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Giveaway – Signed Copy of Matrimony by Joshua Henkin

As I alluded to…wait, I take that back. As I outright told you in my review of Matrimony by Joshua Henkin, Mr. Henkin has very generously offered to give away a signed (personalized!) paperback copy of Matrimony to celebrate the August 26th release of it in paperback.

All you have to do to win is leave a comment telling me the age you started dating your first spouse and whether or not you’re still married. I’ll go first: I was 26 and we’re still married. ‘Course, we’ve only been married 12 weeks…but who’s counting?

Now it’s your turn. If you haven’t been married, you can just say that.

I’ll draw a winner on September 15th. You’ll know time’s up ’cause…comments will be closed.

Here’s some good linkage for ya:

Check out the author’s website here. Discussion questions can be found here or downloaded here: matrimony_reading_group_guide.

You can also download this essay (henkin-book-group-essay) that Joshua Henkin wrote that originally appeared here. I highly recommend reading this.

The author talks about his book here.

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54 Responses to “Giveaway – Signed Copy of Matrimony by Joshua Henkin”

  1. Elizabeth M.

    I was 17 when we first started dating and we’re still married!


  2. Jen Forbus

    I’m still single, so if there are any eligible bachelors out there…stop by my blog! LOL Happy Reading!


  3. curlywurlygurly

    hmm..i liked the original cover artwork better (toothbrush holder).

    i started dating ant when i was 18…we’re still together–blissfully–after 16 years. 🙂


  4. wordlily

    We officially started dating when I was 21. And yes, we’re still married.


  5. a real librarian

    We started dating when I was 25. We’re still married (after 18 months)!! =)


  6. Aria

    Still single. Where is one supposed to meet someone, after school and college is over?


  7. Meghan

    I’m not married just yet, but I will be next year in April or June. It’s an international marriage, so there are several factors to consider before we decide. We’ve been together since I was 18.


  8. Heather J.

    Don’t enter me (I already have this book) but I HAD to chime in with my answer …

    I was 17 when I started dating my (future) husband.
    I was 20 when we got married.
    We celebrated our 10 year anniversary in July.



  9. Eileen

    I was 23 when we first started dating, and we’re still married. 🙂


  10. softdrink

    I was 23 when we started dating. We’ve been not-married for 16 years.


  11. bermudaonion

    Oh, I’d love to win this one. Enter me, please!


  12. Amanda

    I was 22 when we started dating and we are still married (just over a year!).


  13. Lisa

    Ok, gonna break the happy trend here-

    We were 16 when we started dating, married at 21, divorced at 27.

    I have been happily remarried for going on 4 years now though!


  14. raych

    I was…twenty-two? And we’re still hitched.


  15. Swapna

    I started dating my first (and only!) spouse when I was 21 and I’m still married to him (I’d hope – it’s only been a month!)


  16. Swapna

    Sorry, forgot to leave an e-mail: skrishna [st] skrishnasbooks [dot] com


  17. bermudaonion

    Okay, I messed up with my first comment. I was 19 when I first dated my husband, and we’ve been married for 29 and a half years.


  18. Jeane

    I was twenty-six. And we’re still married!


  19. Ruby

    I started dating my hubby at age 21 and we have been married for almost eight years. We have two kids together and I am still hopelessly in love with him.


  20. leesy

    Started dating when I was 19. Still married–30 years later!


  21. mellymel

    i met the hubs when i was 14 and he was almost 17. we stayed in touch for many years. we got married almost 12 years ago. and i’ve got the gray hair to prove it.


  22. Susan B. Evans

    I started dating my first husband when I was 18. We married at 19 and were divorced at 24.

    BUT… I started dating my second husband when I was 16. He moved far, far away when I was 17. Then he moved back to Texas when I was 26 and found me. We started dating again and were married when I was 28. It’s two years and I couldn’t be happier 🙂


  23. Carrie K

    I was 17. We married at 18 and divorced at 21.

    Right now Im single…so like Jen said…matchmaking is appreciated 🙂

    Ive been seeing this book everywhere and I loved the HC cover art but Im MORE in love with the PB cover 🙂


  24. Suey

    I was 18 when we started dating. We were both almost 22 when we got married. And yes, we are still married 21 years later.


