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NaComLeavMo and Win a Wii Fit

I’ve signed up to participate in National Leaving More Comments Month. Wait, that’s not what it’s called, but I made that up and can’t get it out of my head. It’s actually called National Comment Leaving Month (NaComLeavMo), and hopefully at the end of the 30 days I’ll be able to remember the correct name, as opposed to my version.

Here’s the rules:

Mark somewhere on your calendar that you are going to leave 5 comments a day and return one comment a day between May 25 and June 25. In other words, you will do your normal blog reading, but you will make sure that you leave at least 5 comments a day and regardless of how many comments you usually receive, you will return at least 1 comment by going to a commentor’s blog and leaving a comment there. If you do not have any comments that day (perhaps you didn’t write a new post or your blog falls into a strange, other-worldly commentless abyss), simply jump to the participant’s list below and pick a new blog and leave a comment.

I saw this…on Heather’s blog, Age 30 – A Year In Books. She posted about it HERE.

I signed up, and I’m #174. I qualified my sign up with saying that I’m getting married June 7th, so I don’t know what I’ll do when we’re on our honeymoon (and let’s be real, hopefully on the day of the wedding I won’t even be THINKING about blogging…unless something funny happens, in which case I’ll be, Dude! I totally have to blog about this!), but after the honeymoon, I’ll totally make up for lost time. Hopefully that’s okay. In the meantime, I’m all about putting off wedding chores and leaving comments on people’s blogs. Can I get an AMEN for procrastinators?

That second part of my title? About the Wii being given away? Yeah, that’s not happening here (I barely have enough money to eat mac ‘n cheese every night, let alone buy a Wii to give away), but it is happening over at been there. Here’s what I’m supposed to do:

Tell us your “Been There” fitness journeys.

I’ll tell you about my fitness journeys AND how I recently played my friend’s Wii and if I had $200 or $300 laying around, I’d totally buy it.

I’m actually really into The Firm. LOVE IT. The TransFIRMer? LOVE IT. The videos? LOVE THEM. I was doing really good, working out 3 to 4 times a week (at home!), but then wedding things started needing to get done, and frankly, there’s so many hours in the day. It was either stop exercising or stop blogging. Which would you have picked?

After the wedding, though? I’m totally back on track. And I’m going to be taking the dogs on walks again, so that should be a little sumthin’ sumthin’ too.

I hate the gym. I don’t know why I would get in my car, drive to a place where I have to SEE OTHER PEOPLE, work out doing things I have little motivation to do, and then drive home. Instead, I stay home, get energized by an awesome video, shower when I’m done, and I’m so much more motivated. Screw the gym, man. I especially hate that they take your fees out of your bank account, and most people let that happen for months or YEARS before they cancel their membership. Eff that.

So the Wii? Yeah, I’d totally be into the Wii Fit. Privacy of my own home? Where do I sign up??!!

I played my friend’s Wii a couple of weeks ago and I was loving it. I like video games anyway, and adding the physical element just kicks up the competitiveness a notch. Video games are like crack, but the Wii is like crack and chocolate all mixed together. Tell me you’d be able to resist that.

I’ve broken one of my blogging rules about keeping a post short, so sorry. I feel like I should give out an award to anyone who reads this whole post. Here’s a gold star if you read this whole post (it’s all I could afford):

Edited to add: This post is rather disjointed, but it’s late, I didn’t get much sleep last night, so forgive me. I’ll make it up to you by agreeing to accept any Wii’s that might want to be sent my way. It’s the least I could do.

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17 Responses to “NaComLeavMo and Win a Wii Fit”

  1. Chris@bookarama

    LOL! I’d love to have a Wii too. They’re so much fun and I’m not a video game person.


  2. Dr. Bad Ass

    I’m right with you on WANTING and not wanting to pay for a Wii. I’ve never even played on one, and I want it.


  3. Jendeis

    I won a gold star!! So glad that you are doing NaComLeavMo. It’s great to have people from all over the blogosphere participating.

    We don’t have a Wii, but we do have Playstation 2. On that, I use Yourself!Fitness, which I love because it has lots of different workouts and it is adjusted to your skill set and what kind of equipment you have/don’t have.


  4. korechronicles

    Gold star for me as well! Here on my NaComLeavMo journey and what a great find!

    Yes to the WiiFit – my son used a Wii for recovery after shattering his elbow and have a prosthetic joint attached. On the orders of the orthopedic surgeon. So now I just have to get the WiiFit add on.

    And I just loved the Calliope experiment..might give it a go next time.


  5. Megan

    I LOVE my wii! It is incredibly addictive–especially the bowling for some reason.

    I don’t have a wii fit but I do have dance dance revolution for the xbox 360 that I used as a fun workout from time to time.


  6. Heather

    Thanks for the promo … I’m really enjoying NaComLeavMo!


  7. lisamm

    I want the gold star, the mac and cheese, and the chocolate crack please. AMEN!


  8. Becky

    I flipping heart my Wii. I’m thinking of getting this Wii Fit!

    I’m digging you, I’m here from NaComLeavMo and I’ll be back like a bad smell.


  9. bkclubcare

    You are SOOO funny! I don’t deserve the gold star – I read this so disjointedly, read thru the comments, had to go find the reference to chocalate crach (huh? how did I miss that?!) and then had to start over and re-read the whole thing! I like your title of National Leaving More Comments Month better than what it is, I forgive you (not necessary tho) for a long post and here’s that AMEN!!


  10. seriously?

    Congrats on the upcoming nuptuals.

    When you get home, blog about it I am sure there will be at least one good story to tell us!

    Enjoy your honeymoon.


  11. Laura NaComLeavMo


    Have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon.

    I suggest getting your numbers up before the wedding if you have time rather than leaving it until afterwards to catch up.


  12. Rebecca

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding. As for commenting five times a day: I don’t know how people have time! I get time every few days to read blogs but I can’t do it everyday. I certainly hope you don’t try to do so on a HONEYMOON. Talk about killing the romance….


  13. Roxy

    I’m very intrigued by the Wii fit. I’d love to try the yoga.


  14. Mrs S | Blue Archipelago

    Thanks for flagging the comment month thingy – can’t remember it’s catchy name! I tend to comment quite a bit each day anyway so may as well take part!

    I got my Wii Fit about a month ago now and LOVE it! It’s actually fun to excercise!


  15. Nithin

    NaComLeavMo is a great idea! Pity it coincides almost exactly with my study holidays and exams. I’ll try to catch up after the exams, I guess.

    And congrats on the upcoming wedding!


  16. Wii Fit Accessories

    It would be great if they actually made the wii fit board height adjustable.


  17. Tammy Clarson

    I would like to know how to win a Wii on your site, once agin, another site that says “win a Wii”, but yet nowhere on there to sign up to enter to win!!! I would really like to win one. I’ve been wanting one foreva. I want it for me and my son. I have bad back problems and workin out is either too exp or painful and my son has ADHD and now its cold out so he has no way to “burn” off his extra energy except to go outside for bit and run, but thats not enough. W. the Wii, me and my son will be able to get healthy and happy. Please help me out. Please resond back to my email addy as soon as possible.


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