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The Calliope Experiment #3 (but my #2)

So this is the second time I’ve participated in The Calliope Experiment, which is where Jacquie posts a picture and you write a story of at least 500 words. This is fun! You should try it. Even if you’re not a writer ’cause goodness knows I’m not.

This is the picture we have for this week:

I have a hard time coming up with a title for my stories…so here ’tis:

The little girl wiped her brow as she set down another stone. It didn’t matter that it was cold out; she was hot from moving the stones from their original rock pile to her new squiggly design. She would change it eventually, just like she always did. She’d written SOS a couple of weeks ago; she pretended that she had been abandoned on an island and a ship would come and rescue her. She would get a new mother, father, and siblings, and they would all love each other and live happily ever after and she could just be a kid. It would be weird, for sure, but she thought she could get used to it. Oh, and she’d make sure the new family wanted her sister, too. There’s no way she’d leave her sister.

She heard her mother calling her in the sing-song voice that only alcohol could bring on. “Saaaaar-ahhhhhh! Dinner’s read-yyyyyy!” She looked around and saw that she was out of sight of their house. In fact, she couldn’t see any of the summer homes from where she stood. She picked up a rock and skipped it into the ocean, wondering if she should even go back. But if she didn’t go back she’d miss her sister and who would take care of her sister besides? Her mom certainly wasn’t up to the task, especially not since their dad had left. She’d told that guy in the black robe at the, what was it called? Coat? Curt? Cort? That she wanted to live with her dad but he said she needed to be with her mom right now, that’s what her mom and dad wanted, that her dad would come get her as soon as he ‘got on his feet’, whatever that meant. She didn’t think he understood that being with her mom was so much harder and she ended up taking care of her mom rather than the other way around.

She knew there had been times when they’d been a happy family, when her mom didn’t always have that funny smell alcohol gave her. Those times were getting harder to remember, though, so she’d started writing in a diary so she wouldn’t forget.

She’d taken a sip of her mom’s drink once, just to see what it tasted like and she didn’t know what the appeal was. It was gross and tasted like her shoes smelled.

She heard her mom calling her again, this time more insistent. She knew she had to go back soon, otherwise her mom would get really mad, and when her mom was drinking, the really mads were even worse.

She turned and looked at the rocks she’d placed near the water. As she trudged up to her house, she decided that tomorrow she would write SOS with the rocks again, but this time leave it out longer. That was why no one had come before…she hadn’t left the rocks out long enough. She crossed her fingers and told herself not to forget to pray about this. Surely God would grant her this one request?

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7 Responses to “The Calliope Experiment #3 (but my #2)”

  1. DC

    I love your writing!

    Thank you so much for commenting on my (loopy dufus)blog! 😉

    I hope we can keep in touch. I will certainly be checking in on your wonderful stories and book reviews.


  2. annacyclopedia

    Wonderful piece! I came over from NaComLeavMo and this was a very happy random selection. I really like the idea – may try it on my blog somtime.


  3. bethany canfield

    I am going to make this my first week….I will read yours after I write mine. Sometimes I would rather have a blank slate. Are you like that? anyway….happy sunday!


  4. Jacquie Reaville

    Quick off the mark LOL. Like Bethany I’m not going to read it yet but if you’re stuck for something to write about you could always try the first experiment. The picture’s on my side bar if you can’t face trawling through the blogs. I’ll relax the rules (rules what are they?) as I was the only one who posted in the first experiment.


  5. lisamm

    Trish, this is great. Amazing how a photo can inspire a whole story, just like that. Well done!


  6. Petunia

    “tasted like her shoes smelled.” What a great description. Believable story. I like Sarah. I look forward to more stories from you.


  7. Jacquie Reaville (The Book Imp)

    I enjoyed this. I was keeping my fingers crossed for Sarah too. Very believable.


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