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Another Wedding Nightmare, Literally

Before I tell you about the nightmare I had last night, let me tell you that I had a nightmare two or three nights ago where someone was trying to kill me and almost succeeded. Has anyone had a nightmare where someone succeeded in killing you in your dream?

Last night’s nighmare was pretty horrible and will probably contribute to me being completely insane in make sure everything is just right for the wedding. Unfortunately, even though the nightmare was very vivid, only certain things stand out now that I’m awake. They are:

My day-of-coordinater didn’t show up. I partly blamed this on myself (in the dream at least) for not calling her to confirm. This wouldn’t happen in real life because she’s in touch with me quite often. I doubt I’ll have to “confirm” with her. 🙂

I hadn’t properly organized the music. We’re not having a dj, we’ll be using my friend’s laptop, and in my dream I just let everything be loosey goosey. Definitely not good on the nerves.

I’d left my dress in the car (??), so my fiance was waiting at the “alter” (we’re getting married in a garden, though in the dream the wedding was inside, but even so it’s not a religious alter) and the flowergirls had already walked down the aisle (there’s no wedding party) and everyone was waiting for me. It took me well over 30 minutes to go to my car, get my dress, and come back and put it on. The only good part about the whole thing was that whoever helped me with my dress did an awesome job on my hair.

Something was wrong with the food. I don’t know if the caterer forgot to serve the appetizers or what, but I was very upset.

During the reception, I didn’t get pictures with any of my friends. I was seriously bummed and thought about putting my dress back on the next day and taking the pictures I wanted.

Anyway, that’s it. If I become an obsessive compulsive freak at the wedding, I think I have good cause to blame it on my nightmares.

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