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Nasty Message

Many people weighed in on whether I should give my ex-renter his deposit. On Thursday I called him and left him a message explaining why I didn’t think I should give him his security deposit back, but if he wanted to discuss it, he was welcome to call me.

When I came home on Friday after work, I was greeted with this message on my answering machine:

Hey, Trish, it’s Bob (I’ve changed his name). Um, look you’re f***** ridiculous, dude. You’re a stupid f***** c***, there’s no f****** way you would have rented out that room within the f****** week, and you’re f****** already moving out of your god**** f****** house so I don’t know what the f*** you’re f****** problem is, but, keep the f****** money you stupid f******* whore.

I guess this is one of those times that I should use my credit card TO CHANGE MY LOCKS.

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18 Responses to “Nasty Message”

  1. raych

    That man has an 8-word vocabulary. He must have looked the other ones up.


  2. Wendy

    Given his response, I’d say you made the correct decision.


  3. Literary Feline

    He definitely didn’t deserve his deposit back. I understand his being upset (who wouldn’t be even if it’s a fair decision?), but his reaction was over the top.


  4. RoseAnn

    WOW, all I can say is WOW Trish, he sounds like an arse to put it kindly, seems like his true colors have shown through also. Yeah, I would change your locks, he sounds wacky. I understand why you didn’t give him the deposit back, and at the same time I am sure he would be upset but he was way out of line for sure. I am sorry he talked to you like that.


  5. Melody

    Hey Trish! You’ve received an award. Check out from my blog. 😉

    [Melody, you’re the BEST! –trish]


  6. lisamm

    Wow, that’s scary. He’s so full of rage. I think changing the locks is a smart idea.


  7. bethany canfield

    oh, yes. I would too! What a potty mouth!!



  8. bkclubcare

    That would really shake me up. Eeek.

    [It did shake me up, but listening to it again and again and again in order to transcribe it helped. –trish]


  9. Lezlie

    Whoa. Anger management issues, maybe? I’m thinking a little visit to the head-doc might be in order for this guy. The sooner out of your life, the better! you take care, Trish!!



  10. chartroose

    That sucks! Be careful about this dude and keep the recorded message. You might have to use it in court if he continues to harass you.

    [Hmm…good point. I won’t delete the message. –trish]


  11. melanie

    wow. i think he managed to cover all of the parts of grammar there. what a freakshow. too bad you’ll have to use his security deposit to change the locks and buy some mace, instead of buying books. take care.


  12. Chris@bookarama



  13. Megan

    I am sorry he was rude to you. See, I was right all along. Is my check in the mail?

    [Ah ha ha ha!! I totally forgot about that…so yes, it’s in the mail. 😀 –trish]


  14. Amy

    Oh Tish I’m so sorry. You really do not deserve to be disrespected like that! Honestly, what an ass. I really want to unleash like he did and tell you exactly what I think about him and his message, but it’s counterproductive to my life.

    Anyway, I was right about the deposit. You made the right decision and I would definitely change the locks.

    I love ya

    Oh what the hell, I think I’ll send you a private message and tell you what I really feel about this whole thing. Keep an eye out for it.

    I think you should check with Scott and see if he still knows that guy from the pub of ill respute. There might be another um “job” we need a price on. LOL



  15. curlywurlygurly

    hmm…good thing you got him out now…make sure you get those locks changed pronto–he sounds like a loo loo.


  16. bybee

    I’m kind of scared for you. I hope he takes his thesaurus and moves far, far, far away.


  17. J Scott Savage


    So sorry to hear that. What a jerk. Even though you know that he’s the person at fault, that kind of thing still sucks all the wind out you. Go do something nice for yourself to offeset all the negative emotions. Maybe chocolate and a burning in effigy. That always helps me. 🙂 Oh, and I loved your Valentine story by the way. That was a keeper. It’s nice to know that for every jerk there’s at least one really good person.


  18. jeane

    I hope your new renter is a nicer person. Did this guy give you any trouble while he was living there? Sounds like a real jerk.


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