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Scallywags and Whankers

There’s this guy at the Country Club who’s really nice and grew up in South Africa so has a really cool British-ish accent. He likes to call people scallywags and he’s a real jokey-joke kinda guy and one day when he was sitting at a table with 7 other guys and he was continually calling me a scallywag, I walked over and said:

Oh yeah? Well you’re a whanker!

The table went quiet and the guy asked me if I knew what a whanker was. I said, Um, no, isn’t it just a term to say you’re a jerk? The table burst out laughing and I was instantly popular that night.

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3 Responses to “Scallywags and Whankers”

  1. jenefur

    You silly girl!


  2. Eva

    LOL I’d stick with scallywag!


  3. Sky

    Oh that is freakin’ hilarious! Love it!


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