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It’s Not My Nightmare This Time

It’s any bridesmaid’s (nightmare, that is) who sees this dress:

It’s hard to missSomething to hold on to?

I thought the butt bow was bad enough, now we have a boob bow? Heh heh. Boob bow. Say that five times fast.

Fortunately for all my friends, I’m not having bridesmaids. I figure it’s a win/win: I’ll ask the girls who I would have asked to be my bridesmaids to be with me the day of the wedding to get ready (win), they don’t have to buy an ugly dress (win) and I don’t have to pretend to like said ugly dress (win). Okay, so maybe it’s a win/win/win situation.

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4 Responses to “It’s Not My Nightmare This Time”

  1. lisamm

    The boob bow is HIDEOUS!! Your friends should thank you!


  2. Eva

    Wow. Just-wow. I really like the skirt’s hemline, but everything else is just painful. lol My sister just got engaged, and I’m going to be her only bridesmaid, so I pretty much get to wear whatever I want. Yay! (she’s not getting married for four years, though, lol-long story)


  3. jenefur

    If you saw my rack you’d think I already had a boob bow!


  4. Josh

    And here I was thinking that the Boob Bow was so in! Shows how much I know! ; )


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