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This Dog Is Smarter Than Your Dog

*sigh* Sorry for the lack of *bookish* posts. The forces are working against my desire to read read read. But I still get sent some funny videos via email from friends, and I’ve got a couple of other posts waiting in the wings, so I’ll fall back on those while reading is low.

This dog is the most amazing dog I’ve ever seen. This dog can count. My dogs are smart but they’re not that smart. What can your dogs do?


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5 Responses to “This Dog Is Smarter Than Your Dog”

  1. jeane

    I don’t have a dog but my cats come and sit on command (for their dinner). Not spectacular for a dog, I know, but pretty good for a cat!


  2. Literary Feline

    That is one smart dog! My cat and dog are rather ordinary just like their humans. 🙂


  3. trish

    Jeane, uh, yeah, that’s excellent for a cat. My cat scoffs at me. 😀

    Literary Feline…ahh, I like you just the way you are. And what you call ordinary, I call extraordinary !


  4. ravenous reader

    Oh my, I thought mine were very smart, but I’m not sure they could do this. They do, however, know every one of their (kazillion) toys by name (and each toy has a different name 🙂 Leave it to me to have wordy dogs, and not math dogs!


  5. Kristen

    Hmmm… my dog can incite any dog in the twin cities to want to fight her! She is a border collie/pit bull mix that has an unfortunate “fluff” of fur on her neck that makes her look like she is bristling even when she isn’t, so most dogs want to take her on. Fortunately, now that she is 15, her elderly mannerisms eventually disarm other canines. She is really a sweetheart, especially in her sunset years…
    Great video!


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