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Urgent: I Need Your Help

It didn’t take me long to feel connected to many of you through blogging, and that’s why I need your help now.

I met Amy when I was giving away a copy of Did I Expect Angels?; she entered the contest with a very touching comment (#22), and when her name wasn’t picked, I sent her an email letting her know she wasn’t picked but that I would like to send her a copy of the book anyway. Her response was funny and very grateful…little did I know that I would be even more touched by her in the coming months.

Amy shared with me (and has now shared with all of you HERE) that she is battling cancer once again. This is the fourth recurrence in 14 years. Sometimes I marveled at how upbeat and positive she could be when I knew she was in pain and scared.

She’s in the hospital once again waiting to have surgery. She’ll be in the hospital for a while, and I want to send her something. My something would be little, a card telling her I’m thinking about her with a modest gift card to Amazon, but I thought that it would be nice if a bunch of little things could come together to become something big.

So here’s what I’m proposing: If you leave a comment, I will email you with MY address. If you send me something for Amy, be it a heartfelt card telling her she’ll be in your thoughts and prayers and/or a little gift such as a gift card, I will put it in a box and mail it to her. I would need everything to have arrived at my address by May 19th so that I could send it out.

I would like her to know that in her darkest hour she has people who think about her and care about her, even if we’ve never met. We shouldn’t wait until people have already passed away to talk about how much we like them.


23 Responses to “Urgent: I Need Your Help”

  1. Eva

    What a wonderful idea Trish! I’ll definitely send a card, and I’ll try to think of a little something for inside. 🙂 I was so sad when I read that post, but yours has me thinking “Hey, at least I can do a little something.”


  2. Literary Feline

    Count me in!


  3. lisamm

    Trish, you are so kind to organize this for Amy. Count me in.


  4. softdrink

    Holy cow! I’ve never even visited her blog until just now, and I find that my blog is listed in her sidebar. I am so in.


  5. Melody

    Do count me in! I hope my mail will arrive on time since I’m not living in the US.


  6. Wendy

    Please include me in this great idea, Trish.


  7. bunnyb

    Thanks so much for organizing this, Trish! I’d love to send her a card!! xx


  8. Chris@bookarama

    I’ll send something.


  9. bkclubcare

    wondeful, yes, please send me what I need to know so I can send you something for Amy.


  10. chartroose

    I’m in, Trish! I adore Amy, and I’m really sorry about this.


  11. innerarchitect

    Trish, thank you for writing about this. I’ve sent Amy a note, but I have something else I’d like to include in your package. Please send me your address.



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    […] online friends after starting this blog.  She is a passionate, caring person who is currently organizing love and support in the form of a care package for a fellow blogger undergoing cancer treatment.  Here she talks […]

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  14. Lynda

    I’ll send a card from Wales ;0)


  15. Heather

    Hey Trish, definitely include me. I’ll pick up a card and maybe a small gift card today. You are so sweet for doing this for her.


  16. Stephanie

    Since my own mother is currently battling Cancer in the hospital, I understand what Amy’s family must be going through. Please senbd me an e-mail and I’ll shoot something over to you!


  17. Natasha @ Maw Books

    I just had the privilege of “meeting” Amy last week via Weekly Geeks. She had such nice things to say. Yes, please send me an email as well.


  18. sandyellenpatsy

    Trish !
    Thank you so much for doing this for Amy. I would like to be included !


  19. Nymeth

    I’d love to be included, but as I’m in Europe there’s no way I could send something and have it arrive before the 19th. But maybe I could get her a book through Or a gift card?


  20. Tracey

    How wonderful to put this together! Please send me your address as I have a couple of things for her. Thanks!


  21. J. Kaye

    I’ve already sent her something, but I think it’d be super cool to get a bunch of cards and stuff at once…lol! Please send me your address and I’ll get something out to you.

    What a super cool idea!! 😀

    J. Kaye


  22. J. Kaye

    Well, I didn’t hear back from you…guess I’ll send it on my own then. 🙁


  23. Sandy Patsy

    Amy of Royal Reviews is very sick and in the hospital for an extended stay and is fighting for her life. Her birthday is soon. What I would like to do is get together a birthday box from all of us. Please let her know you care even if it is just a comment on her blog or mine. If you would like to send something special to her in her birthday box – let me know and I will send you my address.


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