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Really? You Guys Really Like Me?

First of all, when I started blogging and I was just a fledgling, I saw all kinds of awards being given back and forth and I longed for the day when I would get one of those awards, when I would be part of the group. On the flip side, I’m constantly surprised when someone stumbles on my blog and is interested enough to leave a comment or even actually likes it. This is not my subtle way of getting compliments (though that’s always nice), it’s just that there’s so many better writers out there, and I don’t even consider myself a writer.

Side bar – Actually, I find my writing pretty funny, but I know what I’m thinking, what I mean, and where the inflections go. In fact, Dave called me up a while ago and when he asked what I was doing I said I was re-reading one of my posts and it was pretty stinkin’ funny! I was cracking myself up just reading my own stuff!

I mention all of the above, again, not to elicit compliments, but rather because I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Surely there are other people who look at their stats and say, “_____ people visited ME today? Really?”

All of this to say, Melody at Melody’s Reading Cornerhas more than flattered me by bestowing me with the BFF Gold Card Award. What makes this even better is that I LOVE HER BLOG TOO. And it came at a perfect time: when I was knee deep in invitation hell.

Let me just say that Melody’s blog has the cutest polka dot wallpaper. I’m so jealous.

I’m going to pass this award on…I don’t know how many, we’ll just see where this goes. And I’ve done this in alphabetical order so there can be no guessing on who might be my favorite. 😀

Amy from A Park Avenue Princess

Chris from Book-a-Rama

Heather from Book Addiction

J. Scott Savage at Find Your Magic

Lisa from Books on the Brain

Melanie from lit*chick

Natasha from Maw Books Blog

Raych from books I done read AND i am saved by the buoyancy of citrus

Softdrink from Blonde Momentos

But really, I love you all! I love you, man!

Softdrink even mentioned me for this:

I’m giving this to each and every person who has ever left a comment on my blog. You probably don’t even know how much the comments mean to me, and those comments make my day. Sad, but true. 

Go ahead and pass these buttons on to another worthy blogger! And if you do, come back and leave a comment that you’ve done just that. 😀

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7 Responses to “Really? You Guys Really Like Me?”

  1. lisamm

    Aw, how sweet! Thank you! I love the expiration date: 04/3V3R Very cute.

    I think I’m unclear about these award thingys. Are you supposed to post them on your blog sidebar, or make a post, pass ’em on, or just appreciate them?? I’ve been honored a handful of times (maybe 3?) with blog award button thingys but I never know what to do except say thank you! Is more required of me??

    Thanks again, my friend.

    PS You like me best, right? LOL I’m familiar with all the blogs you mention and I agree they are really good. I’m honored to be in their company, and yours!!

    PPS Are you registered somewhere for your wedding? Just curious! My sister registered at Target!!


  2. Melody

    Awww… can you tell that I’m blushing now, Trish?! LOL. I LOVE reading your blog; you always have so many interesting stuff to share!

    And thanks for the “You Make My Day Award”. Love that button too, so sweet and it brightens up my day (night). 😉


  3. raych

    You get an A++++ for awesomeness. Isn’t it hilarious, though, how comments will make us so happy even if it’s just ‘Ha ha’ or ‘This was awesome’ or whatever? Because we know that person took a minute out of their lives to type that in, and then type in a word verification, and then type in their user name and password, and then possibly hit ‘preview,’ and then hit ‘post.’ So much work, but it spreads so much love.



  4. Chris@bookarama

    Aw, thanks! Every time I get an award, I get a little thrill. It’s really nice to be appreciated. Congrats on the award! There’ll be more to come, I’m sure.


  5. chartroose

    We like you! We really like you! Congratulations, Trish!


  6. Heather

    Trish you are the best! And seriously, I LOVE your blog. It’s one of the first ones I visit every day. 🙂


  7. softdrink

    Awww, shucks. 🙂


    And Lisa…I just know Trish likes me more. Nee-neer, nee-neer.


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