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Hooked On Fonix Wurkd For Me

In looking at other people’s blog who commented on my Booking Through Thursday post, I came across Bloody Hell! It’s a Book Barage! As if the name wasn’t enough to make me laugh (bloody hell makes me smile every time and it must be said with a British accent a la Simon Cowell or Hugh Grant), I stumbled on this post. Just when I thought I should quit the whole blogging thing because even if someone dropped out in the third grade they could still understand my writing, I come across Chartroose and I know I’m not alone.

This Blog is at an Elementary School Reading Level.

So I’m the barely literate blogger whose next review will be See Spot Run, since that’s where my writing level’s at. Stupid Internet tests.

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7 Responses to “Hooked On Fonix Wurkd For Me”

  1. lisamm

    Mine was Jr. High for awhile, but it’s back to Elementary School for me.. so don’t feel like the Lone Ranger 🙂 I guess that’s what I get for letting 10 year olds review books on my blog.


  2. trish

    Oh, gosh, Lisa, you sure do make me laugh! At least you have an excuse. 😀


  3. chartroose

    Love the title of this post! I’ve decided that one of these days I’m going to write an entry in total Dick & Jane vocabulary and see if I can bring the level back down to elementary school again.

    I think that you, Lisa and I should be very proud of our semi-literate status. After all, at least anyone can read and enjoy us. We aren’t like those stuck-up college or genius level bloggers who only appeal to a small audience. We’re “everybloggers!” The entire blogosphere belongs to us! As Shelly said, “Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

    Now I have to get back to my review of “Put Me in the Zoo.”


  4. Melody

    Now I don’t even dare to do mine, LOL. Well, they’re not 100% true anyway! ;P


  5. Lezlie

    If I have to use a dictionary to read a book review, I’m not interested. Kudos to the “Elementary” and “High School” ratings!! 🙂 I love all your blogs!



  6. bkclubcare

    This is great! too funny. I think I did this last fall and was at a Jr. High Level. I don’t think I’ll try it again.

    I’ve tried to entice my nieces in HS to stop by and read my blog – but they think I’m very very weird for having one. Well, they think I’m strange no matter what I do…


  7. Playing Editor - Booking Through Thursday « Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?

    […] of the reason I read is because I can’t write. I mean, I can put together a basic sentence (an elementary school level sentence, but a sentence nonetheless), but a novel? Maybe in my next […]

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