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What Am I Missing?

Please, someone, anyone, what am I missing?? I’m 62 pages in the book and it’s far too easy to put this book down. I don’t get it. I heard this book was wonderful! I love the premise, I just am not “getting” the book. I’ll stick with it, though. Surely it gets better?

How could you not read this book after reading this review? This other one gives it 4.5/5. And Atonement was on her top 15 for 2006!

If you’ve read this book, tell me what you thought. Good or bad, I want to hear it. I’ll keep trudging along, but your comments would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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9 Responses to “What Am I Missing?”

  1. Christopher

    I read “Atonement” a couple of years ago, and I didn’t find it easy to read.

    I’ve read two other novels by Ian McEwan – “Saturday” and “Enduring Love” – that I liked a lot more than “Atonement”.

    So my advice, for what it’s worth, is drop “Atonement”, and read the other two books I mentioned, that I recommend.

    How about watching the movie of “Atonement”, then decide whether or not to take up the novel again?


  2. Stephanie

    I have heard that Atonement is a book either you love or hate, so you may fall into the second catagory. Maybe try reading something else for a while, then coming back to Atonement.


  3. Eva

    Well, I did put it in my top 15, but I’ve since read other Ian McEwan and my favourite by him is The Child in Time. However, maybe it’s just not your type of book? I really like the interwar period, and I really like England, so I enjoyed the setting and then I found the characters fascinating right away. 🙂 And it made it in my top 15 for its ending, but of course I can’t talk about that!

    I wouldn’t worry if you end up not liking it-I hated The Kite Runner, which puts me in a tiny, tiny, tiny minority of book bloggers. I’m sure you can find people who didn’t like Atonement!


  4. bkclubcare

    Ooo! I love a challenge. I don’t like to read right before I read a book. In fact, I don’t like to read the back of the books when I start to read a book… btw, your link in comments to my blog aren’t linking? Did you clear out the box in your profile when you changed your avatar? I’ll e/m ya.


  5. bkclubcare

    I meant that I don’t like to read REVIEWS too close before I start a book. sigh


  6. trish

    Haha! Care, you’re funny! Even if you don’t mean to be. 😀

    I’m going to stick with it because I’m finally getting to some good parts…but I’ll definitely be trying the other books by Ian McEwan that you recommended (Eva and Christopher).


  7. Melody

    I didn’t find it an easy read either initially, but as I read more it gets better. The movie was great, I really enjoyed it! Perhaps it’d help if you watch the movie first and read the book thereafter? 😉


  8. raidergirl3

    I’m still planning to read this, even with your less than stellar recommendation.


  9. trish

    Definitely read it despite what I said. I seem to be in the minority, and I was just hoping that I’d get some inspiration from other people who liked it. 🙂


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