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I LOVE Electrolysis

(Just as a side note, I hate it when people say, “I heart [blank].” Don’t know why, it just grates on me.)

I’ve been doing electrolysis now for well over a year. Seriously, it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made, other than perhaps my Palm.

Electrolysis is a method of removing hair. A needle is inserted into the hair follicle and electricity is passed through to the hair follicle, essentially killing the root. Now, it’s not like you can do this once and be done with all the hair in one area. Each pore that has hair averages 3 different hairs in each individual pore. So the hair the electrolysis is killing is only 1 of 3. You will essentially have to go back to that pore 2 more times to be “hairless”.

I started by doing this on my underarms. It took about a year, having appointments once or twice a month in half hour increments before I would consider myself hairless. Here’s a not-so-great picture, but I haven’t shaved for over six months:

electrolysis-001.jpg                        electrolysis-002.jpg

(Sorry for the not-so-great pictures…but it gives you an idea.)

Believe me, it’s the best thing in the world to not even worry about shaving.

Everything comes with a price, and even though it’s expensive, portioned out over a long period of time it’s very affordable. The bigger price is: the pain. It freaking hurts to have this done. And I’m getting it done on my bikini area, which, as you know, is extremely sensitive, and it HURTS!! But it’s totally worth it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

I could have done laser, but it’s a newer technology and it doesn’t work on the really fine, light hairs that people like me have.

Eventually, I’ll have my legs done too, so then I can completely throw away my razor. No stubble, no nicks, no having to wear pants when I want to wear a skirt because I don’t have time to shave…

What else can I tell you so that you’ll go get this done, too??

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14 Responses to “I LOVE Electrolysis”

  1. Kates

    I was thinking about having it done, but am scared to death of scarring it may cause, especially since mine would be on the face. I hate fuzzies!! I have super sensitive skin, and super blonde hair (the blonde keeps me from being able to jump into laser hair removal). Did you have any scars from your procedure? I find myself most worried about that. I can deal with the pain!!


  2. trish

    Electrolysis won’t scar unless you pick at the little scabs they produce (they’re tiiinny) or let water fall on the area for a long time.

    I had absolutely no scars. I would recommend going to someone who’s been doing it for a while. They will give you the best advice on how to treat the area so it won’t scar.

    If you had it done on your face, it wouldn’t look much worse than a pimple, but it does take well over a week to heal.


  3. gemma

    i am a beauty therapist who carries out electrolysis. it is an amazing treatment for permanent removal of hair, but it is quite a long process. it can be painful but everyone has different levels of painthres hold. kate i am sure if you had this procedure carried out on your facial hairs you would see an instant improvement but you may have redness, scabs, bruising or irritation to the area for 24-48hour*. this is normal but not everyone gets these after effects.Ensure that you are very selective with who you go to for this procedure and that they have relevant skills to perform electrolysis especially when it is being performed on your face. When you have electrolysis you should recieve an aftercare guide from the person who has carried out the treatment on you, this will guide you on how to care for the area being treated to avoid causing any scarring or long term effects. it may also help if you firstly try electrolysis in another area first to see if you could bear it. I hope this advise helps you!!


  4. Sam

    Kate, i teach electrolysis and if you went to someone that actually knows what they are doing there should be no scabs, bruising, or anything that looks like a pimple! The most you should have is slight redness that fades after 2-4 hours. It should also not be painful, there is usually some discomfort, but the therapist can use lower currents and an insulated needle to work within your pain threshold.


    jen Reply:

    Any idea how or where I can learn electrolysis in the Buffalo/western NY area ? Cant find anyone !


  5. kari

    I loveee it.. I am really hairy and I really hate myself for it, it have caused me low self esteem and stuff like that =s I am hairy in my face, not much, but if u take a near/closer look it get noticed, ahiry on my belly and stomach, not like a man, but hairy and I really hate it..i does shave that part, in my back also hairy…again..not like a man but yes its hairy and it feels uncomfortable for me that I have cried because of all of this..even in my freaking butt!! ugh and in my chest there are little hairs too…I might think on this for all my body >.< in a future.. :s because I am hating this.


