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But, Enough About Books – Booking Through Thursday

Read on! I have a giveaway in this post….I’ve been very fortunate lately (more on that to come), so I feel inspired to give back!

This week’s BTT question is: Okay, even I can’t read ALL the time, so I’m guessing that you folks might voluntarily shut the covers from time to time as well… What else do you do with your leisure to pass the time? Walk the dog? Knit? Run marathons? Construct grandfather clocks? Collect eggshells?

Hahahaha!! Oh, gosh, leisure time? Can you define that for me, ’cause I don’t think I remember what that is. I presently work two jobs (one full time, one part time) and am planning a wedding for this June. The only things I have time for other than that is eating, sleeping, and reading. 😀

In my other life, I used to dance. A lot. Not just any dance, but lindy hop. Here’s a picture of me doing just that:



Here’s the giveaway…post a comment if you’ve actually heard of lindy hop. I’ll pick a winner randomly and I’ll send the winner a Starbucks gift card. Just a little somethin’ somethin’. Obviously, I’ll never know if you’re telling the truth or not, but what the heck. This is me giving back. 🙂 I’ll give you until midnight Friday…I’ll announce the winner first thing Saturday morning (though your first thing and my first thing are probably different).

I like photography too. I want to get back in to photography at some point.

Reading blogs and blogging. It’s what I do when I get up in the morning, what I do when I get home from work, what I do before I go to bed, and what I do on *cough**breaks* at work.

I’m getting into scrapbooking. I’ll probably post more on that later.

I would like to get into knitting. I’ve only dabbled in it so far, so hopefully after the wedding I’ll have more time? (stop laughing. seriously. you’re making me feel like my hopes are all for naught.)

I rarely watch TV, but I love House, Heroes, American Idol (ugh…did I say that out loud?), and I guess that’s it for TV. I’m not much of a TV person.

Oh yeah, and I’ve been exercising. *patting self on the back* Wanting to look great in a wedding dress is the best motivation I’ve ever come across!

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8 Responses to “But, Enough About Books – Booking Through Thursday”

  1. --Deb

    I have heard of the Lindy Hop but can’t quite picture it in my head. (Something along the lines of a jitterbug, maybe? But then, other than a waltz and a tango, I’m not really good at identifying dances by sight!


  2. lisamm

    I have no idea what lindy hop is–never heard of it but it sounds like fun! You should get back into it when you find time because you look like you’re enjoying yourself.

    BTW Your hair is such a pretty color.

    I watch American Idol, too. The kids and I watch it together. I’m not embarrassed. Much.


  3. LoriG

    Of course I have heard of lindy hop! Then again, I haven’t danced it since a ballroom dance class that I took in college. I recall it was a great deal of fun, but only a couple of the men in the class were able to get it.


  4. karen (morsie)

    This week’s BTT has been really fun. I enjoy reading about what everyone else does with the rest of their free time.

    I know what lindy hop is. My sister is very into dancing, though she’s focusing on salsa right now rather than swing.


  5. Melanie

    weirdly i have heard of lindy hop! they did it on the finale of So you think you can dance! last summer. the poor kids dancing looked exhausted at the end but it did look fun while they were going!


  6. Ann Marie

    I am being honest here, I have not heard of lindy hop. BUT I have heard of Starbucks gift cards..So with that said…….Hope I win for the honesty 🙂


  7. callmeabookworm

    Yep, heard of it ….. lol, no, not really. I’ll have to Google it and see. Sounds interesting and exhausting somehow.


  8. Tiffany Anne

    I know I’m late here and all…but who hasn’t heard of LINDY HOP? Oh my goodness. People who ain’t got that swing are missing out. 🙂 Lindy hop is one of the most fun things there is to do in this life!


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