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Hiding Tampons


Okay, ladies, out with it. Where do you hide your tampons? I don’t mean at home, I mean when you’re at work and you have to go to the bathroom to change your tampon.

Many of us don’t drag our purses to the bathroom anymore. In fact, I’ve hid it in my pockets, up my sleeve, and in the waist of my pants. Someone told me today that they’ve put it in their bra. That didn’t strike me quite as convenient as your pant’s pocket…but hey, to each their own.

So where do you hide your tampon when you’re at work and you have to go to the bathroom? Hmm?

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14 Responses to “Hiding Tampons”

  1. goinglikesixty

    Found you via WordPress>Random RSS feed.

    Here’s a dumb question from an old fart. (Is that redundant?)
    Why hide it?

    That’s a serious question, seriously.


  2. trish d. dish

    No offense, but you’ve obviously never had to use tampons. A woman wouldn’t ask that question. 🙂


  3. goinglikesixty

    That’s why I said it was a dumb question.
    But OK, it’s a sensitive topic, I get that. Never mind!


  4. trish d. dish

    This conversation continued as follows:

    I wrote: “Let’s put it this way. Do you want to announce to everyone when you’re going to the bathroom to poop? Having to change our “feminine products” is the same thing. We don’t want to announce it to the world, which is why we hide them or take our purse.

    Does that make more sense?”

    He wrote back with:

    “I think this is just a difference in our ages. I don’t really care if
    somebody notices me going toward the bathroom.
    I understand not wanting to announce to the world that you are not
    going to pee or poop, but take care of other personal hygiene.
    Here’s my point: if this is a natural thing, don’t be embarrassed
    about it – and don’t announce it either.
    I would think that a tampon could be carried in your hand that would
    cover it from view unless somebody was specifically looking for it.
    Or hold your hand against your other arm, or leg.”


  5. jenefur

    He he… you referenced this post in your latest post so I had to read. And since I don’t think I was reading you then, because I would definitely have remembered THIS one, I must answer you now.

    I worked with all men for the last 8 years in SMALL businesses. So… instead of carting it from my desk to the bathroom (which EVERYONE shared), I just left a box in the bathroom, told the guys to deal with it, and used them as I needed them. 🙂


  6. nottelling

    Small Altoid Tin will hold two super tampons. I also use a pill holder from The Container Store . Both of these are small enough to fit into your pants pocket.


  7. Hi

    U could put it in your socks, bra, bra strap,pocket, sweatshirt pocket( if it’s winter/fall),or go through the cupboards to find a feminine product whether it’s your house or a friend/family’s house


  8. Ms.Max

    I twist mine in a bandana and tie it so it’s kind of on the side of my head- works like a charm, as long as you’re not the kind of person to fidget with it constantly.


  9. hailey

    I go to places on the weekends with people where your sitting down for about 6 hours and you cant just get up and take your purse to the bathroom with you without everyone knowing it your time. so what i do is where a tanktop with a built in bra under everything. this way you can put the tampon in the side of it. (it also helps if you get the miniature “click” tampons. but this is a good idea as long as you dont wear super tight shirts or anything. and in the winter if you wear a hoddie or something that even covers it up incase your self conscious about it.


  10. Dee

    This is an old post, but honestly.. it sucks that we live in a culture where women feel ashamed when they’re on their period. There are commercials teaching women from such a young age that it’s something we need to hide and … i don’t get. Why do we have to hide a bodily function?

    I literally have just picked up my tampon and/or pad and walked to the bathroom. So far, everyone is so self-involved that no one even notices, but honestly if someone did I would probably just laugh and be like “..yep I’m on my period.” Yes, women have periods. It happens once a month and no one should give a shit.


  11. Miaj

    I am younger and I try to hide tampons so at school it’s easier. I like hoodie pockets, boots, and slipping either a tampon or two liners in my bra or tang top.


  12. Pam

    I work in a office full of women. My periods are heavy & sometimes I get Very irritable. My coworkers don’t particularly care for me too much (I’m an introvert & I outwork them). I normally carry a pouch to the bathroom because hey we are all women we all get periods who cares if they know I’m on my cycle. Well the lady that sits next to me is particularly more annoying during this time…on purpose. I wanted to know how to conceal the tampons because I think it would make life a little bit easier for me. Thank you for your comments & suggestions they have really helped!


  13. Sandra

    In school I put it in a flash card holder. I can easily keep it in my locker and carry it around, no one notices.


  14. Dawn

    I brought in pretty storage boxes from craft store that have magnetic closing lids. All the girls in the office then brought their hygiene products in small makeup bags. We keep the boxes in restrooms and everything is concealed. A pretty hat box would work, too.


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