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Vacation Spots – Booking Through Thursday

This week’s Booking Through Thursday question is:

Do you buy books while on vacation/holiday?

Do you have favorite bookstores that you only get to visit while away on a trip?

What/Where are they?

I don’t normally buy books when I’m on vacation as I tend to have a plethora at my fingertips at home, so I make sure to bring more than enough to read on a vacation.

And I don’t have any favorite bookstores that I only get to visit while away on a trip. I think that speaks mostly to the fact that I don’t take a lot of vacations. 🙁

BUT, I do hope to visit Powell’s someday. I’ve heard this is the BEST BOOKSTORE EVER. True?

How many books do you normally pack for a vacation? I always take at least two, even if I’m gone for just a weekend. You can imagine what it’s like if I’m gone for longer than two days!

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24 Responses to “Vacation Spots – Booking Through Thursday”

  1. thekoolaidmom

    *sigh* the lot of the weary nontraveler. I don’t get away much either, though I keep threatening my kids I’m going to run away and not leave a forwarding address… My mom tried it, but we found her and my 32 year old brother amd his two boys are living with her now. 😀


  2. Sally

    This past trip, I took an armload of magazines, read them and left them for the next person to enjoy. I also brought one book that I had begun. I always like to get a book started before traveling.


  3. Darby Lohrding

    Okay, I do have a favorite spot and my destination does not matter, yet I do need to be flying. For I find a great thrll in seeking out the “prevously read” books at the airports gift shop’s……. the selection is always made up of the latest best sellers and the half price can’t be beat!
    Now to answer your next question… I usually take at least 2 books that I am “exicted” to read along with one book that I feel would do me good to read (like a pratical/how-to or self discovery), just in case I feel the need to work on self improvement while away.
    Thanks for asking these questions – the book find, always exictes me and the extra book in my bag is probably some obsession disorder : }


  4. BooksPlease

    I take at least two books if I’m away for a weekend as well, maybe more if I’m nearly at the end of a book. I like to have a choice so I’d probably pack a few more just to make sure. If I’m going abroad it’s more difficult to have enough books because of weight restrictions on luggage, but I buy books at the airport and carry them on the plane. I’d hate to run out of books!


  5. Jill

    I’ve been known to vastly overestimate what I need to read. But sometimes, you’re not in the mood for a particular book that you’ve brought…or it doesn’t sound as interesting as it once did…or you start it and don’t like it. I need PLENTY of options!


  6. readerville

    I also take a minimum of two books, no matter how short the trip. When I left town for 3 weeks over the holidays to celebrate Christmas with family, get married, and go on my honeymoon, I packed 10 books, finished all of them, and ended up dipping into my hubby’s stash.


  7. Confuzzled Books

    I usually only take one book on vacation and I never get to read it. lol


  8. Jeane

    I usually only pack one or two books to read en route, then pick up more wherever I end up. I really really really want to go to Powell’s someday too!


  9. lisamm

    I read 4 books and 3 magazines on my 2 wk. trip but then had to stop at Borders to get a book for the plane. I could have easily read two more books, but luggage has a weight limit now and I was already pushing it!!


  10. Chris@bookarama

    I take one if it’s a weekend trip. I once lost a book in a hotel. Bummer.


  11. katrina

    I hardly ever get away either – its not fair!


  12. Sarah

    I don’t buy books when I’m on holiday as the prices tend to be based on the number of words per page. (eek!)

    My favourite bookstore is Indigo. I also shop online there…a lot…*ahem*:

    I also like Amazon for online shopping.

    I hope one day to go to Barnes & Noble. Any city. I’m not particular. Just lead me to the books!


  13. Joanne

    When vacationing I pack books and buy books … and I have seriously considered a trip solely for the purpose of visiting Powells 🙂
    Great post!


  14. Florinda

    I brought 5 books on my last vacation (10 days), and only read two of them, but that was OK. I’ll bring two on a weekend trip as well. I might not have time to do any reading at all, but just in case I do, I want to make sure I have enough options!


  15. Matthew

    Making the list for vacation reading could be a headache. I have to make sure the books are manageable, if not page-turners. So I have maintained a vacation pile now just for that purpose. But I usually can’t help buying more books along the way! It’s a life-long affliction. 🙂


  16. donstuff

    I do take a few books on vacation (when I get one) so that I can match the book with my reading mood. I generally take a novel, a mystery, one or two non-fiction. My wife take two books: the one she is currently reading and the next in line.


  17. Melody

    I always bring a book while on vacation too! Even if the lugguage is packed, I’ll still pack in one, even though it’s one thick fat book. 😉


  18. Kristen (bookclubclassics)

    Tattered Covers in Denver is pretty darn nice… Might give Powells a run for the money… 🙂


  19. softdrink

    Get thee to Powells. Actually, I need to go back someday, since the first time I only had about an hour. And I spent most of it in the travel section.

    I always take too many books with me. Because I have to have options. I currently have four books in the book bag for our upcoming week in Oregon. And I need more. I’ll probably end up with 1 book for every day I’m gone…not that I’ll read them all.

    If I’m flying, I only take a couple of books. Damn those airlines and their baggage limits.


  20. Reneena

    I like taking it easy on trips — I take light reads, short story anthologies and yep, like you, I have several at my fingertips here at home.


  21. mellymel

    i always buy one or two. one to read, one that is either a cookbook or some other history of the region i’m visiting. since i typically am traveling to the beach, this may include children’s books 🙂
    i pack an embarrassing haul of approx. 8-10 books. so does my husband, and my oldest child. only one of us doesn’t finish. and it isn’t me or the kid.


  22. Natasha @ Maw Books

    I’m thinking I’m in dire need of a vacation. I haven’t been anywhere exciting since the birth of my first child unless you count a family reunion. As soon as we buy a new car in the next month we are taking a weekend trip. Who knows how many books I’d take.


  23. gautami tripathy

    I take a lot of books on my vacation. I buy a few too. However, lately I don’t read much. I prefer to walk around exploring new places!

    Here is my BTT post


  24. Arpee

    I take a couple of books (typically non-fiction) and end up not reading them at all! Sad?

    Not at all! There’s so much to occupy my time when I’m on vacation! Like having fun!


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