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Raise Your Hand If You Hate Spiders

Both my hands are waving frantically in the air. I HATE spiders.

Tonight I was enjoying a bath and reading the best book ever, The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Clayton, when, after about 30 minutes of enjoying the warm water, I look up from my book and see……..a……SPIIIIIDERRR in the water. I jumped up out of that bath so quickly I’m lucky I didn’t drop my book. Apparently the thing was dead, it probably drowned, but how long had it been in there?? It certainly wasn’t there when I got in. Cuh-reeepy!

This reminded me of when my brother had woken up one morning and there was a daddy long legs sitting on his chest. *shudder* Apparently he’s been afraid of spiders ever since. I’m lucky that hasn’t happened to me ’cause I think I’d have a heart attack.

Has this ever happened to you? You’re blithely doing your thing (taking a bath, getting in bed, etc) and there’s a spider RIGHT THERE. Tell me about it.

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22 Responses to “Raise Your Hand If You Hate Spiders”

  1. Wendy

    I am TERRIFIED of spiders – they creep me out, and I had one jump at me once which sent me screaming from the room. I live in the mountains and there are always spiders around…when my husband hears me shriek his name, he calmly comes with a tissue and says “Where is is?” If I was bathing and saw one floating in my bath water, I’d have done exactly what you did!


  2. Literary Feline

    Only black widows scare me. And the brown recluse. I don’t mind spiders much otherwise. I hate, hate, hate flies. Especially since I know they start out as maggots, which makes me think of dead bodies and other unpleasant things. I also don’t like giant flying beatles either. Or cockroaches. Now, those will really set me running. Mice and rats aren’t insects, but I can’t stand them either unless they are pets.


  3. pussreboots

    I’m not exactly fond of them but my husband is the one who is TERRIFIED of them. So I have the glamorous job of killing or relocating spiders in this family.


  4. DC

    I just discovered your blog and wanted to say congrats on your upcoming wedding!! You’ll have lots of scrapbooking to do, what with all the wedding and honeymoon photos! I’m also a scrapper, but got burned out after making all my wedding invitations, programs, etc. I’m hoping to get back into it soon.

    I am a brand-new blogger, so please stop by and say hello if you get a chance!


  5. raych

    This one time I was up late studying, and stressing out like I do, and I’m in bed with my textbooks and my little lamp and I hear a scutter, and I’m all, That’s odd, we don’t have mice. And I lean over the side of the bed and there is a SPIDER THE SIZE OF A MOUSE! And so I get up and turn on my overhead light, but now he’s all sneaked up against a shoebox and I grab a flip flop to kill him with, and I nudge the shoebox and he kind of flinches a little, and I know that if I move the shoebox, he’ll run (this is before I learned that you can spray spiders with hairpspray and then kill them at your leisure, because it slows them waaaaay the hell down), so I kind of kick the shoebox and whap at the spider with my flip flop and it takes a good six or seven blows before he curls up in that dead-spider posture, and then I go upstairs even though it’s 2 in the morning because I was so shaken up, and I had this one roommate who was just kind of awake all the time. She hugged me and soothed me, but I should have gotten her to come down and clean up the body for me, because I got back to my room and just stood in the doorway and shook for a good minute. HACK!

    Also, one time I bathed and got out and dried myself off, and as I was putting the towel back on the rack, a SPIDER FELL OUT OF IT! Which MEANS he had been in there while I was drying myself!

    Ack ack ack. I need to go.


  6. Jennifer

    *raises hand* Well, I wouldn’t say hate, but I definitely have an irrational discomfort. I recently freaked when I pulled my tri-pillow up from beside my bed and there was a spider right there on it. Ugh. I recruited my little sister but it got away…so I slept on the other end of my bed for a few nights until I forgot about it.

    It was a big moth that scared me most though – I lifted my cup all the way up to my mouth before seeing it sitting in the bottom, inches from my face. The cup spent the night under a couple of books.


  7. Mrs S | 50 Book Challenge

    *ugh* I’m shuddering just thinking about it! I had one crawling up my arm when I was in the shower once – took me a couple of seconds to realise what it was and then did I scream! It was even that big – just the thought of it… *shudder*

    Ps how are you making those cute avatars appear for people who don’t have their own set up?


  8. Sam

    all this talk about spiders is making me shudder!!!

    I had one crawl along the INSIDE of the windscreen of the car a few weeks ago – right in front of my face as I was driving along!! Fortunately I was going slow as I was just entering a car park, but I couldn’t stop so just watched it and the road whilst trying to park!! It then slipped and fell in front of me – I screeched and stomped on the brakes – I never found it again, but it has not made a reappearance, so I think that I am ok!!


  9. lisamm

    Daddy Long Legs don’t bother me but black widows freak me out. We have a lot of them here. I haven’t seen one in the house in a few years but I saw two of them outside just yesterday. I was weeding a little area on the side of the house, getting ready to plant some green beans. I had my gardening gloves on and I was going to town with the little 3 pronged tool (whatever it’s called) when 2 black widows scampered up the stucco of the house. I let out an undignified yelp and fell back on my behind.


