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….aaand we’re back!

Phew! Why didn’t anyone tell me that planning a wedding was a pain in the a** but that the wedding would go by so fast that sometimes I wonder if it even happened?

I’ve got at least 3 reviews I need to type up, but I still need to get our house in order. Since we weren’t shacking up before the wedding, it’s a little hectic right now. 😀

However, since this is MY blog, I’m going to post a few pictures of the wedding. I’ll post more pictures later (if I get any) and tell you more about the day, but I just can’t help myself right now. I want to post something! If you only want to read about books, then check back in a day or two. And I’ll probably be typing up some stuff about the honeymoon, too, which is both for your benefit as well as my own…my memory fades faster than I like to admit!

This is Dave and I after we’ve been pronounced Mr. & Mrs.

Dashing was the word that came to mind when I saw this picture.

The first word I thought of when I saw this was Dashing. 🙂

My friend made this cake. Isn’t it beautiful??

Anyhoo, I’m slogging through my emails and I haven’t ventured into my reader yet, so hopefully I’ll start commenting on everyone’s blog here pretty soon!

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45 Responses to “….aaand we’re back!”

  1. jenefur

    Just beautiful! What a quaint cake… I adore it! I’m sure I won’t be the only one to say PLEASE post more. 🙂 Congrats to you both.


  2. Devourer of Books

    What a gorgeous cake!


  3. bethany canfield

    ohh, you are beautiful..your hubby handsome and yes, the cake looks really yummy!! Happy to have you back 🙂


  4. Heather

    Oh Trish, you (and the cake!) look so lovely!!! I’m glad you had a wonderful time, even though it went too fast. This July I’ll celebrate my 10 yr anniversary … and my wedding too seemed liked a blur. 🙂


  5. Kristen

    Congratulations!! I remember feeling the same way 2 years ago — a great big fun blur! Happily, being married has pretty much felt the same way… Thanks for the pictures! 🙂


  6. Christine



  7. jesseybean

    Wow! You look wonderful, the groom looks great, the cake is beautiful. Congrats!


  8. Tricia

    Everything looks beautifully perfect. Congratulations!


  9. Chris@bookarama

    Aw! So sweet! Looks like a great day.


  10. April

    Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous cake!! I HUGE congrats!!!


  11. Wendy

    What a gorgeous couple! And lovely cake! Congratulations on your wedding 🙂


  12. Julie

    Congrats to you both! And thanks for sharing the wonderful pics. You got me all misty… We’re celebrating our 15th this summer.


  13. RoseAnn

    Congrats Trish! You are beautiful! What a beautiful cake also. Hubby and I just celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary on June 09. Thanks for sharing pictures 🙂


  14. Michele

    You look beautiful and quite happy! Congratulations!


  15. Melody

    Congrats to you both!! You and your husband look great!!! And the cake is lovely! Please post more!!! 😉


  16. softdrink

    I love your smiles! Congratulations!! And you’re right, that cake is beautiful.


  17. Natasha @ Maw Books

    CONGRATS! You both look so happy! My warmest well wishes to the both of you.


  18. raych

    You look so fabulous!!! Love love love the parasol (parosel? parasail?). Also, send me some cake in the mail.


  19. bybee

    Many congratulations…everything looks great — the cake, you, Dave, the cake…oops, did I say that twice?


  20. Becca

    Aw, how fabulous! And your cake is amazing. How lucky of you to have such a talented friend.

    Looking forward to reading about the honeymoon. Isn’t it funny how quickly memories fade? There are whole portions of my life that I know happened, but when I think of them they just seem like dreams.


  21. lisamm

    Hey, (married) Lady!

    Congratulations to you and Dave! Wow what a gorgeous couple you two make! You are just radiating happiness beams all over the place!

    Your cake is super-fabulous and I love your bouquet too! Are those tulips??

    Blog away about all of it! I want details!


  22. Sam

    Welcome back and many many congratulations to you both!

    That parasol looks lovely and the cake gorgeous!!


  23. Marg

    Love the cake and the parasol. You both look so happy!

    Congrats to you both.


  24. Lezlie

    Look at you! Beautiful!! Congratulations!



  25. iliana

    Congratulations! You guys look great and that cake looks so yummy 🙂


  26. Eva

    Congrats! You guys look super-happy (I love that you had a parasol), and that is a very pretty cake. 🙂


  27. Mrs S | Blue Archipelago

    Congratulations! Fabulous pics 🙂


  28. chartroose

    Awwww! It makes me sniffle (I always cry at weddings). You’re so cute, Trish, with your little parasol! And the cake was beautiful! And it was a nice day! Awwww, it almost makes me want to remarry–NOT! (I’m glad YOU’VE tied the knot, though).


  29. Ivan Girl

    trish, congratulations! welcome to the world of married life. 🙂 just had our one year wedding anniv. wishing you the best of everything. 🙂

    that cake is so fabulous!


  30. bookroomreviews

    What a lovely couple. Many blessings:)


  31. Becky


    I heart the cake madly.


  32. Aria



  33. curlywurlygurly

    welcome back MRS. smith! 🙂 and i believe that i did mention it would go by in a flash!

    i love your picks–the parasol is great. your cake it out of this world!!! it looks lovely–what flavor was hiding beneath the yellow yumminess?


  34. bkclubcare

    Loveliness!! congratulations and welcome back.


  35. Lisa Roe

    In the immortal words of Mignon McLaughlin, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

    From the looks of those pics, you lovelies seem to have that part covered…many blessings!


  36. Jeane

    How beautiful. Let me not be the last to say: Congratulations! and wish you a very very happy marriage.


  37. Krista

    Congratulations Trish!

    You two are adorable!


  38. Nymeth

    Gorgeous pictures, and you look so happy 🙂 Congratulations!


  39. Queenie

    Everything is just gorgeous, from the cake to the two of you. Congratulations!


  40. Busted

    Congratulations on your wedding. What a stunning cake!



  41. Literary Feline

    Beautiful photos, Trish! Thank you for sharing. My wedding went by so fast too . . . I made a detailed journal entry of both the big day and my honeymoon so I wouldn’t forget anything–I’m sure I still did. Hard to believe that was nearly 10 years ago.


  42. mellymel

    how lovely! i love wedding pics and you make a gorgeous couple!


  43. Josette

    Hi Trish!

    Congratulations! A close friend of mine just got married 2 days ago too. 😀

    Your friend certainly made a beautiful cake.


  44. A Soldier's Girl

    CONGRATS!!! You guys make an adorable couple & I love, love, love your hair color…do you know women pay thousands of dollars a year to have your hair color?!?

    And the cake came out beautifully, too! 🙂


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    […] I got married […]

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