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I Guess I’m Funny and Chatty

Have you heard of the Book Blogger Appreciation Week Awards? Well, they’re kind of like the Emmys or the Grammys or the Razzies or, yeah, something like that. I mean, being the Best of the Worst is something to be proud of, right? And people were instructed to nominate their favorite blogs for all these different categories, and guess what? I got nominated for two things!

Most Chatty

Funniest/Most Humorous Blogs

Which is awesome! But why would you get my hopes up like this, only to be dashed when…drumroll please…I DON’T WIN!

So you better go vote (for me), because if I don’t win, it will be your fault when the paramedics find me passed out in a sugar coma from gorging on cookie dough, cake batter, and brownie batter.

On second thought, fuggetaboutit. I haven’t eaten cake batter or cookie dough in a long time and I feel a craving coming on and an excuse is needed!

When was the last time you got to eat cookie dough, cake batter, or brownie batter?

I’m making brownies for someone tonight, and I think some of the batter will remain in the bowl and won’t make it to the pan. 😀

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12 Responses to “I Guess I’m Funny and Chatty”

  1. Florinda

    The last time I ate batter would have been the last time I baked. I made some brownies for a potluck a few weeks back, and I ate some of the batter then. I nearly ALWAYS eat the batter. Sometimes I’ll bake brownies because I’m craving the batter :-).

    Good luck with the awards!


  2. Natasha @ Maw Books

    Congrats! I actually hate raw cookie dough, cake batter and brownie batter. Has zero appeal. Plus, the whole raw egg thing has be grossing out. I just can’t do it.


  3. Alyce

    Cookie dough batter yesterday, yummy chocolate chip cookies today. 🙂

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear – oops, I mean read the acceptance speech.


  4. brightmyer

    Ta da! I’ve already voted for you in both categories! Congrats – I really hope you win!


  5. mellymel

    hee hee – i’m a cookie dough girl myself. but my hubs is eating brownie batter as we speak. it’s his fave.

    any day is a good day to bake 🙂 or make dough


  6. softdrink

    I’m still waiting for my brownie from the last time I voted for you. ;-D


  7. Jessica

    perfect example of why you were nominated my friend!


  8. donstuff

    In the great Chicago tradition, I voted “early and often” for you. Best wishes.


  9. Darlene

    I love brownie batter! I haven’t had any in a long while though. The last thing I had was cheesecake batter left in the bowl which was a piece of heaven. I had nominated you and voted for you! Congrats-I hope you win.


  10. serena

    I recently ate muffin batter from my banana muffin recipe! LOL I think I nominated you for both of those categories. I voted for you as well, so I hope you win!


  11. Marg

    I can’t say I have ever eaten any of those things.


  12. Debbie

    I voted for you. Who wouldn’t – you’re great! And, if cookie dough wasn’t so darn good, would they put it in ice cream and everything else imaginable? Good stuff.


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