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14 Book Giveaway

Dude, I’m not even kidding. Hachette Book Group USA is doing a Summer Reads Giveaway and wants to give away 14 books. For up to FIVE people. Doing the math…five times four is twenty, carry the two….that’s SEVENTY books they’re willing to part with. And send to you. For free. And all you have to do is comment here. More on your entry possibilities below.

There’s true crime, fiction, historical fiction, memoirs, romance, thrillers…click on the link to the book to get a synopsis.

Here are the books that you will receive:

Fact over Fiction:


The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston, $25.99

(ISBN: 0446581194 Read an Excerpt Listen to an Excerpt View the Video Author Website * Audio Book Available)


The Preacher and the Presidents by Nancy Gibbs, Michael Duffy, $14.99

(ISBN: 1599951045 Read an Excerpt* Audio Book Available)


Swine Not? by Jimmy Buffett, Helen Bransford, $21.99

(ISBN: 0316035599 Author Website Listen to an Excerpt)

Historical Fiction:

Miscarriage of Justice by “Kip” Gayden, $22.99

(ISBN: 159995687X Chapter Excerpt)


Trespassers Will Be Baptized by Elizabeth Hancock, $21.99

(ISBN: 1599957086 Author Website Reading Group Guide)


He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not by Trish Ryan, $19.99

(ISBN: 1599957132 Author Website Reading Group Guide )

Reading Group Recommendations:

A Summer Affair by Elin Hilderbrand, $24.99

(ISBN: 0316018600 * Audio Book Available)



Barefoot by Elin Hilderbrand, $13.99

(ISBN: 0316018597 Chapter Excerpt  Reading Guide 1 * Audio Book Available)


Made in the U.S.A. by Billie Letts, $24.99

(ISBN: 044652901X Read an Excerpt * Audio Book Available)


Off Season by Anne Siddons, $24.99

(ISBN: 0446527874 Listen to an Excerpt * Audio Book Available)


A Rose by the Door by Deborah Bedford, $6.99

(ISBN: 0446677892 Chapter Excerpt)


Remember Me by Deborah Bedford, $6.99

(ISBN: 0446690430 Chapter Excerpt  Reading Guide 1)


Child 44 by Tom Smith, $16.00

(ISBN: 0446402389 Chapter Excerpt  * Audio Book Available)

Close by Martina Cole, $24.99

(ISBN: 0446179965 * Audio Book Available)

Here’s how you can enter:

  • Leaving a comment on this post will get you one entry. 
  • To get three more entries, post about this on your blog with a link back to this post.
  • If you don’t have a blog, email five friends telling them about this giveaway and cc me on the email so I know you’ve sent it. This will get you three more entries. If you have a blog and still want to email five friends, be my guest.
  • To get another entry, tell me you’ve purchased and/or read The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton. This is an honor system, so please don’t lie.
  • To get another entry, tell me you’ve purchased and/or read A Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond. Again, this is an honor system, blah blah blah.
  • If you do four of the five options, I’ll give you an extra four entries. Get it? For doing four things, I’ll give you four extra entries. Aren’t I clever?

Here’s the best part: For every 50 entries, one person will be drawn. Up to five winners. SO, if I have 100 entries, then I’ll draw two names. If I have 150 entries, I’ll draw three names. So it behooves you (don’t you love that word, behoove?) to not only get as many entries in yourself, but to encourage other people to enter.

Sorry, rest-of-the-world…this contest is only open to residents of the US and Canada.

Oh, and this contest will close on Saturday, July 12th July 19th. I’ll draw a winner on Sunday, July 13th July 20th.

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396 Responses to “14 Book Giveaway”

  1. Julie P.

    This is just amazing — how did you swing this?

    This post counts for one, right? Plus, I blogged about it here: (that’s 3 more.)

    I have read (and loved) THE WEDNESDAY SISTERS. Here’s the link to my review: (that’s 1 more)

    I don’t think this counts, but just in case: THE YEAR OF FOG is sitting in my TBR pile.

    I also e-mailed five of my friends and cc’d you on it – that’s 3 more.

    Plus, I did 4 out of 5 for another 4 entries.

    I think that gives me 12 entries (I think). I sure hope I win!


  2. lisamm

    WOWWWWWWW This is awesome! I’ll go post on it now!

  3. Karlie

    Awesome contest! Please enter me.

  4. Huge Hatchette Giveaway at Hey, Lady! « Books on the Brain

    […] win 14 books! Go check it out!  There are some great titles and several ways to win. Visit her post to read how to get an entry (or lots of entries.) The contest closes July 12th, so hurry over […]

  5. Devourer of Books

    This is pretty awesome. I’m going to post about it once it won’t get lost in all of my read-athon posts. I didn’t exactly purchase Wednesday Sisters, but I did get it from someone via bookmooch. I haven’t read it yet, but I may get to before 11 am tomorrow…

  6. lisamm

    I commented, posted on my blog, and emailed 5 friends for a total of 7 entries! Thanks1

  7. RoseAnn

    Ohhhh, lots of books! I want in please! I need more books to read, this would be great.

  8. Lisa

    Hey, I wanna win! I posted about it here:

  9. Barbara Baker

    I have blogged about your great giveaway at: (for three more entries)

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!!! This is fabulous and I hope I could get my hands on one of the prize packages!!!!

  10. vadersmom

    I would love to be entered.

    Thank you!

  11. kate5405

    Please enter me in your book contest. I love nothing better than to curl up with a good book and these books sound great. Thanks for offering them.

  12. Susan Helene Gottfried

    No need to enter me, Trish. I just wanted to let you know that I posted this at my Win a Book blog. Hope you get lots of entries for this great contest!

  13. wendyrobards

    Oh, count me in, Trish! This is great! I’ve read and reviewed The Wednesday Sisters here on my blog!


  14. jaime

    Please count me in!

  15. Wonderer

    Please enter my name! Here is where I posted your link on my book blog. and Here is where I posted your link on my personal blog

  16. Janssen

    Ooh, what a great contest. I’d love some more books 🙂

  17. Bonnie Jacobs

    I dropped by to thank you for helping Dewey by doing a spreadsheet for the 24-Hour Read-a-Thon. She was overwhelmed during the October 2007 event, trying to do everything herself. She manages to do an amazing number of things, doesn’t she?

  18. Melanie

    Wow, this is completely amazing!!!! 🙂

    I have blogged about you here:

    I haven’t read or bought a copy of The Wednesday Sisters, but I am itching to get my hands on a copy…….hahaha

    I have A Year of Fog on Mt. TBR and truly hope to get to it sometime soon!!! 🙂

    Thanks so much!!! 🙂

  19. Jinx

    I’d love to read some of these books.
    with a long summer ahead nothing sounds better than lazing in the back yard shade with a tall glass of water and a book.

