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Have You Been To Costco Lately?

Anyone know what might make me bring up Costco?


Have you been there lately?


I remember when Christmas stuff came out the day after Thanksgiving. And then it was pushed to right after Halloween. Now we can hardly wait until the Fourth of July is over. Sheesh.

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10 Responses to “Have You Been To Costco Lately?”

  1. Darlene

    OMG! I haven’t been to Costco in a while but jeepers Christmas stuff in Canada means the dreaded ‘snow’ word and and I’m not looking forward to that at all. The winter clothes and all that kind of jazz always starts coming out in July here-I think that’s crazy.


  2. Amy @ My Friend Amy

    I can’t believe that! And I was disturbed by seeing candy corn, which I really enjoy, already in stores. It’s too hot!


  3. curlywurlygurly

    i have a love/hate relationship with costco and have blogged about it on several occasions. i can’t believe that they have christmas stuff up already…insanity.


  4. raych

    Ok, quasi-costco-related and also because I missed you and really just wanted to comment something, anything…

    So, we’re staying with my parents for a week because we can’t move into our new place yet, and we get to their house and Joel’s poking through their fridge and he’s all, I’m glad to see your mom buys her Baileys at Costco now. Literally the BIGGEST bottle of Baileys I’ve ever seen.

    Needless to say, I’m now a leetle drunk.


  5. donstuff

    I used to work for Costco. I don’t like Costco. I won’t go to Costco. No, I’m not bitter… Well…


  6. Jessica

    We just went on saturday. I gotta admit, it freaked me out a little bit!


  7. mellymel

    haven’t been to Costco lately, but oddly referenced it in my post today before I saw yours. how RANDOM. they are insidious.


  8. Kim L

    OMG. I hates them all. (Plugs fingers in ear) La, la, la, it’s still summer. La, la, la, it’s still summer.


  9. Jeane

    Christmas stuff up before August is over? That is utterly ridiculous. NO way am I going back to that behemoth place.


  10. The Christmas Gal

    Cosco brings all their stuff in from overseas. Perhaps they have to order early from their factories to ensure they’ll actually get the product they need?

    My business also does some import, and I know that if you use a factory that is particularly busy, you often have to put your order in many months in advance—sometimes even going so far as to have the product produced and shipped long before you’ll really need it—just to ensure that you’ll really HAVE the product when you need it.

    I’m kind of playing devil’s advocate here, but if that is the case, Cosco probably figures they might as well put the stuff out on the floor for sale, if they’ve already got it. No sense letting it sit around and gather dust in some warehouse, just waiting for November to roll around…


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