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Smokers are Dirty


I really hate to make this leap, but I’m going to: smokers are not clean. And they litter. Obviously I’m not a smoker. But this isn’t just because I don’t like smokers; this is years of observation.

For example, I worked a wedding the other night, and there were quite a few smokers. When everyone left and I went to clean up outside, there were cigarette butts everywhere (despite the fact that there were ashtrays dispersed outside), empty cigarette boxes on the ground…. What makes smokers think that I want to touch either end of their dirty cigarette? What is so difficult about putting a butt in an ashtray?

My fiance and I are getting married next June at a private home in a garden. I would like to tell people that they can’t smoke at all, because I know that someone, someone, will leave a cigarette butt in a place other than is designated, thereby littering a lovely garden.

But perhaps anyone who does this should be put in the stocks?

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2 Responses to “Smokers are Dirty”

  1. thndr

    I can understand how you feel and I would be lying to say that your wrong in your observation but not entirely correct either. Many that don’t smoke are just as dirty as the ones that do, the only difference is by not having the habit they don’t leave trails behind.

    If people are going to be dirty they are going to be that way with everything. Its not just cigarettes. Its not the habit, its the life they choose to live. Most people don’t care about anything thats not their own or do things out of spite because they can and get away with it. This is not limited to just one bad habit.

    Butts on the ground is an unsightly distraction but no more so than the wads of gum that non smokers spit on the ground next to the butts, both the same distance from the ashtray i might add.

    In closing i will suggest that its not the habit but the people themselves that cause the problem and only the people can fix it. I really don’t see this happening in my lifetime either.


  2. JB

    Um, excuse me. Smokers are not people who have a “habit”. Smokers are “drug addicts”, addicted to the drug nicotine. Let’s be honest here…what reasonable human being would willingly poison his/her body with thousands of cancerous chemicals. No one is saying smokers don’t have the right to poison themselves, committing slow suicide (they die 7 years sooner than the average person, on average). They just don’t have the right to take us non-smokers down with them. What 10 year child says to him/herself, “when I grow up, I aspire to becoming a nicotine addict”. It’s beyond pathetic. Smokers are pathetic human beings.


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