  20. Carrie K.

    What an incredible giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. janelle

    Oh yippee!!! I wanna win!!! I’ll blog about this next week on both of my blogs!!!

  22. Planet Books

    Please count me in for this giveaway and I’m going to get to posting and e-mailing about it right away!!!

    Thanks for putting this together!!!!!!

  23. A Contest Blog » Hey Lady Whatcha Readin 14 Book giveaway

    […] Hey Lady Whatcha Readin 14 Book giveaway […]

  24. valmg

    I love to read, you’ve got some great sounding titles in there.
    Your contest is up on A Contest Blog.

  25. softdrink

    I’m behooving (or I behooved…is either one a word?). I posted on my blog and I emailed 5 people. Unfortunately, I have not read and have no plans to buy the Wednesday Sisters or the foggy book. So I’m all done.

  26. Becca

    This is so super cool! I’d love to be entered. Thanks!

  27. Becca

    Enter me please! I’m glad the drawing is awhile away so I have time to write a post about it. I’ve already drowned people in posts today for the read-a-thon so I’ll post about this tomorrow. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  28. Becca

    Ah man. WordPress said it didn’t post my first comment because it looked like spam so I posted another one and now I see that the first one showed up. I swear I’m not trying to trick you into entering me twice (or three times now, sorry).

  29. And The Book Giveaways Keep Coming! « Planet Books

    […] asked to host a great book giveaway from Hachette Book Group USA.  Be sure to hop over to he GIVEAWAY POST to learn more and enter to win.  GOOD LUCK!  {You are not eligible to win through this […]

  30. Planet Books

    Just to let you know, I left a comment, sent e-mails to five people and blind cc’d you on it and I just posted about the giveaway on my blog while linking back here. I guess that would make seven entries for Karen @ PLANET BOOKS! Woo Hoo!!

  31. Julie

    Neat contest! I commented, put it on my blog,, I e-mailed 5 friends about it, & I have read The Year of the Fog. Thanks:)

  32. Jennifer H.

    This is an AWESOME giveaway! I’m in need of some great new reads & would love to win these. Thanks for the chance!

  33. Do You Feel Lucky? « Displaced Beachbums

    […] ordering the book, I popped over to Books on the Brain and saw that Hey Lady, Whatcha Readin’?  is having a huge 14 book giveaway contest! And there will be FIVE winners. I like those odds […]

  34. Patti

    Great contest ~ I see several books on the list that I’d like to read! Please enter me. I also linked this post about the contest on my blog: ttp://

    Thanks for the chance(s)!

  35. wordlily

    Ooh, ooh, *raise hand* I want to win 14 books! 🙂

    I may post about this on my blog later, once I’ve recovered from the read-a-thon.

    Thanks for all your work on that, too, by the way!

  36. Erin

    Great contest! I have read and reviewed The Wednesday Sisters. I am going to post this contest on my blog right now. Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. Erin

    Forgot to add the link!

    And I forgot to mention Lisamm sent me over.

  38. curlywurlygurly

    please sign me up! 🙂 (it must take you 57 hours to figure out how many entries to give each person! lol)

  39. Ti

    Books On The Brain told me about this. Count me in! That’s a lot of books for my bookshelf 🙂

  40. Jennifer

    Please enter me. 🙂 I’ll go post a link on my blog too.

  41. Heather

    Great giveaway!!! Please enter me! 😉

  42. Huge Book Giveaway!! « Bookroomreviews’s Weblog

    […] some more chances!!! Trish is giving away five sets of the fourteen books from Hachette books!!. Go here to enter! I must say they are a very generous publishing […]

  43. Hannah

    Go ahead; make my summer! I need something new to read.
    I emailed 5 friends and cc-ed you.
    I haven’t read the 2 books yet, but they’re on my TBR list.
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  44. bookroomreviews

    Thanks so much!! I have blogged about it. Here is the link

    Also I have read the Year of Fog so I think that is five entries:)

  45. Mary Kay

    Oooh, what an awesome list of books for summer reading.
    Thank you for offering this giveaway. I’m on my way now to email five friends, plus you, about it.

  46. bookworm

    wow, great giveaway, I’d love to enter to win.
    ‘my journey through reading’ sent me

  47. bookworm

    p.s. I read an ARC of The Wednesday sisters too my review is here

  48. Eden

    I found out about this book give-away from Softdrink’s blog. So I am in. I love contests… 🙂

    I am off to email five friends and posting it on my blog.

    Thank you.

  49. Shirley Younger

    Love these books, enter me! Nothing better that good summer reads! Thanks Hannah for sending me here!

  50. lgondelman

    Great giveaway. I’ve posted about it on my blog 🙂

    I’ve also read The Wednesday Sisters. My reveiw is on my blog, LT and Amazon 🙂

    I read Read of Fog last year. It can be found in the list of books I read in 2007 here

    I think that should be 4 out of the 5 🙂 Thanks!

  51. Lori Barnes

    This is Too Awesome what excellent books being offered!! I’m fixing to email 5 of my friends and cc you on the email. Please enter me into the drawing Thanks!!

  52. bookbabie

    Wow, I’m in. I’m having a giveaway too, but only one book!

  53. Nicola

    I can’t pass up on this one! Enter me please!

  54. Karin A

    Count me in–thanks.

  55. Shawnee

    Great, another chance to win these books! I sure have been trying. I posted about this contest here and I not only read The Wednesday Sisters, I blogged about it here. I also have a copy of A Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond sitting right on my TBR pile here at home. I traded for it on FrugalReader (my word of honor). I am so excited to try again for these books, thank you!

  56. kitchentent

    Please enter me! Thanks.

  57. Lori Barnes

    Just sent my 5 friends and cc you on the email, hope you get them so that will give me 3 more. I want to win this sooo much i have half of these listed on my wish list how awesome is that?

  58. Anne

    Excellent contest! What could be better than winning 14 books (ok, besides winning the lottery, I mean!) I’ve emailed 5 friends AND posted an entry on my blog here:

    It behooves me to tell you that I was enlightened as to the existence of this wondrous contest by softdrink. 🙂

  59. Teresa W.

    This would make my reading for the rest of the summer, count me in!

  60. Rachel

    Hey enter me if you will, looks great to me!

