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Singing In (the wrong) Tune

So we’ve all blithely sung along to a song, singing what we THINK are the lyrics, only to find out at some point that what we sing and what the singer sings are two different things. I’ve been meaning to do a post on this for a while, and then I came across this postΒ over at Sunny Side Up!, and she says:

I’ve always been adamant about the fact that as the monkeys in The Wizard of Oz are marching up the stairway of the castle, they are most definitely chanting:
OR-E-O, Ohhhh…
Am I right or…am I right?


So here’s my lyrics: You know that song by Nickelback, Rockstar? Yeah, it goes, And we all just wanna be big rockstars and live in hilltop houses driving fifteen cars…. Sound familiar? If not, here’s the song (just listen to the song, don’t watch the lame video):


Okay, so the song continues and it goes like this:

The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap
We’ll all stay skinny ’cause we just won’t eat
And we’ll hang out in the coolest bars
In the VIP with the movie stars

And I thought the last line was:

And the BRB with the movie stars…

I justified that because BRB is text message lingo for be right back, and it totally made sense to me.

THEN, when looking up the lyrics to this song, I realized I was singing ANOTHER line wrong. Here’s the correct line:Β 

I’m gonna sing those songs
that offend the censors

And my version:

I’m gonna sing no songs that’ll bend the senses (meaning the songs aren’t very deep)

What song lyrics have you butchered? I guess it can be from 20 years ago when you were 12, but come on, you’ve done this recently. You know you have.

***As fate would have it, my computer died last night. I don’t know what’s wrong, and I have NO money to fix it, but it must get fixed because all the music from our wedding is on that freaking computer! 😯

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17 Responses to “Singing In (the wrong) Tune”

  1. Lezlie

    Long ago I was told by a serious Wizard of Oz buff that they are singing, “Oh we love the old one” when they’re marching. I’ve never verified that, but it sounds like it when I watch the movie now. I haven’t thought about that for a long time! πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Chris@bookarama

    Funny! I thought until recently that “The Safety Dance” had the line:

    Like an African in Brazil

    It never made any sense to me. No wonder, it’s

    We can act like an imbecile



  3. Eva

    I was a kid when I saw Mrs. Doubtfire, in which Aerosmith’s “Dude Looks Like a Lady” places a big part. I totally thought the song was “Do It Like a Lady,” because I was like eight, and the scenes show Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire shopping and cooking and cleaning. My parents corrected me pretty quickly! hehe

    I can’t think of any more recent ones right now…my sister is notorious for singing along using the wrong words! It used to annoy me when we were teenagers, and she wouldn’t believe that she was wrong, lol. Now it just makes me giggle. πŸ˜€


  4. lisamm

    I used to think that Aerosmith song was saying “Do the funky lady!” LOL


  5. raidergirl3

    It’s not lame – I love that video!


  6. curlywurlygurly

    in michael jackonson’s ‘billy jean’ i thought the chorus went roughly like so:

    “billy jean is not my lover/she’s just a girl/and PRINCESS, I AM THE ONE…

    actual lyrics: /she’s just a girl/WHO THINKS THAT I AM THE ONE…

    try it–you’ll see that it kinda sounds that way! lol.

    ps. i had NO IDEA what that song was about when i was a kid…ah, youthful ignorance.


  7. curlywurlygurly

    *um…even michael JACKSON. my keyboard is apparently broken today. ha.


  8. Julie

    Heh heh, have you ever seen It’s a whole website about misunderstood lyrics — the title comes from Jimi Hendrix. You know: “Scuse me, while I kiss this guy.” πŸ˜€


  9. Julie

    I love misunderstood song lyrics – I have a book of them and now thanks to one of your other readers, I have a website. I used to sing (very loud, I’m sure) to Bon Jovi’s “Never Say Goodbye”. I thought it said – “hold on we’ve got a child”. It made perfect since to me because of the lyric “you lost more than that in my backseat”. Later I found out it said “hold on we’ve gotta try”. I can’t think of anything recently not that I am not singing any lyrics wrong, I just haven’t been called out on it!


  10. raych

    If you youtube ‘misheared lyrics’ you get some hilarious videos. My personal favorite is Pearl Jam’s ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ because there aren’t any REAL lyrics, so no one can say what’s right and what’s wrong.


  11. janelle

    Ok, it wasn’t ME who butchered the song, but it was my twinny…so, it was in the early 90’s or maybe late 80’s. Bon Jovi was King and we all had big bangs with lots of spray. Anyway, I digress…so his sang, Dead or Alive…the line in the chorus, “And I’m Wanted, Dead or Alive”, yeah, my sister thought was, “Wanted, little road hog”. HAHAHAHHAAHA, I never laughed my ass off as hard!!!!


  12. Krista

    Ohhh, I JUST remembered this one. up until age 6 or so, I thought that “Hey Jude” was “Hey Jew”.


  13. bybee

    I don’t know who did this song but it’s called “Dude looks like a lady”. I thought they were saying “Do the naked lady.”

    Also…there’s some group that did a song called “Elegantly Wasted”. I thought they were saying “We’re better than Oasis.”


  14. Kim L

    Ummm… how many songs do I actually know the right lyrics to? recently, for example, i was trying to figure out why a country song was all about a “Blueberry mountain.”

    Realized that the line was actually “I’d move every mountain for you.”


  15. Alyson

    Too funny. My really bad goof was hearing an Eric Clapton song on the radio a few times and decided to sing along – I thought it was “Way Down South” and it was “Lay Down Sally”! Oops!!

    Alyson LID 01/27/06


  16. Sarah

    Andrew Bird’s song, Fake Palindromes! I used to think that the line “so you bite on a towel” was “sew your butt on a towel.” Whoops.


  17. TanyaK

    When I was in middle school, the girls in my neighborhood would get together to hang out after school. Many times we would sing along to the radio.
    The funniest time I can remember was when Rick James’ “Superfreak” was playing. One of the girls thought the line
    “The kind of girl you read about in new wave magazines” was
    “The kind of girl you read about in Newsweek magazine”.
    We giggled until we were blue.


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