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A Sucker is Born Every Day

And I have proof.

I rent the second bedroom in my condo to this 40-something-year-old lady. A month into living here, her 26-year-old “fiance” (forgive me for being a little sarcastic) (we’ll call him Bob) moved in. The fiance is not the sharpest knife in the drawer…I suppose he’d be more like a spoon. 

Anyway, the day before Thanksgiving, I got off work at my normal time, 5:00 pm, and went home to pack my things because my fiance and I were going to celebrate Thanksgiving with his mom, and we would be staying the night at her house. When I got home, I picked up the mail and noticed there was something for Bob. As I walked in the door, he was cooking in the kitchen so I left his mail on the kitchen table.

I went ahead and started packing, doing it quickly and trying not to pack too heavy (I’m a girl and am known to bring multiple changes of clothes for the same day). I passed him in the hallway and he mumbled something like, “Thank you so much…” I was confused. I’d only given him a piece of mail. I tried to hear what he told his girlfriend, and all I heard was something about money. I assumed he’d received a credit card he had applied for.

The next time I went into the kitchen, Bob was there again looking over the letter he’d received. He said proudly, “I’m going to get $3,000!”

“Really? Wow! What are you getting the $3,000 for?”

“Because I paid my taxes on time. I just had to give them $300 and they will deposit $3,000 in my bank account.”

I knew the letter was not from the IRS, so I thought something strange was going on.

He continued, “My mom told me she didn’t think it was a good idea…but I don’t know. It might be a scam.”

“Did you already give them the $300?”

“Yeah, they took it out of my bank account.”


“I hope it’s not a scam. But if it is, oh well.”

“And when are they supposed to deposit the $3,000 in your bank account?”

“48 to 72 hours after they take the $300.”

“And how long ago did they take the money?”

“About a week ago.”

Like I said, a sucker is born every day!

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5 Responses to “A Sucker is Born Every Day”

  1. lisamm

    Sounds like the guy is a bit slow… pretty sad!!


  2. trish d. dish

    Yeah, it is sad. He has a definite stutter that comes out at times, leaving me with the impression that he probably had a difficult time in school.

    It’s funny, because I totally see the girlfriend almost like his “mom”. I would bet (based on those kind of dynamics) that the relationship won’t last.


  3. bkclubcare

    A notice somewhere (on a blog? in the mail? on TV? I don’t recall…) that this is one of the biggest scams, and yet, I know I would be very very suspicious – seems very obvious to me, it’s a scam! but hey, I guess, if it works, they (scam-artists) will keep doing it…


  4. trish d. dish

    It’s amazing to me that someone would think they could come by that much money without doing anything. It’s nice to think about, but definitely not reality!


  5. ammo

    Maybe that is why “Bob” is with a 40 something woman…he NEEDS someone to watch over him.., but then again I would not be with a 26 yr old boy….I think most woman really want a Man and not boys…Sad that she needs him…


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