  6. Analia

    Undesirable hair anywhere on the body mostly a womans face can be a true self esteem disaster. Beauty is everywhere n a woman wants to look her best at all times, PRICELESS! Ladies that suffer from mild to severe facial hair should NOT pluck or wax, for it will make the problem much worse. Electrolysis is thee ONLY proven method of permanent hair removal. Yes it’s costly and true it can be painful, however, I truly believe that beauty is pain. High self esteem promotes confidence triggering an aprochable personality, resulting in all around success! A sexy apperance is vital in society, woman are always going to do whatever it takes to achieve beauty at any price. Persaverace is the master key to any achievements.


  7. LMAO

    Haha are u male of female – if ur male you need hair lol= but if ur female – that okay – nice though it took out all the hair –


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  9. Divachic

    I had my face done eight years ago…I agree with everything you say…good investment…affordable…love it. It took about six months total. I will say some hairs just want to come back and bother me. I had my done eight years ago. I just went back because I had eight-ten hairs that just came back. I think that is nothing compared to what I had! Now, I am doing what you had done. My bikine area. Pain! But I am a trooper. I will say there is some numbing cream you can buy, but I think it is by prescription only. I am definitely getting that next time. I had my first appointment today for my bikini area without the cream. The electologist said that the cream helps tremendously.


  10. Scarlet

    I read so many testimonials, including above for months, and some scared me out of this for years too. finally i just decided to go tackle it. i have chin hairs that once i turned 18 got crazy… i had electrolysis (10 years ago) and they didnt go away! i was convinced it didnt work for me. so i was literally frightened to go thru that pain again and have nothing.
    so when things go out of control mid 20s i stressed out. i felt like i had to pluck every morning before i left cuz i had EGADS a beard!
    finally about 10 weeks ago I had my first appointment with laser, and after questioning everyone to death, i was told it would take a few sessions.

    I went once and it killed all the black growth. ONE session that was it. and nothing grew back. I guess maybe it will later but so far it hasnt.

    Then i had white hairs that didnt get (because laser only works on black hairs)… so i made another appointment with electrolysis and went last week for the first. even she said it would take several times to get the hair. The first session was over and a few days later i just had some light growth, had a second session with her 30 mins again and boom everything gone.

    I feel this was a complete LIFECHANGER for me.

    all the stressing, the waxing the plucking, having to hve secret of getting rid of my ungodly chin beard and now its all gone!

    so happy. so you guys dont read all the testimonials because many peopel talk about how they got burned etc. well with me i went and a few hours later my chin is back to normal.

    with laser i was scared because the next day i woke up and felt the coarsest beard ever. i thought omg my hair is coming in stronger now. well it was just the dead hairs being pushed out.

    i lightly took them out with tweezer and they came out super easy. then a few days later the rest fell out.

    after that nothing grew back other than the white hairs.

    changed my life! i will do this again if they grow back but one appointment every so often for laser is a piece of cake. 5 mins and you go a few months without daily growth. that is well more worth it then daily plucking.


    Lib Reply:

    Hi scarlet, just wondering if you have an update on how the hair removal is going?

    I really want to get rid of long noticeable peach fuzz on my face and I’m thinking electrolysis will be my best bet as I have hair follicles which are extremely sensitive to normal amounts of testosterone. I know I would be one of the unlucky ones where waxing would make the hair growth worse.

    How has the electrolysis worked out for your blonde hairs?


  11. Mary

    If done properly electrolysis should NEVER cause scabbing that can lead to scars. Unfortunately I have seen many clients that have had these issues and are told they are normal. They are not. Scabbing is caused from using settings that are to high or improper needle insertion. I offer free consultations in the Western New York area. Electrolysis can change your life and leave you hair free and confident!


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