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Office Products Rant

Just out of curiosity, what is the point of mini paperclips? What is their use, anyway? They can’t hold more than 5 pieces of paper. So if I have 6 pieces of paper, I need a jumbo paperclip. Why don’t I just use a jumbo paperclip for everything? A jumbo paperclip will hold 2 pieces of paper or 20. Much past 20, you need a whole different thingamajiggy altogether. There goes one dumb thing off my desk: mini paperclips. I throw away each and every mini paperclip in my revolt and replace it with a jumbo paperclip.


Which brings me to another thing: Why can’t people staple things in an orderly manner?? Why must I be subjected to the stapled pieces of paper that will never be nice and straight because some lazy bum couldn’t straighten the pages before taking a stapler to them. I will take out each and every staple, straighten the paper, and re-staple everything. I will not be subjected to this kind of abuse!

And as if that weren’t enough, those same people don’t see the need to have neat 3 hole punches in their paper, either. So what if the papers stick up at odd angles in your binder? I punched the holes for you, didn’t I? I will repunch all of those papers so that they lay flat in my binder. My OCD just can’t bear to look at papers that don’t sit right.

Why, oh why, must you use the extra large binder clips for 20 pieces of paper? Those do come in different sizes, you know? I don’t throw these away, but I will replace them with the appropriate size. The minis are my favorite….


Not all binders are created equal. If you insist on using the 3 inch binder, then would you please buy the D ring? When you buy the cheapest one out there, the paper gets all funky and it’s difficult to read any of the tabs that I have so painstakingly put in there for you.

Speaking of binders not being created equal, they now create binders that have a handy dandy “easy to insert spine sleeve”… <this is where the clouds have parted and angels start singing over my desk> WHO is the GENIUS that invented THIS?? This is arguably, in my opinion, one of the most brilliant thing someone invented. Who hasn’t tried to stuff a long piece of paper into the spine of a binder, only to have the piece of paper refuse to fit into that tight little space by wrinkling, getting bent, getting stuck…

🙂 What is it that bugs YOU? Do tell!!

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