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No More Muscle Tone

I was cruising through the blogs on my Reader today and came across this post by Chartroose. The photo is definitely hilarious (the words clown car alone make me giggle), but it reminded me of a scary conversation that I had with someone when I was working at the fair.

This lady had had a number of kids, and while the word ‘kegels’ didn’t actually come up, I’m guessing she didn’t do ’em. Because she shared with me that after having however many kids she had, she can no longer wear a tampon because IT JUST FALLS RIGHT OUT.


She may have made a mention of what sex is like for her, but if so, I must have taken a torch to my memory because I remember nothing after she said that.

So while this is totally rude and inappropriate, I’m going to say it anyway. I think maybe this lady has the same problem that the fair worker did, in that since there’s no way of keeping anything IN, there’s no way of keeping anything OUT. She thinks all her kids have been conceived through Immaculate Conception, but her husband knows better.

If you have a better joke than mine, PLEASE SHARE. Scott Adams? I know you’re up to the task.

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10 Responses to “No More Muscle Tone”

  1. jenefur



  2. Heather

    Hilarious. My husband and I cracked up. 😉


  3. bkclubcare

    I’ve been looking forward to seeing what you would write… and your title?! oh no!! ROFL


  4. bybee

    Ever since I read this earlier today, I’ve been patting myself on the…the…uh, *back* for having the good sense to stop after 1 kid.


  5. Chris@bookarama

    OMG, that was funny!


  6. Julie

    This was so hilarious but also very embarrassing for us other Arkansasans. Why is it we only get recognition for the stupid stuff?! I promise we are not all idiots!!


  7. Kim L


    No kids for me. Ever. I’m scarred for life 🙂


  8. wordlily

    I’ll side with Julie. Does it help that I’ve only lived here a few years? 😉


  9. Megan

    I’ll admit, I watched the documentary done on the duggar family back when they were expecting (I believe) their 15th child.

    It was nutty in a scary kind of way. They named all their children with names that start with J… yikes. Their website is good for a creepy laugh though.


  10. Becca

    I seriously just laughed so hard! This is an amazing post. Thank you so much for the after-work laugh.


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