  61. Cindi

    Hello! Yeah to you and Yeah to Hachetter. How fun is this contest?! Please enter my name in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

  62. Cindi

    I am headed to cc you with my five friends email. Again, all is appreciated. Cindi

  63. Timothy Sternberg

    Awesome contest!

  64. Debbie

    I’d love to win this! Several books I’m dying to read are on this list.

    Yes, I read Year of the Fog (last year at the beach with my kids and that was kinda creepy!).

    So, two entries for me! Thanks for the chance.

  65. Margay

    This is a great giveaway! What a diverse group of books, too! Something for everyone.

  66. giveaway news « Book Addiction

    […] giveaway of FOURTEEN books… for up to FIVE people… that’s a lot of free books!  Stop by and leave a comment to win, and make sure you do so by July […]

  67. Heather

    Hi! Here’s where I posted about this giveaway:
    This is so much fun! 🙂 And if you haven’t had a chance yet to enter my Picoult giveaway (if you are even a fan of hers, I don’t remember if you are), the last day to enter is today, so stop by. 🙂

  68. Debbie Nance

    I haven’t won anything in sooooo long!

    I’d love to try!

  69. Alea

    I’d love to enter!

  70. Jinx

    Here is my blogspot link to this page.


  71. misty w

    Thanks so much for the opportunity. That is my comment.

    I have read The Wednesday Sisters and Year of the Fog.

    Thanks again.

  72. Carla Pullum

    Wow great books!!! Enter me!!

  73. Aria

    Wow! I’ll cross my fingers on this one!

  74. The Friendly Book Nook » Blog Archive » HUGE Book Giveaway!

    […] It’s not here!  But Hachette Book Group USA, whom we love, is doing another one of those huge 14 book giveaways over at Trish’s Hey Lady!  Whatcha Readin? […]

  75. Amy

    Please enter me!
    I posted about it here:

    I’ve purchased Year of Fog but haven’t read it yet.

  76. A giant giveaway | Confessions of a Bibliophile

    […] recently entered this giveaway for 14 books!  You should […]

  77. Angela

    Awesome giveaway! Please enter me!

  78. Shannon

    Please enter me in the contest. A great looking list of books! Wow!
    If I win, all books will be used as giveaways for my library’s summer reading program.
    And I’ve cc: you the email I sent to my five favorite personally known book lovers.

  79. Lynne

    What a haul! Some of these I’ve been tryiing not to buy as it is.

    I’m putting in a link at in CompuServe’s Books and Writers Community, where I can be found in the Literary Reading and Genre Reading folders.

  80. Jendeis

    Ooh, ooh. Pick me, pick me! Must remember to post about this so I can get more entries. Would love some books where I don’t have to worry about the due date. (Have severely restricted all book purchases in the interests of saving some coin).

  81. Nicole (lostinbooks)

    Oh, I wish I could say that I had read either of the books mentioned to get me more entries, but alas, I have not had the pleasure. I’ll have to get on that. 🙂

    Please enter me in your contest and I’ll try to send this to five of my friends.

    Thanks so much for your generous book giveaway!!!

  82. Anysia

    I am determined to get one of these! I also blogged about it, but I forgot to turn on trackbacks:

  83. mellymel

    bonanza! extra points if you promise to pass along the winning books to others ? just kidding. thanks.
    going to post a linky loo tomorrow. 🙂 cheers.

  84. Gimi

    Hello there! Just found this site by accident – and I’m excited! Please enter me in the drawing. I’ve sent my emails to my bookclub (6 ladies) as well as a couple of extra family members. I’ve published the link on my blog (which is really new, by the way, just ventured into the blogging thing a few days ago!) And, coincidentally, I just checked out The Wednesday Sisters today, from work! (I work for B&N – I’m reading it now, honest!!) The Year of Fog is on my TBR list, but I haven’t worked my way to it, yet. Maybe before the 12, to get more entries!
    Thanks a million for offering this!

  85. Jennifer B

    Oh! Please enter me! I’d love to read He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, and Trespassers Will Be Baptized in particular!

    Thanks for the contest!

  86. Ross S

    Please enter me :>

    I’ve read (but have not purchased) “A Year of Fog” by Michelle Richmond.

    That should be 2 entries by my calculation? I need to start a blog!!! haha…

  87. Theresa N.

    Sounds like some wonderful books to read.

  88. Jen Forbus

    Wow! What a GREAT selection of books. A couple of those are already on my “to read” list so I definitely want to get in on this contest! I’ll post at my blog as well:


  89. bkclubcare

    You are going to have more than 500 entries by July 1 if you haven’t already! I’m seeing this everywhere. (GO YOU! I’m cheering you on! ooops, sorry – I’ve still got my cheering outfit on…)

    I tried to rec The Wednesday Sisters to a book club mtg I was at yesterday – but we went with The Brief & Wondrous Life of Oscar W__.

    Can I still give credit to softdrink and lisamm for telling me abt this?

  90. Kristinia

    We are blogging about this awesome contest!

    We love to read and I would love to win this for the Summer!

    Thanks and we found you from the Friendly Book Nook!

  91. Kristinia

    We blogged!!!

    Unfortunately I haven’t read the 2 books above!

  92. Happy Monday « Care’s Online Book Club

    […] and Trish at Hey, Lady has an enormous book giveaway going on.     (There’s another entry for me!)   Yea, I know I blabbed that I didn’t even want to win, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help another nice person KNOW about it so that they can win, right?   Sometimes advertising is SHARING needed knowledge.   Please visit her blog to enter: […]

  93. javaqueen14

    Hello, this sounds WONDERFUL!!! I need to read more so please enter me, I was sent here by “Care”.


    PS I will definitely blog about it this week!

  94. Courtney

    This is such a great giveaway! Please enter me.

  95. 14 Books from Hachette Book Group USA | Contests 4 Moms

    […] Where: Hey Lady! Whatcha Reading? […]

  96. Melvyn

    Count me in!

  97. elizabethews

    Care sent me! Sign me up. AND, I promise you, I am currently reading A Year of Fog! Yay! I have plenty of people to share this with – thanks!!

  98. Yay for free stuff! « Wearing Stilettos & Living on a Farm

    […] 30, 2008 by elizabethews Go here and enter to win 14 free […]

  99. Annie

    Count me in! And I just sent an email to five friends too. Thanks!

    Thanks to Anne for the head’s up about this.

  100. Matriarch

    I’m all for free books! This is wonderful.

