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Why Are You So Pale?

I’m about as pale as they come. I’m part English and part Irish. My skin hasn’t seen the sun in THOUSANDS OF YEARS.

I dye my hair red, partly because after being pure blonde for about 15 years, my hair slowly but surely went the way of the dishwater. Not wanting to bleach my hair (my mom bleached her hair when I was growing up…you can imagine why I wouldn’t want to be like HER), I dyed it red (loooong story). I was about 22.

While I was a blonde, I would get asked on a REGULAR BASIS: Why are you so pale?


Would you ask a black person why they’re so black? NO! So why did people think it was okay to ask me why I’m so white? I HAVE VERY LITTLE MELANIN IN MY SKIN. There! Are you happy?

Now, as a redhead, I never get asked that question. Ahh…the blissful silence of stupid people who equate blondes with a tan and redheads with pale skin. If I’d known a little bit of dye was all it would take to shut people up, I probably would have done it a long time ago.

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14 Responses to “Why Are You So Pale?”

  1. Jeane

    Honestly, I always though blonds with really tan skin looked unnatural. I would never think of asking a blond why are you pale?!


  2. Rebecca Reid

    I’m a natural redhead. Kids ask me why I’m so pale. Never got asked by an adult though (except when I spent a few months in South America. Then even adults came and told me how unhealthy and ill I looked.).


  3. DC

    Oooooh, maybe I should try this. Not sure if I could pull off red hair, but I’d give it a shot if it would make me look less pasty. 😉


  4. curlywurlygurly

    why are you not enjoying wedded blisssss???


  5. chartroose

    Hey Trish, why are you so pale? Hope your honeymoon is everything you dreamed it would be. You’ll have to post about it later!


  6. Lezlie

    I get this all the time, too. I’m brunette, but, hey, I live in Minnesota. Need I say more? 🙂



  7. Becky

    My husband is so fair he’s nearly see-through.


  8. Jendeis

    Pale people of the world, unite (under floppy hats, large umbrellas, shade trees, and SPF 75)!!! Join us!!


  9. wordlily

    Maybe I should try this! I’m mostly of Scandinavian ancestry. Yep, it’s not very fun to be asked by adults (when not in Africa, etc.) why I’m so pale.


  10. lisamm

    My 2 blond daughters have different skin types.. one more golden, one more pink. THe golden girl tans immediately and is brown all summer (we slather her in sunscreen anyway). My pinkie is pale and freckled and burns. Funny, she had red hair at birth but it all fell out and came back blond.

    So why ARE you so pale??


  11. Jaimie

    Wow that is really rude of people to ask such a question! Congrats on your new hair color!
    I have seen red and strawberry blond hair colors at the store and wonder if I could pull it off. Maybe…..


  12. M

    Wow, some people really never undersatnd what’s right and what’s just wrong!

    Funny how people just make these snap judgements about people!

    I’m glad that they no longer as you though…


  13. kegsoccer

    Hmm maybe I need red hair too…. Also it is so unfair that my brother and sister tan, while I burn! SPF is my friend.


  14. Natasha @ Maw Books

    Thank goodness I tan pretty well. It’s true. What is appropriate in one case others think is fine in another. Just the other day I saw three of the blackest people I have ever seen. There is no way that they could have been second or third generation Americans, so I assumed that they were actually true Africans. I really wanted to ask where they were from because I was reading a lot of African books lately, but did I dare? Absolutely not! I thought that would be way to weird.


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