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I Think Simon Cowell Is Hot

What do you think?


Hot or not?

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19 Responses to “I Think Simon Cowell Is Hot”

  1. raincoaster

    Hot, but he really needs to lose the monchichi hair and the cigarettes.

    [*fingers in ears* lalalalalala i’m not liiiiisssteninnnnngggg –trish]


  2. Amy

    not so much


  3. lisamm

    I don’t know about hot.. maybe warm?? He has a certain charm.

    [Warm is good…I’ll take that. –trish]


  4. jenefur

    I’d hit it.


  5. katrinastonoff

    Oh, SOOOO hot!


  6. Tricia

    I’m with you Trish.


  7. Chris@bookarama

    Oh Trish! Not!


  8. raidergirl3

    that smile really lights up his face.


  9. chartroose

    Hot, but he’s tiny. I’m 6 feet tall, so I’d feel like an Amazon next to him. He claims to be 5’8″, but I think he’s more like 5’6″ because he wears heels and/or lifts.

    He’s rich and powerful, though, and that’s always a turn-on!

    [Hehe…rich and powerful…mmm mmm mmm. 5’6″ is okay…I’m 5’5″. And I don’t mind not wearing heels. 😀 –trish]


  10. raych

    Sorry, peanut. Definitely not. For me, personality is everything, and ‘arrogant blowhard’ is not sexy (at least, not since I entered my mid-twenties).

    [LOL! I actually don’t mind his personality on AI… –trish]


  11. Lit-Ra-Chur « Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?

    […] Give me your two cents on this, folks! And don’t forget to enter my giveaway, and please tell me if you think he’s hot or not. […]

  12. bethany canfield

    uhm…I don’t think so, I think his pride and arrogance get in the way! sorry trish!


  13. jeane

    Not. I can’t stand him.


  14. bunnyb

    I’m not into his looks that much, but I like how honest and smart he is 🙂


  15. Amy @AParkAvenuePrincess

    Trish you’re 5’5″ … I’m 4′ 11″ LOL I’ll have to send you a pic later…Oh, I’ll do it now! : )


  16. oakling

    I’m with the “personality is everything” idea. And he just looks a little too smarmy to me!


  17. Sarah

    Oh, no, he’s mean! And he hosts silly TV shows.


  18. shereadsbooks



  19. Darcie

    I love his honesty, and he is cute, but I would much rather have Vin Desil (Fast and Furious not Pacifier Vin) or McDreamy…Simon is all yours!


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