  101. amateurdelivre

    Ok, I am posting about this at my blog I have read The Wednesday Sisters and will purchase The Year of Fog this week. Wow, what a great giveaway! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  102. 14 free books? Check out this giveaway! « Amateur de Livre’s Weblog

    […] Posted on June 30, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized | Please visit […]

  103. writerchick

    Wow, this is a popular post. Okay, here we go – I’m waving my hand and btw, Care sent me. I will definitely do a post on my blog for this, just because it’s a cool and groovy thing to give books to people. This is really quite a lovely thing to do.
    Writer Chick

  104. Devourer of Books

    Blogged here and you should have an email in your inbox. You know, July 12th is my wedding day, these books would make a great wedding gift… 😉

  105. Playful Professional

    Ooh this sounds great. A lot of these books have been on my reading list for a while now. Pick me!!!

  106. medieval bookworm » Another fantastic contest

    […] at Hey Lady, Whatcha Reading? is giving away 14 books to up to five lucky people here, courtesy of Hatchette Book Group USA! There are some phenomenal books on there from many different […]

  107. Devourer of Books » Blog Archive » Another Ridiculously Amazing Contest

    […] this summer, because Trish at Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin? has been given the opportunity put on an amazing contest. The good people at Hatchette Book Group USA want to give away 14 books to up to five people! Trish […]

  108. Meghan

    What a fantastic contest, please enter me! And here is my blog post about it.

  109. ellie

    Thanks for this great contest. Impressive and lovely. I have read The Wednesday Sisters and loved it. Just my type of memorable and sweet novel. I read a Year of Fog and was riveted by this book. Thanks again. Wow!

  110. MJ

    please enter me.

  111. Earl

    New books always welcome! I especially want the one by Jimmy Buffett.

  112. Kam A

    What a great giveaway! These books look fantastic!

  113. deniz

    Wow! i don’t believe it! 14 free books? Has my birthday come early this year?
    *jumps up and down*
    Pick me! Pick me!
    And thank you!

  114. Cyndi

    Oh wow! That’s a lot of books! Please enter me!

  115. Wendy

    Enter me! Enter me! This is very cool!

  116. raych

    I SO MUCH WOULD LIKE TO WIN!! Also, I posted here

  117. bethany canfield

    WOW! Toss my name in the hat 🙂 It would be fun to get 14 books in the mail!!!!

  118. bookworm

    I blogged about your giveaway, thanks again!

  119. Nicole Price

    This is a great giveaway! I love reading and I would love to win any of the books listed. Enter me too please. Thanks!!

  120. monnibo

    What a great summer reading list! Count me in!! I’ll blog about it in a minute!!!

  121. JuNa

    Wow! What an interesting and useful website. I work in a book store part-time so this will help.

  122. Rosalind

    I would like to enter. Thanks 😀

  123. janelle

    Ok Trish, I blogged about the contest here:
    and here:

    that should be like 6 entries…oh my I wanna win these books!!!

    Does it count if I put the two books on your list on hold at the library instead of purchasing them? (hee hee)

  124. Jolene

    DUDE……………WOW…………how wonderful! I’m going to e-mail 5 of my friends right now about this!!!!!!

  125. PamelaHD

    A lot of good books, a lot of readers who want them – many familiar names. I’ll take my chances.

  126. Jennifer

    Count me in!

  127. Review - Apologies Forthcoming by Xujun Eberlein « Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?

    […] forget to enter my 14 book giveaway! It looks like we’re on track to pick five […]

  128. Amy L

    What a great selection of books! I blogged about the giveaway here:

  129. Jo

    I would love to have an entry. I can always use more books. =)

  130. Tammy

    Wow! Great contest with great books. Please enter me.

  131. Kim

    Please count me in – I will always enjoy receiving books. 🙂

  132. Jessica

    Ooh! Ooh!! Pick me! Pick me! (In case it’s not obvious, I LOOOVE books!)

  133. Laura Knight

    Wow! Please enter me in your contest. Thanks.

  134. Sue

    These books look great! Pl;ease enter me.
    Would love to share them with my four reader

  135. Sue

    These books look great! Please enter me.
    Would love to share them with my four reader

  136. Andrea

    Oh my! Winning this contest would be my idea of heaven!

    ….also, please enter me for blogging about your contest too.

  137. Lenore

    Cool! I will post a link to this later today on my blog.

    I got The Wednesday Sisters as an ARC, read it and reviewed it on LibraryThing.

  138. Ellen

    What a great contest! I can’t say I’ve read the two books needed for extra entries, but I am a fan of Douglas Preston and would definitely devour The Monster of Florence. I will also be posting on my blog, so put me down for four votes!

  139. thekoolaidmom

    FREE Books? did someone say FREE BOOKS?? and 14 FREE BOOKS at that?!! Count me in!

    Tresspassers Will Be Baptized looks fun; just the kind of shock’em-n-mock’em title I go for.

    BTW, I blogged your contest here:

    Oh! JOY!

  140. Christine Lindsay

    For Andrea’s sake, especially, I hope, I hope, I hope I win. Me, me, me, please. Lots of lovely, lovely, books.

  141. Elizabeth

    Seriously, I can hardly believe this is true. So yes, I want to enter. I also linked to this post on my blog. I’ve also read The Wednesday Sisters (you commented on my review of it), and I also just purchased The Year of Fog, although it hasn’t arrived yet. I feel like this contest was made for me! *grin*

  142. Andrea

    Sign me up! Here’s the link on my blog:

  143. Darby Lohrding

    Dang, what a great way you have set up this give-away!!
    This is my fist entry and next I’ll send out an email to 5 others and “cc” you.
    Thank you for doing all of this for us!!!

  144. Amanda

    Wow! Thanks for the give-away!

  145. avni

    this contest is so cool! i blogged about it here and i’ve read the wednesday sisters and a year of fog. i loved them! they were so amazini really hope i win this contest!

  146. joanharvest

    Care sent me. I love to read. I am disabled so reading for me is a no-brainer but then so is blogging. But I certainly wouldn’t mind free books and I always pass on my books to other people. I’ll put a link on my blog.

  147. Michele

    Wow! This is an awesome giveaway!!!
    – I posted on my blog here.
    – I have read Year of Fog.
    – Wednesday Sisters is waiting for me at the library but not read it yet.
    – I emailed 15 folks (my book club and my family) about the giveaway.
    – I think that’s four options, so hopefully I’ll get a bonus.

    Thanks so much to you and Hatchette!!!!

  148. Anna

    Thanks for offering this! I emailed 5 friends and cc’d you, in addition to leaving this comment. What a great contest!

  149. Jayne Dudley

    I think this is a great offer. Anytime I can get new books to read is a good day!! Thanks

  150. jinx

    I put this offer up on my favorite bulletin board which is full of readers. Hope some of them sign up.

