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Holy Cuteness

Secret by Secretburger Photo by Anna Harris

This photo is from lolsecretz, a cross between Post Secret (where people anonymously confess their secrets on post cards) and lolcatz (where people combine a picture of a cat with funny, misspelled captions).

Here’s another funny one: 


Secret and photo by Kristina

Makes me wish that I had a funny photo to post. I don’t. Of my animals, at least. But I do have this:


PLEASE! Give me a caption for this photo!! Doesn’t she have a sh*t eating grin on her face? She looks like she may have pushed the cat out of the window.

Help me! What do you think she’s thinking?

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7 Responses to “Holy Cuteness”

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    […] post secret- I inevitably get a variety of visitors from this search term. I often wonder if they ever find the post, ’cause it’s kinda buried. Here ’tis. […]

  2. Warriorpengi

    I think it should say: “Dere was a kitty on de windows. But I do thingz to de kitty and de kitty gone.


  3. Chris

    how about these:
    “Ninth life are belongz to us”… or simply:
    “Eight livez remainz”


  4. ben

    “Why do you ask me question like, ‘why did you poop in the trunk?’ when you won’t answer questions like, ‘where is the rest of my shirt?'”



    ur caption for that 1 photo should b oooo look at me flash people mommy!!!!!!!!

    Whoops,I never liked that kitty anyway!!!!!


  6. robert ferguson

    welcome to Mc donalds service with a smile


  7. robert ferguson

    bowel movement feel good


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