  10. Jessica

    I don’t do well with spiders. Fortunately we don’t have very big ones around here. Just last night though I had climbed into bed, looked up, and there not 7′ from my head, was a spider on the ceiling. I made DH get up and dispose of it.


  11. jeane

    I’m not really frightened of spiders, but growing up there were always some big ones in our (finished) basement where my bedroom was. One night I got in bed and there was a spider under the covers! That one really creeped me out.


  12. Jaimie

    Can you see my hand is up? Yucky! Many years ago we lived in a cottage with a barn on the property but we could not go in it because there were black widows in it! They are not only poisonous but the scariest looking things you can imagine. Shiny black with that red thing on it’s back!
    Did you ever here the one about the moving cactus?


  13. Dr. Bad Ass

    I’m not exactly terrified of spiders, but. I do a lot of camping, and almost always end up with a spider in one of my shoes. I mean in the morning, when I pull them into the tent to put them on. This further convinces me to shake out my shoes EVERY TIME. No exceptions.


  14. K

    I’m not terrified of them but I don’t like them in my house. I kill them as soon as I see them. My husband seems to be more frightened of them than I am.


  15. Melody

    Eek! I hate spiders! I always ask my husband to get rid of it whenever I see one… I’m too afraid to touch it, even with a tissue!!!

    Though I never had any close encounter with spiders, I do have one with a lizard. I can’t remember when, but I had a shock when I opened up a bag of bread to find it staring at me sitting on the top slice. I had no idea how it got in there in the first place, and it gives me goosebumps whenever I think of it!!!


  16. joyco

    I’m ok with spiders, but lately scorpions have been finding their way into our house and I’m NOT ok w/ that! I was sitting in the living room watching tv w/ my husband and we noticed one of our cats was swatting at something. We turned on the lights and there was a darn scorpion! I screamed at my husband to get a shoe (he’s the one who is afraid of bugs, so I’m the “official bug killer” in our house), then I proceeded to pound the thing into mush. Yuck!!


  17. mellymel

    this is where having 3 sons comes in handy. early on, i would make a point not to freak out and make a big deal about how “cool” the scary, hairy spiders are. then i told them i’d give them a quarter to return them to their rightful homes outside. 🙂
    if you lived close by, i’d loan my in house exterminating team to you.


  18. Nymeth

    *raises both hands*

    This post will possibly give me nightmares *shudders* Also, raych’s spider in the towel story. Argh, argh, argh *thinks of kittens instead*


  19. jeane

    Ugh. I have heard the moving cactus story! Is it true? We used to have a dog that would eat any spiders she found; I would call her and point and she would chomp ’em! I wish she lived with me now.


  20. mmechels

    haha! I have actually broken down, at least 3 times since birth, because of a spider. They use to terrify the living crap out of me! I would dream about them every night for years…then go throughout the day thinking about them and being scared to walk across the kitchen floor…

    That’s why God blessed me with kids…there’s no way I was gonna let those dastardly man-eaters near my son, so I learned how to suck it up real quick!


  21. Mari

    well i dont know why but spiders had never scared me as much as cockroaches , i think spiders are better , at least they have a home but cockroaches they are really parasites