  151. Jayne Dudley

    I have purchased A Year of Fog and plan on reading it in the near future. So many books, so little time!

  152. Jayne Dudley

    I just received a package from one of my bookclubs that I belong to and guess what one of the books was? The Wednesday Sisters. I can’t wait to read it. I have read great things about it.

  153. Daniel

    Cool contest!

  154. Sara

    I would love to be entered!
    This totally doesn’t count, but A Year of Fog is on my list of books to get from the library now. (so thanks for the book recommendation, too)

  155. serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    Wow, what a great contest. Here’s my first entry.

    For a second entry, I posted your contest here:

    I will send out an email to five friends as well and CC you on that message. Thanks for the contest. These look like great books.

  156. September

    pick me! pick me! i love to read!

  157. Amy F

    Cool 🙂 Fun contest!

  158. kLorene

    you are SO on my blog…

    great contest, even better blog…

  159. Amanda

    Wow! What an amazing giveaway! Thanks!

  160. Stephanie

    Oh, I would love Off Season or Barefoot!! Thanks!

  161. Dawn

    WOW! Here’s my comment: “awesome giveaway! many of the titles intrigue me; I haven’t read an Anne River Siddons novel for ages, and I always enjoy them!”

    I will blog about it on

    Bummer, haven’t read either The Wednesday Sisters or A Year of Fog.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  162. Riva Laughlin

    Does LibraryThing count??

    I’d love to be entered in your drawing. Some really interesting books there!


  163. Giveaway: HUGE offer from Trish and Hachette! « She is too fond of books …

    […] here to enter by July 12.  Thanks, Trish and […]

  164. Aimee C

    Awesome contest! Thanks!

  165. marie

    I’ll throw my name in too. What a nice giveaway!

  166. Tara

    I cannot resist. Please throw my name in.

  167. Traci

    Wow! What a great contest. Crossing my fingers and toes here.

    Ok, so I’ve blogged about your contest here.

    I’ve also read Meg Waite Clayton’s The Wednesday Sisters and reviewed it here.

    Now I have to think of which five people I could email who would share the books with me if they won….

  168. It’s Raining Books : Writer Chick Talks - The Home Planet

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  169. Review - The Bunko Babes « Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?

    […] forget to enter my 14 book giveaway! It looks like we’re on track to pick five […]

  170. stampedwithgrace

    wow, that’s a lot of books! thanks for a great giveaway 🙂

  171. thegirlfromtheghetto

    I’m in. I’d love to win, so hopefully this isn’t a trick to get comments to rank higher on wordpress. I checked out their website and couldn’t find a mention to this contest, but hey, you get a comment from me just in case …

  172. Sally

    Please throw my name into the mix, and thanks for the opportunity.

  173. Juliette

    Summer reading — all picked out. I’ve read Year of Fog…loved it.

    I would LOVE to enter your (very generous) contest.!!

  174. Liz

    aghhh.. pick me, pick me! I’m adding the link to my blog now… I wish I could Honor-ly tell you I’ve ready said books but nope… Haven’t read them yet… do I get another entry for being HONEST??? eh? eh? haha… either way enter me up!

  175. Mariah

    Please enter me! This is so awesome! I’ll post this on my blog and e-mail 5 friends later for extra entries! I sure do hope I’m picked to win!

  176. Steph

    Great giveaway!

  177. Rebecca

    Oh my goodness I am going to post this on my so people will see this too. I don’t have a blog but I do myspace!!
    I would love so very much to win and I have some friends and we could all share the books!

  178. Chelsie

    I blogged about it there ^

    And it’s possible that I’ll email four friends, so I’ll cc you and that’ll be it for me.


  179. Denise

    Wow! I’ll put my name in the hat. Who wouldn’t love some free books??

    I listened to the audio version of Year of Fog, does that count?

  180. Ruth

    What a great contest. I’d love to enter. I’m setting up a new blog just for reading and books tonight, so look for a trackback from me once that’s done. Probably around midnight at the rate I”m going here. 🙂

  181. Maude

    Please oh please… let it be me!

  182. Mommy Brain » Links for Friday

    […] Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’? is giving away up to five prize packages – each one containing 14 […]

  183. RobynL

    many wonderful reads up for grabs for one person; enter me please.

    yourstrulee at sasktel dot net

  184. Jenny

    Oo, enter me!

    *crosses fingers*

    (The library’s closed today – I feel all sad and bookless.)

  185. Carmen T

    Wow.. this is a totally awesome contest– that really is a lot of books all at once. haha.
    Please enter me. Thank you. =)

  186. Barbara

    I hope I win this! Several of those books are already on my To Read List! 🙂 I’m adding you to my google reader feed … anyone who loves books AND pinup girls is someone I need to know!

  187. June and July Contests Updated « Kathleen’s Book Reviews…

    […] Readin’? is giving away 14 books (for up to 5 people!)from Hatchette Book Group USA.  Comment here for a chance to win.  Blog about it with a link back to the post and you get three more entries.  […]

  188. kegsoccer

    I’d love to win these. I’ve blogged about it here:

  189. Wanda B.

    It would be awesome to win…Thanks Hannah for letting me know. Good luck to all!

  190. alison

    Great giveaway!!! I also emailed 5 friends and blogged about it at

  191. Rhonda Martin

    I can’t believe you are giving away so many wonderful books. First of all thank you for the opportunity to enter. I did a post on my blog about this site and left a link for readers to come check this out. Unfortunately I have not read either of the books you listed. I guess I better get reading because they sound like great reading when I clicked on the link. I will however send out five emails to friends and family and cc it . Now I think it’s time to enjoy a new book I just got.Happy reading everyone.
    Rhonda Martin

  192. Katherine

    I would love to win! What a great contest. 🙂

  193. Tricia Wilson

    Wow, I’d love to be entered for a chance to win!



  194. Tiffany R.

    Would love to win this! Especially since the drawing will be on my 6th wedding anniversary! Thanks for doing this!
    Tiffany R.

  195. Britt

    This is such a great idea to encourage people to read. I know now that I’m done with school I will finally start reading for pleasure again!

  196. donstuff

    I’ve never won anything and am not likely to do so now, however, I like what you are doing so I’ll enter. I won’t cross my fingers, hold my breath, or expend energy on hope, but I will extend my best to the eventual winner.

  197. Deena

    It would be amazing to win this. Practically all I do in my free time is read!

  198. Natasha @ Maw Books

    Yay Trish for tons of entries! Totally count me in for this one. Thanks!

