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Bowing Out of Challenges

Unfortunately, in my excitement to agree to read and review ARCs, I’ve committed myself to the point where I will not be able to participate in some of the challenges that I signed up for (the Eponymous Challenge and the 2008 TBR Challenge).

Has anyone else had this problem?

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14 Responses to “Bowing Out of Challenges”

  1. Julie P.

    I start getting heart palpitations when I look at what I committed to for September. I don’t know why I have to make everything so difficult — I remember when I read for fun! 🙂


  2. lisamm

    Challenges, shmallenges.

    Judging from a lot of the year end posts in Dec./Jan. you are not the lone ranger!!

    Reading should be fun. Don’t feel bad.


  3. Florinda

    That’s why I don’t sign up for challenges in the first place. What Lisa said – reading should be fun. Besides, my TBR collection is enough of a challenge in itself :-).


  4. Kim L

    Nope you’re the only one feeling that way. I’ve actually finished 462 challenges so far, leaving me time to join exactly 784 before the end of the year. I expect my reading count to hit 56,400, not quite as good as my all time high of 657,875, but still pretty decent. So what’s your problem, slacker??


  5. Kim L

    Kidding of course. I pretty much am always behind. I keep reminding myself “this is a hobby, not an obsession…”


  6. Amy

    Yes. The books are taking over my life. I still want to do the challenges, though!


  7. Planet Books

    I never was a big challenges person but I do have an ever growing stack of ARC’s and over the next month it’s going to swell a lot. Good luck with your stack!!


  8. Lezlie

    Add me to the list of, “What was I thinking?” 🙂 I’ll still be dabbling in challenges, but the chance of actually finishing most of the ones I have left are pretty slim. On the upside, I’ve got some awesome ARCs here to make up for it!

    Have a great weekend, Trish!


  9. mellymel

    challenges and books don’t really go together in my world. it’s all i can do to read my bookclub selections. it’s the have to, makes me wanna rebel.


  10. Ruth

    I’ve done one challenge this year, and it will probably be the only one other than my personal reading goal. I’m completely snowed under with ARCs right now!


  11. chartroose

    This is why I don’t do challenges! Plus, the voices in my head make up their own challenges for me!


  12. jacketscovers

    I over joined challenges and had to bow out of a lot of them. I was signed up for twelve. 12! What was I thinking?!?! So I dropped 6 and stayed with the first six I signed up for. Although, I’ll probably only finish one or two at most.

    But I didn’t bow out because of ARCs. I didn’t because I keep adding to my TBR list due to all the wonderful reviews I keep reading and now it’s out of control!


  13. Lisa

    I failed every challenge I signed up for last year! EVEN MY OWN.

    This year I am doing 4 or 5, and I think it’s still doable.


  14. Bookfool, aka Nancy

    I realized I was feeling pressured to read things I wasn’t in the mood for, last year, and now I only sign up for one or two challenges at a time (usually one — the Southern and Canadian reading challenges overlapped a bit). I’m down to just one, right now, and that works great for me. If you’re overwhelmed, you should never feel guilty about ditching challenges — they’re just for fun, anyway, right?


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