  25. Kam A

    I was 21 and we are still married 🙂


  26. gwendolyn

    Still single. This book might be the closest I ever manage to get to marriage! Thanks for the chance!


  27. Carey

    I was 24 years old when I met my husband and we got married when I was 28. We will be celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary on Sept. 10! Please enter me in the contest, the book sounds great!


  28. Amy

    I was 21 (two days from being 22) when my husband and I met. We married when I was 25 and are still married. We will celebrate our 2 year anniversary in December.


  29. Bobbi

    We dated for 3 1/2 years, and I was 22 when I married the love of my life. We just celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary! We have three sons, two grandchildren, and one great grandchild. Of course we’ve had our struggles, and some years were definitely more difficult than others, but we made those vows for life, so we were in it for the long haul!

    Thanks for asking…


  30. Bookfool, aka Nancy

    Don’t add me to the drawing, but I have to answer the question. I was a whopping 19 years old when I married my first spouse. Still stuck with him (or maybe he’s stuck with me — it goes both ways) 26 years later.


  31. Michele

    I was 24 and we have been married for 27 years.


  32. Kimberly

    We met in January of 05 and I was 26 years old. We married a year later in 06. So 2 1/2 years for us!


  33. Jessica

    I was 24 when we first started dating. And we are happily married! BUT! If I had shoes as cute as those blue mary janes on the cover, I would be even HAPPIER!


  34. Kim L

    I started dating my spouse at age 19. (Wow, young!). I’m 23, still married. 2 years recently.


  35. Amber

    My husband and I began dating at 21. We’ve been married for 14 years now!


  36. The Social Frog

    Hi Trish,
    Hubby & I started dating when I was 21 and we have been married for 7 years now 🙂


  37. bybee

    My first husband and I began dating when I was 19. We married when I was almost 21. We’re divorced now, but he’s a great guy. As a reader, he is a devotee of science fiction, Jane Austen, Richard Powers, ancient history from almost any culture and aviation. I smile when I remember his impressive collection of books.


  38. marie

    My husband and I began dating in 2003 and were married in October of 2005…


  39. Staci

    dating when we were 16, broke up Senior year, married at 21 and divorced at 23!!!!!!!!!!


  40. K. Ray

    I was 18 when we started dating…..been married for 12 years.

    Thanks 🙂


  41. Lori Barnes

    I was 26 when we got married, been married 18 years and still together , we did split up once about 10 years ago but we hung in there. photoquest(at)bellsouth(dot)net


  42. Hawkeyegirl

    I’m 26 and I just got engaged two weeks ago. I’ve been dating my fiance (still sounds weird!) about 5 and a half years ago. Honestly, I’m still stunned about the whole marriage thing… and very scared!


  43. treehugger30032

    Well, you yunguns need to know that if you make a mistake early on, you can fix it however long it takes. Dated at 19, married at 19, divorced at 35; dated at 37, married at 38, widowed at 45; dated at 53, consider ourselves married at 54 and still going great at 60!


  44. anne

    I got married at 22 and am still married. We celebrated 38 years May 24.


  45. Anna

    I started dating my husband when I was I was 22. We got married just before my 23 birthday and we’ve been married for eight years on Tuesday the 16th.


  46. Lourdes

    Well, we’re not married yet — but we will be on April 9 of next year! We’ve been dating for five years. This would make a nice wedding present for someone (hint, hint, wink, wink!).


  47. Sally

    I started dating Johnny when I was 16 years old, and we are happily married–most of the time! 😉

    We just celebrated our 50th anniversary.


  48. Nancy

    Well I am still single, but happily looking for that perfect “one” for me. If anyone has any ideas send him over to my blog 🙂


  49. Marilyn

    I was 23 and married for 30 years.


  50. Cindy W

    I first started dating my spouse when I was 18, he was 25 and we married 3 months later. 12 1/2 years and 3 kids later, we are still married!


  51. Shauna

    I am not married, haven’t been married, and am not currently seeing anyone, so do not see myself getting married in the near future. My best friend tells me eventually I’ll meet a hot guy who reads, but we’ll see. I’m not holding my breath.


  52. Serena (Savvy Verse & Wit)

    I met my husband at age 21 and yes we are still married. We’ve been married for 6 years and still counting.


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