  199. alice t

    Wow! Count me in – what a great contest! Thanks.

  200. Laurie B

    Great contest!

  201. Vanessa

    Ooooh – I have some of those books on my wishlist already! What an awesome contest. Please count me in!

  202. Lyn

    Count me in……

  203. nakiru

    Count me in. Free books are always worth a shot.

  204. Kathleen BIng

    Ooo count me in!!

  205. raidergirl3

    I’ll throw my name in, and add another comment.
    Are you setting a record for comments?

  206. Carla Pullum

    Love to win these!!! Summer reads!!

  207. Timothy Sternberg

    Please enter me.

  208. Amber Stults - Book Reviewer and Author » More Giveaways!

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  209. Lisa

    Please enter my name for a chance to win! And I also wrote a post about it on my book blog. Here’s the link:

    Books & Cooks

  210. April

    What an awesome contest! Please enter me. Thanks!

  211. Anum

    Oooooohhhh, fourteen books.
    I have never heard that one before! (no seriously)

    I’ve posted a blog about it here:

  212. Laurie Lozier

    Whoo Hoo! Count me in!~~Thanks!

  213. Justinne

    Oh my gosh 14 books for free thats amazing!
    I don’t have a blog but I will email 5 friends and cc it to you so you will know. Sorry I haven’t read the Wednsday Sisters or A Year Of Fog and I wont have time for this contest but I intend on reading them in the future.

  214. Mouse7088

    VERY kewl! One can NEVER have too many books on the TBR list! Good luck everyone! BTW, Jinxed sent me:)

  215. Kylee

    I’m one of the people that Mouse7088 e-mailed about this! What a cool thing this giveaway is!

  216. Have You Entered the 14 Book Giveaway? « Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?

    […] 7, 2008 by trish There’s still time! The 14 book giveaway, hosted by Hatchette Book Group USA, is going on until July 12th. FIVE winners will be drawn. […]

  217. Amber

    The pingpack on comment #210 is me. You’re so lucky to get to participate in the giveaway! Hachette Book Group listed your site on their contest page too. 🙂

  218. A Soldier's Girl

    What an awesome contest!! I will definitely re-post this on my blog 🙂

    Sending good luck vibes to myself…:)

  219. oh2btigger

    Count me in!

  220. Running Knitter

    I emailed 5 friends and posted about it on my blog, so 7 entries for me! 🙂

  221. Becca

    Hiya! I just posted about this one on my blog so three more entries for me! Yay! 🙂

  222. Bethany

    I’ll post about this on my blog.
    & make my mom enter.
    & I haven’t read those books, but if I do before the deadline, can that count?


  223. AllisonMarieCat

    What a great contest! I blogged about it here:

    I have too much of a book backlog to buy the two books right now, but I’ll have to keep them in mind.

  224. Gwemau

    This is so very cool. I just heard of most of these title on Good Morning America as the best summer reads. Although I haven’t yet I do plan on reading “A Year of Fog.”
    P.S. I found this off of “Running Knitter” Blog! Big Kiss running knitter!!

  225. Maryland Girl (aka Michelle)

    Sounds good. I heard about it from running knitter ! Love a good read!

  226. michelle rosborough

    Awesome giveaway !!!!

  227. Calyx Meredith

    I found you through Running Knitter too! Please enter me! I emailed (more than) five friends (and cc’d you) and I blogged about this fun contest at

  228. Sagan

    Books! I love books! That’s super exciting:)

  229. Tina

    Ohhh look at all these wonderful summer reads. I need summer reads. I’ll be posting over at my blog for you too. Send em on down. Of course everyone who reads me probably reads everyone else who as posted the same note on their blog. LOL

  230. Melissa

    What an amazing contest!! I am off to post about it on my blog for even more entries. How could I not… 🙂

    I have heard wonderful things about The Wednesday Sisters, but haven’t had the chance to snag a copy yet.

    However, I did read, and LOVE The Year of Fog. I have her next book on my WL and will hopefully be getting it soon.

  231. Cheryl W

    Wow, really nice giveaway!!! Thanks!

  232. Book give away! « Rational Irrationalities

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  233. Layla

    One measly entry for me! (I heard about it from Becca, comment #223.)

  234. Nancy, aka Bookfool

    234 comments? Goodness, gracious, Trish. You’re a popular gal (or there are a lot of book addicts out there — good to know we’re not alone, eh?).

  235. 14 Book Giveaway at Away From Here

    […] 14 Book Giveaway … and wants to give away 14 books. For up to FIVE people. Doing the math…five times four is twenty, carry the two….that’s SEVENTY books they’re willing to part with. And send to you. For free. And all you have to do is comment here. … […]

  236. Carrie K

    Ok here goes…im a bookwhore…anything for new shiny pages and uncracked spines.

    heres my blog entry:

    and both the wednesday sisters and year of fog are on their way to me (by the way, they were both on my wishlist already…coincidence…no…)

    you should be getting an email from me shortly as well (as well as five booklovin friends)

    so that qualifies me for every single possible point! YAH ME!!


  237. Ginnie

    Please enter me too. I received A Year of Fog recently, but haven’t read it yet. Thanks!

  238. Luanne

    Fingers crossed xxxx Hope this isn’t too late an entry!

  239. Randi

    I agree, I hope this isn’t too late, also blogging about it right now!

  240. Marissa

    Please enter me into your fabulous contest!! I recently read A Year of Fog (got from the library after waiting forever) and it was good. I really enjoyed reading it! I purchased The Wednesday Sisters the other day but haven’t started reading it yet. Also, I’m blogging about this on my website at

  241. eurydice

    Ah I live for free books. And I have read the Year of Fog, although I borrowed it from the library. I really enjoyed it. The ending was depressing but very realistic.

  242. Katie

    Wow, for someone who now (finally) has some free time to read, this is contest-come-true for me!

  243. Carolyn

    Who doesn’t love a free book!?

  244. Maria

    Looks exciting, yay! free books.

    Haven’t read either of The Wednesday Sisters or A Year of Fog – I am usually a non-fiction kind of girl!

    Thanks for the great contest. 🙂

  245. Chelsea

    Wow. 14 Books. That would last me 28 Weeks. And Books are a luxury I can’t afford of late. What a great contest!

  246. Jenn

    Please enter me as well!!!!

  247. Kris

    Thank you…great opportunity!

  248. Elizabeth M.

    I can’t believe what an unbelievably interesting collection of books you’ve put together for this giveaway. This is a summer dream!

    I’ve emailed 5 friends and cc’d you on it so I guess I have a total of 4 entries for the contest. I hope that’s enough!

