert Foot happenings. I’ve got more for you another day. 🙂

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