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Well He TAUGHT Me!

A while ago I asked people to leave a comment on how they believe a tube of toothpaste should properly be squeezed. I knew it would be an issue for me and my soon-to-be husband and declared that I would just keep two tubes of toothpaste around. I haven’t done that.

But I have kept on squeezing the toothpaste from the middle *gasp!*, apparently to the annoyance of my husband. Because the other night I went to squeeze toothpaste onto my toothbrush and nothing would come out. On closer inspection, all the toothpaste had been squeezed to the bottom. When I mentioned it later, knowing he’d done it on purpose, he said, “Haha! Now you know how it FEELS!”


*giggle* *snicker*

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11 Responses to “Well He TAUGHT Me!”

  1. Becky

    This is why we do have 2 tubes.


  2. softdrink

    Yep, two tubes. And two laundry baskets. And two piles of blankets (that solves the problem of someone (not me, of course) hogging the blankets. Two bank accounts. Two computers. Thank god he’s not a reader…we’d probably have two copies of every book.

    And I’ve seen many positive reviews of In the Woods, so I’m guessing I’ll be in the minority on this one.


  3. Johnny

    Whatever you do, don’t bring up the subject of whether you should floss BEFORE or AFTER brushing your teeth…


  4. Jeane

    Or whether you should brush your teeth BEFORE or AFTER breakfast. (I wonder why these things annoy us so much when after all, they don’t really matter much! The teeth still get clean!)


  5. Meghan

    I think we’re going to have two tubes for this reason. Also because I’m a lot neater and I hate sticky toothpaste gunk!


  6. Jessica

    ha! That is hysterical! My husband always makes a big huffy deal about cleaning off the toothpaste when he brushes his teeth! But do I make a big huffy deal when I pick up his socks? Make the bed? Constantly follow him around picking things up after him? I could keep going and going. But his big thing is the toothpaste. So weird!


  7. donstuff

    Please tell me you don’t expect to share a razor…


  8. Rebecca

    That’s awesome! It sounds like our mischievous husbands would get along well. I, too, am a squeeze-from-the-bottom (or really, from wherever my hand happens to land) kind of girl.


  9. bexadler

    My boyfriend and I have always had two tubes, although I’ve never actually told him it’s because his toothpaste squeezing method drives me crazy. Not only does he squeeze from the middle, but he can’t keep the cap clean. It drives me CRAZY. I first noticed it when we were just dating, but when he moved in I have always kept an extra tube hidden away in a drawer so he doesn’t get his paws on it.

    Weird the things we choose to let bother us, huh?


  10. Meg Waite Clayton

    This is SO funny! My hubby is a middle squeezer. I think I just gave up trying to reform him last year, after 20 years together. It’s easier now than it used to be, since they changed the plastic they make the tubes from, so they don’t get all wrinkly.


  11. Kim L

    In my residence, care must be taken that the toothpaste be squeezed from the end, and to be sure that this occurs, husband has ever so helpfully placed a wooden clothes pin on the end to ensure that as the tube is used up, there will be folding of the end and no squeezing from the middle.


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