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Can You Spot a Fake Smile?

Can you spot a fake smile? The BBC has a test you can take to see if you can spot a fake smile. There’s 20 different people and you have to guess if their smile is fake or not. Go take the test and tell me how you did.

I think it’s almost unfortunate that I got 18 out of 20 correct…perhaps that’s why I peg people so well and why I’m fairly picky about the friends I choose. Apparently, most people have a hard time with this test and the BBC made an interesting observation: “One possible explanation for this is that it may be easier for people to get along if they don’t always know what others are really feeling.”

Sooo…I’m sure you’ve taken the test by now. How did you do?

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22 Responses to “Can You Spot a Fake Smile?”

  1. Jeane

    Wow, I did pretty bad, 11 out of 20. But I guess that’s normal. How interesting!


  2. Wendy

    I was the same as Jeane: 11 out of 20. I thought I would do better *laughs* It was surprisingly difficult!


  3. softdrink

    16 out of 20…and I thought I would do worse!


  4. Becky

    13/20. I’m surprised.


  5. raidergirl3

    I had 13/20. I started slow, but then finished strong.

    hmm, aren’t you supposed to be on your honeymoon?


  6. Christine

    15/20. I thought that I’d do better, going in.


  7. lisamm

    I got 15/20. Pretty good, I guess (?)


  8. lisamm

    I also missed the two you missed!


  9. chartroose

    17 correct. I missed #’s 1, 8 & 17. Like you, Trish, I’m pretty good at spotting frauds–and I hate frauds! Verrry interesting!

    Wasn’t #13 freaky looking? For a second I wasn’t sure if she was a man or a woman.


  10. lisamm

    Char, #13 was freaky looking!! If she pulled her hair back she totally looks like a man. Or maybe it is a man (?)


  11. kegsoccer

    Eh only 13/20! Missed 1, 7, 9, and then three in a row-12,13,14, and finally 20. Of all the ones I got wrong, I guessed genuine for only one. I guess I just assume people are fake!


  12. Eva

    16/20: I missed numbers 1 and 3 as well, then 12 and 17. They had some weird people smiling! lol


  13. wordlily

    I missed 6. A couple of them were stupid choices on my part, though.


  14. Jendeis

    14 out of 20. Am I too trusting?


  15. thatsthebook

    I got 18 out of 29 as well.


  16. Mrs S | Blue Archipelago

    I only got 12 – quite a few genuine ones I thought were fake!


  17. bkclubcare

    13/20. But I got the first and third correct. Interesting exercise.


  18. Nymeth

    18/20 as well. I got #7 and #12 wrong. For me, watching the eyes made it easier.


  19. Kim L

    17/20. Interesting test, and I think looking at the eyes helped to distinguish. The way that they measure fake smiles was quite interesting, I had no idea there was a rubric to figure it out.


  20. Julie

    17/20 — I missed 2, 4, and 10. Definitely, watching the eyes helped. The explanation about the different parts of the brain was also interesting.


  21. April

    I got 16 out of 20 correct. What an interesting test!! Thanks for sharing!


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    […] nothing short of fawning. And lest you think I misconstrued their behavior, let me remind you I got 18 out of 20 on the fake smiles test. I’m good at reading […]

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