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The Book Club is Working!

It’s silly, I know. To be excited that I finally have a book club. But I’ve tried a couple of times to get one together and it never panned out. We’d meet once or twice, but as I was the initiator and didn’t feel like I could carry the whole book club, it faltered and then finally just stopped altogether.

So now not only do I have a book club, but there’s, like, SIX people in the book club. And we all love books! And I have a couple of more potential people.

I’m guessing that most people who really really like to read are probably already in a book group. Maybe not. But I would bet most likely. The problem with not being in a book group is that you then have no one to discuss the book with! How frustrating is that?! You’ve finished a book, and all you can do is perhaps talk to someone who read it 2 years ago and just vaguely remembers the story.

I tried to start a book club prior to this one with two other people, one of whom is in the [now] successful book club. But the other person, who we’ll call D, reads mostly mysteries. Mysteries are great, don’t get me wrong, but they weren’t quite what I was thinking of reading for a book club. I’d brought a bunch of books to our first “meeting” (which was very informal…at lunch time at work), none of which she was interested in reading. I brought: Middlesex, Saving Fish From Drowning, Stones From the River, We Need to Talk About Kevin….these were definitely something we could sink our teeth in to. But instead of picking any that I’d brought, she thought perhaps we should start with something smaller and easier. Those weren’t her exact words, but that’s what she meant. And she even mentioned that we should read a mystery. Again, I’m not opposed to the whodunit. But not for my book club!!!!

I guess it all worked out for the best. My book club chose Stones From the River by Ursula Hegi as our next book. I’ve heard from multiple people that it is excellent.

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4 Responses to “The Book Club is Working!”

  1. lisamm

    I’m so glad you’ve found/created a group that you’re excited about! I know just how you feel. Stones from the River is EXCELLENT, and very unique. I look forward to hearing about your book club discussion (I know you just had your last one, so it will be a little while). How often do you meet?

    Is your book club a work group, or can you invite people from outside the office? I was thinking that you might want to consider having the other members of your club invite someone else to join, so that you grow a little larger. 6 is fine, but what happens when someone can’t make it, or is on vacation, or didn’t have time to read the book? It might be hard to have a great discussion with just 3 or 4. Just a thought!


  2. trish d. dish

    At this point we’re meeting when everyone’s read the book. As it turns out, I’m the slowest reader because I have the least amount of time. I work two jobs, so you can imagine I don’t have as much time as I would like to read. But we’ve read two books in two months, so that’s not too bad.

    That’s a good idea to have the other book club members invite someone else to join. I could definitely see certain people flaking!


  3. lisamm

    Hey Trish, Have you finished Stones from the River yet? I remember seeing a comment of yours somewhere that you couldn’t get into it. I read it many years ago and really enjoyed it, but we all like different things, right? I was wondering if you finished it and if your book club has met yet to discuss it.


  4. trish

    Yes, I’ve finished it and I haven’t posted anything about it yet. I loved it; thought it was excellent. I’ll post about it after our meeting (which is Thursday 1/17).


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