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Bad Things Happen In Threes, Right?

I’ve been a posting fiend lately. That is, of course, until Saturday when I lost my Internet connection (bad thing #1). I was sick (bad thing #2) and this was probably the worst thing that could have happened. And seeing as how I was sick and had to work Saturday evening (at my second job), I didn’t get around to calling Comcast until I got home Saturday night. After trying a couple of things, it was determined that a tech would need to come to my house. But not until Monday. Between 8:00am and Noon. So that means I’ll be well past 24 hours without Internet. I don’t know if my cold sweats were from being sick or withdrawal symptoms from not having Internet. My fiance would probably bet on the withdrawal symptoms.

So I spent all day yesterday watching the TV show, Life. It was a good show. But that’s how sick I was: I couldn’t even read. I had to watch TV. I’m tempted to say this is bad thing #3 (not being able to read because I was so sick), but I’ll resist. There’s plenty more bad things ‘a comin’.

This same Monday that Comcast Guy was supposed to come out, I was supposed to go wine tasting with friends from work. We had appointments. I was going to buy wine. But I’m way too sick. So I had to cancel (bad thing #3) (wahhhh!!!), but the silver lining is that I’d finally get my Internet back. I can deal with anything if I can only read my emails again!!

Comcast Guy shows up at 10:30am. I’ve actually showered so I don’t look as sick as I feel. He’s here 10 minutes and finally asks about my crawl space. My crawl space isn’t quite what you would call accessible due to the fact that I’ve mounted a closet organizer in the area of the crawl space (this was unintentional, but I’ve never gotten around to fixing it). But he will need to get to the crawl space to fix my Internet Permanently. Otherwise someone will have to come to my house Soon because my Internet will probably fail Soon. Fine. So I tear out my closet organizer (bad thing #4) and he gets to the crawl space and yup, he was right, the splitter needed fixing, so now my Internet is fixed Permanently. It is at this point that my cold sweats subside and I’m able to breath normally again.

So I present you with pictures of what I’m dealing with and an explanation of why my review of Moloka’i has yet to be written and why bookish talk will probably not resume on this blog until at least tomorrow.

And I’m just wondering why my bad things are now in fours instead of threes. I like the old system better.




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6 Responses to “Bad Things Happen In Threes, Right?”

  1. Eva

    Aww-hopefully the run is over! And you’ve been winning giveaways left and right, so maybe that helps a little. 🙂 Yay for permanent internet!


  2. trish

    Okay, I do feel a *little* guilty for complaining…I’ve got a few free books coming and you did the cutest button ever for my Novella Challenge!!!


  3. curlywurlygurly

    i was wondering where you scampered off to! thought you took an impromptu vacation!


  4. iliana

    Hope you are feeling much better Trish! We had problems with our internet earlier this year – almost a whole week without internet. Eek. In a way it was kind of nice though, I finally got to read more of my books 😉


  5. char

    Man, that sucks! I hate, hate, hate being too sick to read. I hope you’re feeling a lot better now.


  6. tanabata

    I get internet withdrawal too! Sad isn’t it? I do hope your run of bad things is over. I’m reorganising several rooms so things are pretty messy here right now. I can’t wait till I have time to get it all done.


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