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My House Is Cleaner Than I Thought

I’m not a clean freak, by any stretch of the imagination. My house is clean; not immaculate, not filthy. Just, clean. However, after being at this other lady’s house…I’m beginning to think my house is immaculate.

Have you ever seen that show, How Clean Is Your House? I haven’t, but I’ve heard you watch it and you think, Huh, my house isn’t so dirty after all.

This lady’s house was disgusting. I went over there to play Bunco. My friend invited me. When I walked in, the air even felt dirty. There was piles everywhere. Clothes. Boxes. Whatever. Piles of trash. I went over to say hi to my friend (she’s the only person I knew) and she said, “She cleaned up for us tonight…” I hadn’t even said anything about the house! My friend knew how gross it was. I was offered some food, but I wouldn’t eat food in a house that’s dirty, let alone eat off of their plates or drink out of their cups. So I politely declined. The irony was that she had a brand new swimming pool installed in her backyard…it was beautiful! So she obviously has some money, it’s not like she can’t even afford garbage service.

But as I was cleaning my house today, I felt even better about myself and my house, just by comparing myself to this lady. Is that horrible? Perhaps. But at least I can be clean with less money. 

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2 Responses to “My House Is Cleaner Than I Thought”

  1. lisamm

    Yuck. I can’t imagine having a group of people over with my house all nasty like that. Seriously, shouldn’t you throw your trash away at the very least before hosting a party?


  2. trish d. dish

    Or at least hide it, right? Isn’t that one of the first things kids learn…cleaning their room means throwing everything in the closet? Can’t she do that, at least?


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