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Cold Feet In The Bed

Why is putting my cold feet against my husband’s warm legs so much fun when we’re laying in bed?

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16 Responses to “Cold Feet In The Bed”

  1. bybee

    Well, I like to see the flinch, the little manly scream and count the curses. But that’s just me. And my iceberg feet.


  2. Jen

    I agree with bybee. I love the flinch and the “what is wrong with your feet???” Plus, there is the added benefit of actually warming your feet up.


  3. Monica

    Because it usually ends in either me being warm… or being tickled which is fun and equals attention… 😉


  4. chartroose

    Because there’s a tiny bit of sadism involved…


  5. Becky

    Giving a dutch oven is even better.


  6. Martha

    This is one of the reasons I married my husband is his body warmth soothing my cold tootsies. Visiting from ILCW. Best to you and yours. Happy Reading!


  7. readerville

    Because it’s a good way to get back at him for all the ways he annoys me when I’m trying to read in bed…his favorite being to flail over on top of me and ask repeatedly “does this bother you? does it make it hard for you to read?” which he follows up by reminding me, “rest of your life, baby.” And we’ve only been married for 6 months.


  8. Devourer of Books

    Hey, I nominated you for some blogging awards Trish.


  9. Chris@bookarama

    I’ve nominated you for one too Trish!


  10. shawna

    Hi, over from ICLW,

    I do the same thing. Bahahaha!!!


  11. agwarzo

    I love that, too!!!! Hmmm….someone should research that!!


  12. curlywurlygurly

    ha! i’m always toasty in bed–i worry about my husband putting HIS ice toes on my legs. brr!


  13. Trish

    I absolutely do this as well. And think it is a lot of fun.


  14. Tracie

    I still do this after almost 30 years. He usually puts his other leg on top and my feet are warm in no time. It makes me feel loved and secure – and warmer!


  15. Kim L

    Because he hates it so much. My husband curls up in a little ball and screams “no! cold feet!”


  16. katrinastonoff

    Warming my cold feet against my husband’s warm ones is one of my greatest pleasures in life. Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to mind.


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