  22. Mindy

    Okay, I have a HUGE fear of spiders. I have a lot of spider stories but it would take me a year to list em all. First, all spiders to me MUST die if I’m expected to live on this planet. The only spiders I take pity on are the realy tiny ones, the ones no bigger than the size of a pencil point tip. But never-the-less I still want em gone and they luckily freak me out way less. As for any spider bigger than that, I freak out… scream many times, start getting worried and many many shivers all the way to the bones and I sometimes find myself crying. Anyways, once I was going to brush my teeth but when I turned around from my dresser to where my bed is, a saw a spider crawling across my bed. I didn’t know what to do but before I had anything to deal with it with, it crawled away fast. Me being the spider finatic spent the next 2 months sleeping in the living room. Another story, I actually made a speech out of this story too, but there was a spider crawling on my cieling at night and freak. Since I can’t let any spiders off scotch free, I knew it had to die. However, I couldn’t kill it because I CAN’T squish a spider with a paper towel or anything so I tried to recruit my mom to do it but my oldest brother came instead. and believe me he will never deal with another spider again. So my bro got a dixi cup and trie to push the spider into, well that never worked, the spider ended up falling to the ground never to be seen again. So I ran out of my room and spent the next 2 and a half months sleeping in the living room. Another spider was crawling across my bed at a later year, and it was much too late to get my mom to take care of it cuz she was sleeping, and so it crawled and eventually wound up on the floor and under my bed. So I went to get the vaccum to try scare it out. Thank god that actually worked, so then it crawled under some papers I had sitting on the floor by my bed, I moved one paper and it came crawling speedily. I was very terrified and it was charging towards me so I jump on the bed and grab an obect, I don’t remeber what that object was but It had a indented circle on the bottom. So I just push and swirl hoping that it died during one of those times. I feared of lifting the can up so I kept screaming until my younger brother came, the only time he would ever have killed a spider for me mind you, and well it was turns out I already killed the spider. Needless to say, ya, I made a concoction of water, lemon juice, and lemon soap and mixed into a spray bottle and sprayed around my bed for the next 3 months. Get’s worse still, I would stay in my room though, but I would shut the door to my room and go stand in the corner by the door and I would make a small circle with that spray all around me so I was enclose by this circle, making sure not one part of me stepped outside the circle. I would spend hours standing in that cirlce, but many times I brought shelled peanuts or something with me and ate them while I solve samurai sudukos and played a handheld yotzee game. I stayed up until the sun came out. Why the lemon spray? because spiders supposedly don’t like lemon (did leave a weird looking spot on the carpet too if you used too much) Why stay up till sunlight? because spiders come out at night to feed, not usually in the daytime so it was safer for me to sleep on my bed during the daytime. (I also would put a lot of eucalyptus bed sheet spray stuff on me and my bed then too cuz spiders apparently don’t like the smell of that either, and that stuff stinks by the way) Those are the worst stories I have. Eventually I used hairspray on the spiders, a whole ton of it too and never stopped spraying until it curled up. Eventually after that I came to be a good friend of Raid, kills on contact. Though I find the Raid in the bright red can is the only stuff that actually kills on contact and withing seconds. A couple weeks ago when that was all gone I tried to use a different Raid can on a huge black spider on the dining room wall. (may I add that my father was there, my younger brother, a male cousin, and my older sister their. Neither or them would kill the spider even when I said please) uck…. So I go get a Raid can, and hesitate spraying at first cuz I have a hard time doing that too, but eventually it crawls on a spindly and then I spray. It falls off, crawls on the carpet, though it seemed to be jumping halfway their, and I put the Raid can on it, hoping it’s dead and all when I or someone else checks on it later. Well, when I am not looking my barely 2 year old niece comes up the stairs and picks up the Raid can. I came back up the stairs when I saw she was holding the can and I was horrified to see that the spider was not their. She then kept saying spider and pointing too the stairs that led to the third level of the house. Luckily, the spider was on the wood part on the side of the stairs so then I trapped it with a see through plastic cup. Eventually the Raid did end up killing it but ten minutes after is hardly exceptable. A few days before that story, on the day of my graduation party, I saw a spider crawling across a basket full of some stuffed animals and it went back inside. I was getting fairly alarmed now because during the whole time I kept thinking where I would sleep if it got away because my sister came out and took the living room. Anyways I was on my bed this whole time a foot and a half away from the basket and I kept staring at it hoping on my life that it would crawl back out to get food cosidering it was feeding time, 10:30, eventually the spider thankfully comes crawling out, this is a fast spider by the way, and it crawls to the side of my dresser, wich was a foot away from the basket. the spider crawls along there and I go get another small but pratically empty body spray thing and try to squish it but that didn’t work because I was too slow doing it, paralyzed by fear and so it then crawls under my dresser. Okay so I think it’s gotta some out. So a spent a few minutes looking for the spider, on my bed, moving my body to look from side-front-side to see if I spot the spide coming out. Of course by now I had no object at all and so I hurry downstairs to get the bright red Rain can, ready to spray if it came out. Spider steps out a little bit in the front of my dresser and I spray. Can was of course empty and the spider crawls back under dresser. So I take another big and heavy obect to put on it if it came out, which it did a little later on the side this time heading towards my pile of clothes on the floor. But I put the statue on it and pressed and twirl. (When I lifted statue up, spider luckily was dead, but only half of it was squished so I had half a carcass and guts on my carpet now (and it is still there now, a month later) (oh, and the statue happened to be uh, he he, ya, uh, a statue with Mary with her baby Jesus and some other man) ;v) I also had spiders touch me on more than one occasion. Rule, I will never go in a garden again because once when I was helping to pull weed I found one dangling from my hair when I bent over, another time I was studying flashcards during the summer before eleventh grade (night time of course) and it crawled up under my pajamas. I was hoping to god it was anything but a spider; I put my hand cuffing my leg above it so it doesn’t crawl up any farther and then it fall down and I find it crawling away from me, yes a big ugly spider. So I of course take off my clothes, hop in the tub and scrub my leg several times, more than three that is for sure and using very hot water before I was moderately satisfied. I ended up throwing out that sock on that leg too. And this ocassion plus a few others, while wearing the same pajamas, I can now safely say those are the pajamas I consider bad luck in will try no to wear them ever thinking I will come across another spider. these are definately not the only stories but I’ll shut up now and give ur mind a rest.


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