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Goof Up with Goof Off

Apparently, if you use Goof Off on the plastic part of your laptop that had stickers on it, it will take the color right off the plastic. So, if say your laptop is BLACK, any place you rubbed Goof Off will now be WHITE.


And if you WERE to be that dumb, then using a black Sharpie to cover up the now white parts of your laptop might make your dumbness not so glaringly obvious.

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11 Responses to “Goof Up with Goof Off”

  1. Debbie Nance

    Aww! I hate that. I would be so mad if I’d used it on my beautiful new pink computer.


  2. mellymel

    thanks for the warning. 🙂 are you the anti-Heloise? tee hee. as long as you can still type, i’d call it a success.


  3. donstuff

    “…not so glaringly obvious.”
    That sounds like a good name for either a blog or a rock band. Thanks.


  4. Jessica

    Lucky for you I am having a giveaway right now on my blog! Go check it out, it is for DiNG! and one of the products they have are laptop DiNGS!

    Lucky for you-

    P.s.- that is totally something I would have done!


  5. Steve

    Thanks for the Goof-OFf tip. Unrelated. I don’t usually read Sci-Fi…and I just found your blog (like it) and I looked over at “Currently Reading” and saw “Hidden Empire” by Kevin J. Anderson…

    I just bought that this weekend based on a review by Neil Peart (Rush drummer, and well read individual).



  6. Ladytink_534

    My husband would have a heart attack lol


  7. Rebecca

    Love the randomness….I prefer to use the orange-peel-based “Goo Gone” for such problems. It hasn’t taken the color off of anything that I can recall.

    In other news, I stole James Lipton’s famous questionnaire from Actors Studio and started a meme for which I’ve tagged you. Enjoy!


  8. Becky

    Sounds JUST like something I would do!


  9. Kim L

    Apparently sharpies can fix everything. Hmmm…


  10. Ti

    You should have used Goo Gone. Different brand I guess but it does not do that. Please don’t hit me. LOL.


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