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Urgent: I Need Your Help

It didn’t take me long to feel connected to many of you through blogging, and that’s why I need your help now.

I met Amy when I was giving away a copy of Did I Expect Angels?; she entered the contest with a very touching comment (#22), and when her name wasn’t picked, I sent her an email letting her know she wasn’t picked but that I would like to send her a copy of the book anyway. Her response was funny and very grateful…little did I know that I would be even more touched by her in the coming months.

Amy shared with me (and has now shared with all of you HERE) that she is battling cancer once again. This is the fourth recurrence in 14 years. Sometimes I marveled at how upbeat and positive she could be when I knew she was in pain and scared.

She’s in the hospital once again waiting to have surgery. She’ll be in the hospital for a while, and I want to send her something. My something would be little, a card telling her I’m thinking about her with a modest gift card to Amazon, but I thought that it would be nice if a bunch of little things could come together to become something big.

So here’s what I’m proposing: If you leave a comment, I will email you with MY address. If you send me something for Amy, be it a heartfelt card telling her she’ll be in your thoughts and prayers and/or a little gift such as a gift card, I will put it in a box and mail it to her. I would need everything to have arrived at my address by May 19th so that I could send it out.

I would like her to know that in her darkest hour she has people who think about her and care about her, even if we’ve never met. We shouldn’t wait until people have already passed away to talk about how much we like them.


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