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…And Are You Dave?

Dave and I order pizza from the same Round Table approximately once a week.

It’s an understatment to say they have us in their system.

Last week Dave asked that they add him to the people who call and order from our phone number. So when I called today and ordered a pizza for pickup, I gave them my number and they promptly asked if this was Dave. No, I said, this is Trish. We have two people who order from this number. Dave and Trish. I’m Trish. The girl. Dave’s the guy.

Why can’t they figure this out?

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11 Responses to “…And Are You Dave?”

  1. Amy

    I love Round Table!


  2. Devourer of Books

    My sister used to order from Dominos so much that they knew us. Once my mother went to pick up a pizza to take to my sister at school (she was working on a play after class). Generally we got delivery, this was the first time we’d gone in for pick up. The people behind the counter said, “Oh! Mrs. Cardwell! It is so nice to finally meet you! You’re one of our best customers in this city!” Then he asked her if she wanted to see how much we had spent there in the last year.

    It wasn’t pretty.


  3. lisamm

    We go to Roundtable a few times a year and eat in their dining room, but are weekly regulars with the Pizza Hut down the street. I have their number memorized and the delivery people all know us.

    So does Dave have a high voice, or do you have a low voice? LOL


  4. Becky

    They’re robots. Obviously.


  5. softdrink

    Maybe you need to change your blog’s name to Hey Dude! ;-D


  6. Jen Forbus

    I think next time you should say “yes” and see what happens! 🙂 That’s too funny!!


  7. Dawn (SheIsTooFondOfBooks)

    I get this all the time! I say my name (“Dawn”), and the person at the other end of the phone says “Don?” wondering what’s going on, because I do sound like the woman I am. I guess it’s the broad Boston accent rather than a deep New York accent that throws them …


  8. chartroose

    I must’ve dated about five Daves during my courtship years. Now where was I going with this? Oh well, it doesn’t matter anyway. Umm, say hi to Dave for me.


  9. 01crazymomma

    Cause they’re idiots who aren’t paying attention. lol


  10. mellymel

    because you sound like a Dave, of course. you guys could really mess with them – he should go by Trish & you should go by Dave. yeah,that’ll show ’em. lol.


  11. donstuff

    They are robots.
    I love to mess with the counter people when they go into that mode. They will ask if my order is “for here or to go” and I will generally say “to go here.” This always draws a confused look, since this response is apparently not included in their training (I know – get a life! – I must be boring to get enjoyment out of something so dull).
    My wife and I love Round Table, our kids like Papa John’s. Guess who generally wins? (hint, we don’t get Round Table very often).


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