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Brushing Your Teeth

Are you a brush-your-teeth-as-soon-as-you-get-up kind of person, or are you a wait-until-after-you’ve-eaten-breakfast-to-brush-your-teeth kind of person?

If you wait until after breakfast to brush your teeth, why do you do that? Morning breath is so gross, I want to get rid of it the second my feet touch the floor.

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16 Responses to “Brushing Your Teeth”

  1. Jeane

    I do mouthwash for the night breath. Then brush after breakfast.


  2. jenefur

    Depends on just how bad my mouth feels in the morning. Most of the time it is after I eat, but some mornings require 2 brushings. Then of course, sometimes I don’t get to it until lunchtime as I have two kids that keep me on my toes and I sometimes don’t get my own breakfast until after 10am! LOL


  3. lisamm

    I brush first thing. As a newlywed, I’m sure you want fresh breath round the clock 🙂


  4. Michele

    Actually, my routine is more of a brush my teeth after I shower. So I’m in the bathroom brushing hair and such and the toothbrush comes out. Otherwise it really doesn’t matter if I’ve eaten or not. And if I don’t shower….


  5. mary

    I live with the delusion that my breath is as fresh as the morning breeze…of course, I live alone so I have no one to disagree with my delusion!

    If I brush my teeth BEFORE I eat breakfast and drink coffee I feel like it affects the taste of everything! I feel like all I taste is toothpaste. So, I usually wait.


  6. Melody

    I brush first thing in the morning! I want my teeth to be cleaned before I eat anything.


  7. Rebecca Reid

    My mom would always say “Why would you brush your teeth if you haven’t had breakfast yet?” but since I’ve moved out, I’ve discovered it’s so much better a right as soon as I get up thing….I can’t stand not brushing now.

    My mom said the same thing when I went home last. Yech. I just can’t not brush.


  8. Mrs S | Blue Archipelago

    I brush after breakfast – because if you wait until after the toothpaste taste ruins your cereal! Plus once I’ve eaten my cereal I then really need to brush my teeth!

    I am however a person who eats breakfast as soon as I get up ( well after exercising) – but before I see anyone else anyway!

    If I was a leave the house to go eat breakfast person I’d definitely brush first!


  9. Sam

    I think that this must rank as one of the strangest questions asked on a blog!!

    Personally I brush after breakfast because, as others have said, breakfast just does not taste right otherwise!!

    Besides why brush your teeth first only to dirty them up immediately with breakfast!! 😉


  10. gautami tripathy

    Although I liked Sam’s answer, I brush my teeth as soon as I get up. I can’t even have a cup of tea with a clean mouth.


  11. Becky

    Lately, the toothbrush is making me want to barf. So. Whenever I can handle it.


  12. Krista

    I brush after breakfast because, I feel its silly to brush your teeth and THEN eat..that’s just me.


  13. Kim L

    I have a weird thing about having the taste of food in my mouth, so I brush after breakfast, to get rid of the breakfast taste. During the day, I pop altoids to get the taste away. Morning breath is annoying, but the breakfast taste is worse.


  14. Natasha @ Maw Books

    I brush after breakfast because the after taste of toothpaste affects the breakfast food. Unless of course, I skip breakfast which I’m prone to do I brush when I get ready for the day.


  15. Julie

    I’m with you, Trish. I brush my teeth the instant I get up. I will even brush my teeth in the middle of the night if I wake up. I usually brush them a couple of times during the day too. On the other hand, I can happily go several days without a shower.


  16. mellymel

    i have no schedule for brushing. if i can’t wait for coffee, i drink first brush later. if i wake up with dragon breath – brush first and probably later too. 🙂


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