  249. Great Book Giveaway! « So many books, so little time…

    […] favorites, Trespassers Will Be Baptized, which I’ll be blogging soon.  So, head on over here and […]

  250. readerville

    Count me in! I’ve also posted on my blog here:

    *crosses fingers and hopes for free books*

  251. Christie

    This is a fabulous selection of books, very diverse. I’d love to win. I also love the vintage pinup girl art you are using. They are so cute!

  252. Liz S

    Wow! Have read “Wednesday Sisters” and passed on to my sister. Email coming…

  253. Ali

    I read a *ton*, and my pile is getting skimpy!

  254. joanne117

    So many of these books are on my “must read” list. I would just love to win these and share them with my daughter. I have read The Wednesday Sisters and thoroughly enjoyed it!

  255. Kim

    What an awesome contest! Please add me as a hopeful winner! Thank you!!! 🙂

  256. Renee

    please enter me. — I really want to read the new Douglas Preston book.

  257. Kimberly

    What a fantasitic giveaway – I am always looking for something new and fun to read. Thank you.

  258. wendy wallach


  259. Shari Bowen

    Ohhh… perfect … I would love to sit back with a new book and read by the river! If I win, I’ll let hubby go fishing more! 🙂

    Thank you for the giveaway!

    I have posted your contest on my site & invited many friends

  260. Aisling

    The 14 books look great and I’d love to win, but this is my one and only entry. I hope it’s a lucky one.

  261. Angela Palmer

    Wow. Looks great.

  262. Jennifer C.

    I would love, love, love some new books to read and these look great!

  263. Terra Heck

    I am an avid book reader and would be thrilled to win this great selection of books.

  264. Alison

    What a fab offer. So many wonderful titles.

  265. Janet F


    Please enter me, I LOVE to read!

  266. Doomsday - Booking Through Thursday « Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?

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  267. Jodi

    I read all the time, and I haven’t read any of these. Great giveaway.

  268. Bev

    Sign me up! I’ll post a link on my blog shortly.

  269. bermudaonion

    Wow! I would love to win these books! I haven’t read any of them, but I do have Made in the U.S.A. in my stack to be read.

  270. Hannah

    Enter me! Enter me! I love reading!

  271. Sally Parrott Ashbrook

    Yay! What a fun contest!

  272. Angie All The Way

    Hey I’m IN! Me, Me Me!!!

  273. Jaime

    me, me, me! pick me!! 🙂

  274. Devourer of Books » Blog Archive » Gigantic Contests Abound!

    […] Books is giving away their 14 books through another blogger now too!  Trish’s contest is open only through Saturday, July 12th (my wedding day!), but now Bookshipper has the same […]

  275. Xenia

    I heart books! Especially free ones.

    I’m in the UK but my mother is still in the states, so I can have them mailed to her address and pick them up myself when I visit her next month.

    That is, if I win.

    PLEASE!!! 🙂

  276. janeh

    what a fabulous contest!…….and what a great assortment of books!….a little something for everyone!

  277. Katy Lin

    wow! this is amazing! please count me in!

  278. Deborah R

    Great contest! Right now, I’m reading “The Host.” My TBR pile includes “The Fog.”

  279. Jodi

    I would love to win this contest, over half of the books listed are on my wish list. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  280. Shana

    Thanks for sponsoring this awesome giveaway.

    I blogged about it here:–whatcha-readin.aspx

  281. Allison

    Ok…I put your contest on my blog

    Emailed 5 friends..including you..about the contest..


    I AM reading The Wednesday Sisters right now!! pretty good so far!!

  282. Carey

    What a great giveaway! The books look fantastic. I will post on my blog and link back here. I bought The Wednesday Sisters but have not read it yet. Thanks much!

  283. Kristin

    Next to sleep, books are pretty much the best thing in the world.

  284. winecat

    I didn’t purchase Wednesday Sisters but I just borrowed Erin’s Early Reader copy after Meg signed it last night at Copperfields.

    Delightful to have met you by the way


  285. Anne

    O la la, please enter me into the contest!

  286. Ruth

    Please enter me! I just bought The Wednesday Sisters yesterday. (I can’t wait to read it, I’ve heard so many good things.)

  287. winecat

    Oh, free books. I’m still swooning. Also blogged about the free books here

    Specifically this post

    oh, free bbookksss!!!!

  288. Ali

    Blah Blah Blah — Blah Blah (Blah Blah Blah!), Blah Blah: Blah Blah Blah; Blah Blah: Blah Blah Blah Blah. Blah Blah Blah Blah! Blah Blah, Blah Blah (Blah Blah Blah?) — Blah Blah.

  289. Timothy Selig

    Please enter me
    God Bless Our Troops

  290. bridget b

    I love to read and spend a lot of time at the library. This would save me a few trips.

  291. Mel from SC

    Whoohoo! This is the best book giveaway I’ve seen in a long time.

    Yes, I’ve bought Year of Fog but haven’t read it yet. It’s making its way up the To Be Read pile though.

  292. marybeth i.

    posted in the wrong spot. Think I got it right now. Best book I read this year was THE DOUBLEBIND. SOOOOO good!

  293. Bee

    Wow.. I only can hope to get very lucky… So I blogged about it.. and posted here….. Thanks for a fun give away!!

  294. T

    I’d love to enter this! 🙂

  295. Kimberly

    Sheesh – I’m so glad I stumbled upon this site just in the knick of time!!

    I’ve just blogged about it – which you can find here:

    I’ve also e-mailed five of my friends and cc’d you on it – that’s 3 more.

    Hopefully that increases me chances of winning!!

    Kim Keith

  296. lovelylissie

    This is totally cool! Free books! It’s like a dream come true!

  297. lovelylissie

    I a posted about your contest and linked to your site here:

  298. avisannschild

    Whoo-hoo, what an amazing contest! Please enter me in! I’ve also read (and loved) The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton. My review is on LT at:

  299. Sherry Keith

    What fun. I love to read. Thank you.

  300. Dara Nix

    WOW!!! What a great collection of books! These would keep me occupied for QUITE a while!!


  301. tjsheets

    I would really enjoy winning these. Thank you!

  302. Tonya Froemel

    Holy cow! Great giveaway! Enter me please.

  303. Julie

    Definitely need some new books to read!

  304. Jessica

    i am a complete bookworm, i would love to win this!

  305. Jay French

    This looks like a very interesting selection of books.

  306. Deadline Extended for 14 Book Giveaway « Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?

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  307. Darcy

    Great prizes! Thanks so much for hosting this awesome giveaway!!

