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What I Don’t Remember

I was tagged by Lisa for this meme, and at the end of the post where she’s tagging people, she says, “I would especially like to tag a few favorite bloggers: Chartroose, Trish, Bookbabie, Lyndsey, and Kim. There are a couple real writers in that crowd, so the answers should be interesting.” My first thought was, Hmm, I wonder who the real writers are? My bet is that if you go check out those other blogs, you’ll find some very good writing. But you won’t find very good writing here, because here I can hardly express myself past See Spot Run.

Anyvay, here’s the scoop:

Andilit has a wonderful blog. In a recent post she talked about the book Old Friend from Far Away by Natalie Goldberg. Goldberg is a writing teacher, and this book is about how to write memoir.

She states that first we must know how to remember, a skill I need to develop as my memory is as hole-y as swiss cheese. She gives exercises and writing prompts on how to discover forgotten memories. One such prompt is to write for 10 minutes about what you don’t remember. (instead of 10 minutes, I’ll be trying for 10 things. –trish)

  1. I don’t remember any friends I had in school until about 6th grade.
  2. I don’t remember my mom teaching me how to do laundry.
  3. I don’t remember the last time I made cookies and didn’t eat half the dough.
  4. I don’t remember ever not having acne (I should qualify this by saying my skin’s nice now, but ugh! were those zits the end of the world!).
  5. I don’t remember when I realized sugar was the BEST THING EVER INVENTED, I just remember knowing from a very early age that I wanted sugar AND LOTS OF IT. See below for more story.
  6. I don’t remember how I became so obsessed with vintage clothes, but that was a love affair that came on hot and heavy.
  7. I don’t remember when I met Dave’s mom.
  8. I don’t remember when I first saw The Princess Bride, but it’s been my all-time favoritest move ever since.
  9. I don’t remember when I realized that I loved Dave.
  10. I don’t remember when my Grandma gave me my rockin’ quilt (it’s kinda babyish), but it’s been my comfort ever since.

To expand on #5, one of my earliest memories is when we lived in Lake County. The house was yellow with a big yard that my parents used to grow any number of things, so one day my dad took my younger brother by the hand to pick something from the garden. I was about 5 years old, eating cereal (Cheerios, I believe), and I distinctly remember seeing the back of my father and brother, jumping on to the counter, getting into the sugar, and scooping about a cup (I kid you not) of sugar into my cereal. When my dad came back and saw the sludge at the bottom of my bowl (a little bit of milk and a lot of sugar = sludge), he thought he would TEACH ME A LESSON and make me eat all the sugar I’d put in my bowl. I insisted I would eat it, I just needed some more milk. My dad gave up and didn’t make me eat the sugar, but I’ve been eating sugar in large quantities ever since (thank goodness for a fast metabolism!). 😀

PS I went and looked at what other people answered for this, and Lisa’s right, there ARE some good writers in that list!

PPS I’m tagging anyone who reads this! If you participate, ppppplease (said like Roger Rabbit) leave me a link in the comments!


7 Responses to “What I Don’t Remember”

  1. Tricia

    You didn’t happen to grow up in a big old yellow house in Lake County, Florida did you?


  2. kwjwrites

    I think we can all agree that was much better than “see Spot run” and certainly more interesting to read!


  3. Andi

    Thanks for the mention and for participating. What a great list of things that you don’t remember. Here’s another of mine . . . I don’t remember the party after my high school graduation, and that’s not because I was intoxicated.


  4. bkclubcare

    These are fun. (and you CAN write! I love your blog – it has such great energy.)


  5. lisamm

    Hi Trish, I think you write beautifully, full of insight and feeling.. why do you think people keep coming back here?? Thanks for participating.


  6. Jaimie

    Great answers! I remember the sugar sludge at the bottom of my cereal bowl!


  7. Christine

    I don’t remember my thirteenth birthday party. Apparently I did have one, and it was miserable. Apparently I have completely blocked it out.


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