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I Love This Chair

This chair would make me stay longer in bookstores and might encourage me to venture into a library. Or maybe if I could just keep one with me all the time, that would be cool, too.

Apparently this chair was invented by Dutch designer, Jelte van Geest.


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15 Responses to “I Love This Chair”

  1. Jessica

    That’s insane!


  2. Ruth

    I didn’t think that anything could cause me to spend more money in a bookstore than I already do. But a chair that follows me around? Seriously, that’s perfect. (And in my case, it would actually be really useful. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and often need to sit down and rest for awhile when I’m out and about. Having the chair come to me would be awesome.)


  3. Michele

    Oh my gosh! That is so cool! It appeals very much to my geeky side as well as my reading needs!


  4. Ladytink_534

    I saw this a while back and thought it was really neat. I love bookstores and libraries but the seating is usually inadequate. I can see so many ways this could go wrong though.


  5. Jeane

    That is so cool! I wish they had these in the library, I’m always looking for a chair to sit on. Is there a bookstore that actually has those? And I wonder if you have to pay extra to get a chair to follow you around.


  6. Heather (errantdreams)

    WOW! I absolutely love it!


  7. Errant Thoughts » Blog Archive » Take a Seat!

    […] This new chair design is absolutely awesome. Found at Hey Lady! Whatcha reading?: […]

  8. chartroose

    Where can we purchase one of these?


  9. purplemoonmyst

    I want one!!


  10. Ti

    I could totally see my 5 year old running away from that chair. It’s the stuff nightmares are made of. A little too Stephen Kingish for me. Think Christine.


  11. Stephanie

    hehe so cute. Very clever.

    I dont know if I’d like it or get a little creeped out by it. It’s like a puppy…that you sit on…


  12. smedley420

    i used to have one of those…


  13. chirax

    Cool…Want one


  14. kegsoccer

    That looks soooo cool!


  15. Bookfool, aka Nancy

    It’s a pet! I’d like it just because it followed me around. I love it when the cat does that. LOL


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