  308. cliff

    What a great selection. Thanks for extending the deadline.

  309. Rusty

    1 Wow, this is great! Please sign me up! I have blogged about it here:


    3 The Wednesday Sisters is in my TBR pile

    4 I have ordered The Year of Fog from after clicking your link and reading about it.

    Thanks for hosting this give away!

  310. thestorysiren

    wow! what an awesome contest! please sign me up!! i’ll try to post about it on my blog too!

  311. Lori Barnes

    I’m sending you a note that The Wednesday Sisters is being sent to me, My book friend in GA is passing me a copy hope this counts for another entry. photoquest(at)

  312. Kathleen McKee

    Wish I had the books you mentioned! Some fresh summer reading material would be so welcome.



  314. Crazy 14-book giveaway « Word Lily

    […] 12, 2008 in books, internet, marketing That’s right, you heard me, there’s a crazily enormous book giveaway over at Trish’s blog, Hey, Lady! Whatcha Readin’? — 14 books! And she’s giving away 5 of these boxes of 14 books! Craaazy! The books are […]

  315. wordlily

    Hey, Lady! I just posted about your giveaway!

  316. Sand

    I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover but I just adore the cover to Made in the U.S.A. by Billie Letts, it is beautiful!

  317. Stephanie

    Free books? Cool! I’ve put it on my blog.

  318. Tammy

    I’ve posted about your giveaway on my blog at

    Thanks for the chance!

  319. christie k

    I have read The Year of Fog and The Wednesday Sisters. I don’t have a website, ao I’m emailing 5 friends now!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  320. Chelle Cordero

    Great offer!

    I am going to add this to my Xanga blog – to appear tomorrow, July 13.

    Also, if anyone wants to review any of these books, I look for book reviews to post on on Fridays – just send me your reviews (put book review in the subject line) to

  321. Kimmy L

    WOW!!!! What a great selection of books. I’ll add you to my blog.

  322. AKA

    Oh My this is fab

    Im 5 for five

    as I have read both The Wednesday Sisters & A Year of Fog and will forward this post to 5 bookish friends

    and will blurb this contest @

    keep up the fine work on this book blog


  323. Amy

    Hello Trish!! Thank you SO much for keeping me in your prayers and close to your heart. I’ve missed you so much! Thank you all for making my birthday special. ..ok ok…enough about me! TRISH!! HOW GREAT IS THIS CONTEST!! I LOVE IT!! I’m going to try to do some of the others and let you know when I do!

    XO Amy

  324. Brenda

    What a great giveaway. And it gives me some ideas for my book club!!

  325. a real librarian

    Very cool!! This is a great giveaway!!!

  326. Rebekah

    Wow, 14 books, I might die of happiness!

  327. aria

    pick me! 🙂

  328. a real librarian

    p.s. I blogged about you here:

  329. Chelsea

    Oooh! What an awesome book giveaway. Please enter me! 🙂

  330. maggie

    I read A Year of Fog and her is my blog booktalk! Ew, I hope I win! 😀

  331. Patricia Hill

    Please! Please! Pick me. Reading is one of my favorite past times which I share with my daughters and sons, all six of them.

  332. LeeAnn P.

    Wow! This is a fantastic giveaway! My whole family reads a lot so I would love to win this one!
    I emailed 5 people and cc’d you also!

  333. Flora Presley

    What a lovely give-away. With these books every adult in the family should find something to read. Maybe that would convince my husband to turn off the tube and save us from a life of gloom and low expectations!

  334. Michael

    Great books! Count me in! Thanks!




  336. Ellen Cunningham

    Could you please enter me into this giveaway?

  337. Gloria Walshver

    I love mysteries and romances, so please let me win.

  338. Kathy Conley

    I spend most of the summer reading – I love thrillers in particular. These sound like great reads that I would love to share with friends!

  339. Nancy K

    nice giveaway, thank you for including me.

  340. Frankie Miller

    Glad to be part of the giveaway.
    I have read the Wednesday Sisters! I was sent it by a friend and several others told me about it, as my name is FRANKIE!
    I am glad I found your site, I have it bookmarked.

  341. Anita Yancey

    What a great contest, and such wonderful books. Would love to read them all. Please enter me, and thanks.

  342. Linda Pinto

    I am so glad to find your site. This is a wonderful giveaway. I love to read.

    I have not read or purchased The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton but it sounds like a book that I will now check out at the book store. The Amazon comments make this book sound like something I would like to read.

    I haven’t read A Year Of The Fog either but I love mysteries and can imagine the torment of the main Character, Abby Mason in trying to find the child. The Amazon blurb gives me good reason to seek out this book.

    Please enter me in the giveaway.

  343. Susan

    Great giveaway, these look like great books.

  344. Patricia Simpkin

    This is a FABULOUS contest!!! I’d love to win this one; I am an avid reader.

  345. JoAnn Lahmann

    Love to read. Thanks Great Giveaway!

  346. Vickie Couturier

    way cool,I love to read,an this would be a awsome winter read for me,so count me in thanks

  347. Juana Maria Esparza

    Great contest! Please enter me.

  348. Linda Peters

    enter please

  349. After Seeing This Once, I Had To See It Again « Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?

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  350. Jenni

  351. jennifer slusser

    i’m in need of some great books for the summer
    nothing like sitting out out on the beach reading a great book

  352. Frank Dendwick

    Bring it on!

  353. Douglas W

    If I win this I could sit out on the beach and read ALL summer and maybe a little into the fall. Life would be good.

  354. Kate

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  360. Carrie

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  361. judy brittle

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    Also, the link to my blog entry on the contest is here:

    And I’ve purchased and read Michelle Richmond’s The Year of the Fog. I liked it, but not as much as No One You Know, which I highly recommend if you haven’t read it already. Glad to find a fellow Michelle Richmond fan!

  367. Diane Pollock

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  368. Cynthia

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  381. Beth Golden

    My 14 year old daughter reads a book just about every day. I need books for her. My Labrador retriever also loves to look at books. I hope to get him to read some day. If we could get our elected officials to read maybe the country wouldn’t be in such a mess.

  382. Pamela White

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    Thanks for the great giveaway!

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  396. Karen Haney

    I can’t imagine winning but being a member of a book club of teachers (who can SO NOT afford to buy books) this would be such a treat! I have just started to request ARCs this summer and writing reviews and have been surprisingly successful with both including now having personal contact with 3 authors I reviewed who email me advice about my own writing, etc. I have forwarded this contest to all my book club members but it would be great to go next week to club and say I had one. Thanks for listening! Karen Haney

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