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My To Be Read Pile


This is my To Be Read pile. Well, it’s more like a whole bookcase. I have over 100 (not much over) books in there. Excessive? I suppose. But this is probably 8 years or more worth of books that I haven’t quite gotten to yet. Some have been loaned to me, but mostly I’ve bought them. It’s like having my own personal library. When I want to start a new book, I have so many to choose from! I have mystery, fantasy, literature, fluff, historical, non-fiction…most everything except for romance. Romance is a little too fluffy.


I know I could check books out from the library, but can you imagine my late charges on all of these books? 🙂 I know that I wouldn’t check out all these books, but oftentimes I have every intention of starting a book…only to see a book that I want to read more.

I’m sure some readers are going to try not to buy so many books. In fact, when I told a friend about my To Be Read pile, she said, “Are you done?” Umm, no. There’s always more books I want to read!! Actually her comment made me consciously go to the bookstore to use the gift certificates I got for Christmas. Of course, I planned out the books based on reviews from other readers. For example, I bought Moloka’i (notice the book has a five out of five review on Amazon…amazing!) and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I definitely don’t pick books willy-nilly.

What’s your To Be Read pile like?

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7 Responses to “My To Be Read Pile”

  1. lisamm

    My pile is not nearly as big as yours, missy! I think I currently have about 8 or 10 books in my TBR pile, and 3 more Borders gift cards to use. I’ll probably use them for kids books, though, since my oldest has become a reading machine lately.

    I really enjoyed Molokai. I think about little Rachel from that book frequently (yes, I do realize she’s a fictional character). I lent it to a friend before she went to Hawaii, and she read it on a beach where she could actually SEE Molokai across the water. Pretty cool.


  2. Stephanie

    Like Lisa, I really loved Molokai (purchased my copy while in Hawaii a few years ago). I have three bookshelves full of books, a good portion of them unread. There is just something about owning a book, as opposed to borrowing one, that I love.


  3. trish

    Lisa, I’m jealous of your Borders gift cards! I told my to-be-in-laws that I would love a Borders gift card, but my soon-to-be-sister-in-law bought me a toilet brush and toilet paper for Christmas…I wish I could blog about it, but that might come back and bite me if she stumbled upon this. 🙂

    Stephanie, I agree that there’s something about owning a book…which is why I don’t go to the library. I like to have my own book. My dream house just has bookshelves upon bookshelves that would only have books I’ve read…oh, to dream.


  4. lisamm


    OMG you HAVE to blog about that!! Be my guest blogger and do it on my blog!


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    […] guest blogger today is Trish from Hey, Lady! Trish loves to read and has one of the biggest TBR piles around. She’s a blogger who writes about her nightmares and tries to work them out in the […]

  6. ebony

    Your TBR pile looks about right. When you read about so many good books you can’t help but add to the list. Like you I will read anything, but I include romance on my list. Sometimes when I want to zone out, fluffy is just what the doctor ordered.


  7. trish

    ebony, I have my “fluff” too! It’s nice not to have to think sometimes, just letting the story take you along. And you’re right, that’s exactly how my TBR pile has grown: how could I possibly say no to such good book recommendations I receive?? If I don’t buy the book right now, I’ll forget about it! 🙂


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