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Keeping Me Honest

My fiance is a great guy. What makes us good together is that I am a better person while I’m with him. Here’s an example.

I work at a country club as a second job. The chef, who we’ll call Bob, is a jerk. He’s one of the bigger jerks you’d encounter. I try not to cross him, and I’ve done well so far.

In the food industry, companies will not have their holiday party until after the holidays. There’s too much going on during the holidays to attempt something like that. Our party is tonight, January 6th.

The party is at the country club to save on costs. The chef was not going to be able to make it because of a personal obligation. We were going to have it catered. There was going to be prime rib, shrimp scampi, and appetizers like guacamole, quesadillas, etc. Holy Yumminess! But when the caterer met the coordinator at the country club, the coordinator told the caterer three times that she did not want to show him the kitchen, knowing that if the chef saw the caterer in his kitchen that something bad would ensue. Well, the caterer walked in to the kitchen (not realizing the situation), poking around and asking questions. Three days later the chef told the coordinator that he had cancelled his personal obligation and that he, and he alone, would cook for us. The coordinator didn’t want to do this, knowing that we wouldn’t get near the quality from the chef as from the caterer. But the chef promised to give us exactly what we were going to pay for. Hahahaha hehehehehe hohohohoho….yeah. The chef, as of yesterday, is cooking leftovers. Leftovers is what the chef is giving his staff?? People are outraged, but the chef being the jerk he is, doesn’t seem to care. Perhaps he’ll come to his senses, but knowing who he is, I doubt it.

I found out on Friday evening that we are getting leftovers. But what I also found out is that we’ll have some really cool raffle prizes: an iPod, a digital camera, a digital picture frame, and some gift cards. As my fiance and I had other plans we wanted to attend, I told him I would attend the party for the raffle prizes only. I’d come late (and full) and leave early.

My fiance said that what I planned to do wasn’t right. I should go to the whole party (and he would come with me, as originally planned), or I shouldn’t go at all. After much pleading of my case, I came to see he was right (I knew it all along, but I didn’t really think he’d call me on it).

So we’re going to the party tonight, and I’m actually excited because I think it will be fun, even if we do get leftovers. And I’m a much better person thanks to my fiance.

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