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Why Are You So Pale?

I’m about as pale as they come. I’m part English and part Irish. My skin hasn’t seen the sun in THOUSANDS OF YEARS.

I dye my hair red, partly because after being pure blonde for about 15 years, my hair slowly but surely went the way of the dishwater. Not wanting to bleach my hair (my mom bleached her hair when I was growing up…you can imagine why I wouldn’t want to be like HER), I dyed it red (loooong story). I was about 22.

While I was a blonde, I would get asked on a REGULAR BASIS: Why are you so pale?


Would you ask a black person why they’re so black? NO! So why did people think it was okay to ask me why I’m so white? I HAVE VERY LITTLE MELANIN IN MY SKIN. There! Are you happy?

Now, as a redhead, I never get asked that question. Ahh…the blissful silence of stupid people who equate blondes with a tan and redheads with pale skin. If I’d known a little bit of dye was all it would take to shut people up, I probably would have done it a long time ago.

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