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I Should Be Writing But Instead I’m Reading

Dear Books Waiting to be Reviewed,

I’m sorry you’ve been waiting so long for your review. I’ll get to you, I promise! It’s just that I had to check a coupla things on WordPress and next thing I know it’s late and if I don’t get in bed now I won’t have time to read. Surely you understand! If you’re angry, blame her:


I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I do, so I apologize to you. I will get to your reviews this weekend. Probably. Unless I haven’t finished Comfort Food. Erm, I mean, no matter what.

See ya later! I’m off to read in bed! Love ya! ~trish


4 Responses to “I Should Be Writing But Instead I’m Reading”

  1. curlywurlygurly

    dear bwtbr,

    stop guilt-tripping trish! she has a WEDDING to star in shortly. it’s not only about you, okay? i know she gave you a line about checking stuff out on wordpress, but she was probably creating programs or arranging seating charts. give her some space., will ya? thanks for being patient.



  2. lisamm

    I agree with Curly- BWTBR= Cut Trish some slack!


  3. Deb/Lavender Rose

    Hi, Trish, Just popping by to read you! Thanks for visiting my new bookish blog. I’ve been neglectful because of weeks in the hospital…but I do have a new entry… I love all your notes! Can’t wait to hear about Comfort Food! Deb/Bookish Dame


  4. Comfort Food « The Bluestocking Society

    […] 19, 2008 in Modern Lit I requested Comfort Food from my local library after Trish’s pseudo-review of it. (In fact, she blames her inability to review other books to CF’s readability.) I have, of […]

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