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I Think I’ll Be a Secret Santa









I went to the Post Office today to mail out the last of the Christmas gifts being sent to family. We got off rather easy this year because my fiancé and I just got our engagement pictures back, so we picked out pictures we thought certain people would like, bought some nice frames, and voila! Christmas is done.

I’ve been going to the same post office fairly regularly (2-4 times a week) for about six months. I’ve gotten to know the people who work there: there’s this guy who loves to tell jokes (many of them not very funny) and is rather slow when dealing with customers; this other guy who has a wife and kids and is very involved in his church and moved out here from the East Coast a couple of years ago; and this girl who’s a single mom, works and goes to school, quick when dealing with customers, and always very friendly to me.

When I got in line today, the two people working are both people I really like. The girl ended up helping me and since I had four packages to send out, we got to chatting while she was weighing the packages and putting postage on them. The guy who loves to tell jokes hadn’t yet shown up for work and they had been very busy this morning. Somehow Christmas came up, and she said she wasn’t doing anything for Christmas, that she’ll be alone. I said, “Oh, so the kids will be with their dad?” “Yeah, for the first time in eight years!” She was so glum when talking about Christmas; I told her I would invite her to my house, but it’ll just be me and my fiancé…if we were doing the whole family thing like we did last year, I’d totally invite her over. She doesn’t seem to have any family in the area…for Thanksgiving, it was just her and her kids.

It’s so horrible to be alone for Christmas; believe me, I know. Since I can’t invite her over to my house (I’m good at making people not feel like a third wheel, but I’m not that good), I thought I’d be a Secret Santa and get her something that she can open on Christmas. Here are some ideas:

  • Gift certificate to a spa (manicure, pedicure, whatever) – I nixed this idea because I’d be willing to bet that since she works, goes to school, and takes care of her kids, she doesn’t have much time for something like this.
  • A Visa gift card – since I don’t really know her hobbies or where she likes to shop, this would give her freedom to do or get something she wanted.

Those are my ideas. If you have other ideas, please share them, but share them quickly.

Have you ever secretly done something for someone?

PS After telling my fiance about this, he said I could definitely invite her over for lunch and then to go see a movie (probably I Am Legend)…isn’t he a nice guy?

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7 Responses to “I Think I’ll Be a Secret Santa”

  1. bkclubcare

    Yes! all or some of the above! My hub and I are alone this year, too, and we have the problem/blessing of being invited to TOO many places that we don’t know what to do… I got my mail carrier a giftcard to the grocery store and a silly ornament that holds a few pieces of candy. Movies ARE a great thing to do on ‘quiet’ holidays. ZOOs are often open, too and always seem to delight.


  2. willowcaroline

    What about stocking stuffers… when you are alone, there is noone to stuff your stocking.. maybe a smallish stocking with tiny things inside? Even if it is peppermints and an orange and some pretty stones and a tiny candle, etc.


  3. trish d. dish

    bkclubcare, thanks for the suggestions.

    willowcaroline, I never even thought about doing a stocking for her. I think I’ll do that, buying the things you suggested, and a little ornament like bkclubcare suggested.

    I’m really very excited about doing this; I’ll let you know how things turn out. 🙂


  4. beastmomma

    What a wonderful idea! I hope that it goes well and you have a wonderful time.


  5. trish d. dish

    Thanks, beastmomma! I’ll be posting the follow-up in a few days.


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