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Guest Post – The Monster at the End of This Book

Another awesome guest post from Lisa Roe of Online Publicist fame:

My cousin’s wife gave birth to their first child last week. They’ve named her Asamina, but will call her Mina until she becomes rich and famous enough to warrant the first syllable. I was so thrilled to see her picture! She’s beautiful and adorable and perfect and chubby and sweet. The way babies are.

I feel particularly close to this new member of the family because I’ve never really been around babies for any extended period of time. While we have an enormous German family, everyone is scattered across Wisconsin, so I tend to watch my family members grow up through that oh so innovative, technological way: emailed pictures and Christmas card bulletins.

Her baby shower was set for after the baby’s due date so that family could fly in, visit, and get to meet the chubby little puddin’. I was not able to attend the shower, so we agreed to do breakfast together instead.

While I understand the draw, ease, and convenience of gift registries, something about them just rubs me the wrong way. I am a GREAT gift giver. I put a ton of thought into gifts and always strive to make the recipient feel super über special. So, I opted to completely ignore her registry and do my own thing (you think I’m the reason they came up with those registry thingies?) As I pondered the crème de la crème of gifts, I naturally decided on books. Books for baby?! Pure genius!

So, my boyfriend and I were in a used bookstore (and yes, if you read my first guest post on Trish’s blog, this is the same boyfriend, different day, different bookstore. Yeah. We likey books), as I have been trying in vain to replace one particular book that I have now lost a total of 3 times. The book itself is merely ok and really a novelty at best, but I have become obsessed with simply acquiring and maintaining possession of it. Just to test fate and see if it can be done.

I wandered over to the children’s titles to see if I could track down some cool vintage looking books for baby. And there they were: stacks and stacks and stacks of Little Golden Books. Eyes wide, slight gasp, and full on scurrying over to the mountain o’ Little Golden treasure, I plopped down on the floor and started tearing through the stacks. My boyfriend joined me as we giggled and reminisced and relived the worlds of Mother Goose, Disney, Sesame Street, Barbie (this one was all me!), and The Little House That Jack Built. *le sigh* What fun.

As I started to wind down from the initial Little Golden high, he continued to rifle through the piles. I asked what he was looking for. “The best Little Golden Book there ever was: The Monster at the End of This Book.” It took a moment of prodding from him for it to click. Yes!! I did remember it. Grover is bricking up the wall and begging the reader NOT TO TURN ANOTHER PAGE because soon it would be the end of the book and that’s where the monster was. We laughed and laughed and never found a copy of it.

A few days later, my cousin’s wife came over with her little Mina bundle of love. When I gave her the books, she lingered on the Little Golden’s and said, “That’s really funny. I just read one of these to Mina last night as I was feeding her. It’s my all-time favorite: The Monster at the End of This Book.”

As for right now, the search for the ‘book to be replaced’ has taken a back seat in light of this new Little Golden development. I have now been overcome by the deep and sudden urge to seek out and secure a beat up, original, vintagey looking, 70’s version of Grover’s monster book for my boyfriend. Let the hunt begin!

**From Trish…I totally have this book (I’m pretty sure it’s the 70’s version…) and it’s my favorite book to read and I use different voices and I talk loud or soft as the writing warrants. LOVE IT.

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16 Responses to “Guest Post – The Monster at the End of This Book”

  1. Julie P.

    I have one too! One of my all-time favorite kid’s books.


  2. Jeane

    I loved this book too! My mother still has our old copy, and when I read it to my daughter at first she was scared and upset, but then she wanted to read it over and over again.


  3. Literary Feline

    I loved the Little Golden books, but the Grover one definitely was a favorite.

    I’ve been trying really hard to turn my god daughter and her sister into readers but it just hasn’t happened. Neither of their parents read much beyond professional journals.


  4. janelle

    OMG this is my FAVORITE BOOK EVER!!!! My daughter was given an updated board book version as a baby gift!!!


  5. lisamm

    We have the old one kicking around the house too (sorry, you can’t have it!) It’s a favorite. My all time favorite Little Golden Book is The Pokey Puppy. Too sweet!

    Congrats on little Mina!


  6. gautami tripathy

    And I never read it!



  7. Heather

    Grover was my sister’s favorite character when we were growing up. I remember her having this book, and how I have that same copy of it for my son. Who doesn’t love Grover?!


  8. tara

    This is one of my favorite books ever. The first time I reread it as an adult I felt that same sense of thrilling anticipation just before the end that I did as a child.


  9. bookroomreviews

    What great memories you have stirred up! I will HAVE to get this one for my four year old, He has every other book in the world it seems but not this one yet:)


  10. Kristen

    Never heard of that particular Little Golden, but I loved your post — your sense of humor really had me smiling… Hope Mina earns her syllables 🙂


  11. Jaimie

    I loved that book! Thanks for bringing back such good memories.
    Congrats and many blessings on little Mina!


  12. Eva

    Awww-I’ve never read this one, but my niece has a small set of Little Golden books, her favourites are The Pokey Little Puppy and the tugboat one. 🙂


  13. Stephanie

    I was always a big Grover fan, so when I found this book when my oldest was first born, I just had to have it!


  14. Kim L

    My husband distinctly remembers this book as his favorite book from childhood. Oh for the “little golden book” days.


  15. Matthew

    Recently, my parents were cleaning out their house, and they found the copy I had when I was little. They gave it to me when they came for a visit, and my wife said, “I had that book, too! It was my favorite!” It’s impossible not to love Grover.


  16. April

    I still remember those wonderful Little Golden Books also. I always liked looking at the little pictures that they have bordering the back cover.
    I have a few for my son and daughter and grabbed up The Monster At The End of the Book a couple of years ago. LOVE that one and I also do the different sounds/voices as the story warrants. Of course our copy is a nice sturdy board book, but still an awesome story non the less, lol.
    Lisa, that is just awesome that your boyfriend loves to browse book stores also! My husband, honest to goodness, would rather have his teeth yanked out, without novacane, before going anywhere near a place of business that contain books, with me, lol. Case in point, I managed to drag him into Barnes one day a few years ago and after 10 minutes he was whinning to go. UGH!


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