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How to Buy a Ring (In My Opinion)

I suppose my fiance is not traditional in that he hadn’t picked out a ring before he proposed. In fact, I doubt very much he even went to look at rings. When he told his mom he was going to ask me to marry him, she gave him some diamonds to use in a ring. He being the oh-so-considerate man that he is, wanted to let me decide what kind of a ring I wanted.

I knew he was going to propose, and I didn’t know what he would do about the ring, though I suspected I would have quite a bit of say in what we ended up with. I had decided that if he didn’t have a ring, I would really like my center stone to be a sapphire. I think sapphires are gorgeous, and it would be a nice alternative to what everybody else gets – a diamond.

However, when he proposed, he did have three diamonds. And these are family diamonds, which mean so much more to me. Really, if we’d had to go ring shopping, I was going to have us go to antique stores and look at the estate jewelry. I’ve never been a fan of “what everyone else has.”

I was given a recommendation of a jeweler (he’s actually a gemologist) who could help us design our own ring. Before we had our appointment, I looked at rings on the Internet to get an idea of what I’d like.


So I see that my taste is definitely towards the plain side. However, I did end up wanting all kinds of filigree and beading and blah blah blah. My fiance had to reign me in. 🙂

What I like about my ring is that it’s totally unique. We designed it. I saw this engagement type ring on this lady I work with, and when I commented on it, she told me where she’d bought it and that she’d actually seen someone else with the same ring. Ew! No thanks. One of the biggest turn offs to me is “Everyone else has it.” That makes me instantly not want whatever “it” is.

Anyway, I highly recommend to anyone/everyone to find a jeweler who will let you design your ring.

This is what we ended up with:


Pictures might not be the best, but it sure is purty, isn’t it?


2 Responses to “How to Buy a Ring (In My Opinion)”

  1. jenefur

    THat is an AWESOME ring! I love it!


  2. raych

    That is GORgeous. Joel designed my ring for me (which I loved) and then we designed the wedding band together. It was a total headache (which made me love him more, because he’d had to go back for six ‘consultations’ to design the engagement ring) but I love it, and people compliment me all the time. It’s great to have something you know is completely your own.


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